Quoi manger avec ses repas Herbalife ?

What to eat with her Herbalife meals?

Herbalife offers a unique nutritional program that can help you improve your health. The Herbalife program promotes loss or weight gain. With the company's products, you will not have to worry anymore. Indeed, you will not have to jump meals to reach your goals. The Herbalife diet offers you have breakfast with its famous Shake Formula 1, a balanced lunch and dinner as well as delicious snacks. All you need to worry about is to have a healthy meal a day. For this purpose, what can we eat with its Herbalife meal? Discover all you need to know about Herbalife meals.

Establish a Herbalife meal plan according to its weight goals

Herbalife Meal - Establish a Plan

Having a meal plan is essential to any healthy diet, even if sometimes it is difficult to know how to prepare balanced meals.

Find his nutrition plan

Each person is different, and the protein and calorie requirements of each vary. So, how do you know the diet that suits you best? In the Herbalife program, four nutrition plans are proposed: a, b, c and d. each plan provides the calories and proteins needed for metabolism.

Establish its nutrition plan

Each plan achieves a specific objective: weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain. Choose what best matches your personal goals. Your nutrition routine will allow you to know what a Herbalife type meal will look like in a day. Ideally, you can establish a map as follows: Breakfast - balancing - Breakfast - Balanced inn - dinner.

What can we eat with his Herbalife meals?

Herbalife meal - what we can eat

What can we eat with her Herbalife meals? This is a question that comes back often. Good sources of protein, fruits, vegetables are, among other things, what you can consume. It's about eating balanced, but avoid the consumption of sweet and fat products. Herbalife's philosophy is based on a balanced nutrition In order to help you lose, win or maintain your weight.

Healthy proteins

Consuming proteins has a lot of advantages. Consisting of amino acids, proteins provide the body with the elements it needs to meet certain functions. They contribute to maintaining muscle mass and bring you energy. When we do not consume enough protein, we feel tired.

Proteins are in several varieties of food such as: lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, soy, dairy products, lentils, tofu, beans, chickpeas, etc. Here are some Herbalife products that contain proteins: Formula 1, Formula 3 - Personalized Protein Powder, protein bars, protein beverage mixture, Herbalife balanced meal bar.

Healthy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are an essential form of energy, whether for physical or mental activity. They are like the fuel that your body needs. When you know how to choose good carbs, they can provide your body with a lot of vitamins, minerals, fibers and phytonutrients, any important for the functioning of the heart. Where to find carbohydrates? They are found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, peas, lentils, beans, honey, maple syrup. They are also found in the Complete foods like bread, cereals, pasta, etc.

Some people derive their sources of carbohydrates from sugars and highly refined cereals. However, this offers a lot less nutrients and more calories by bite. To consume carbohydrates, interest to vegetables, whole fruits and complete cereals to offer your body the carbohydrates he needs. Try to reduce your consumption of sweets, juice, sweet drinks and refined cereal products. You should also reduce your white rice consumption and white flour products such as white bread, cereals and crackers.

Healthy lipids

The body needs small amounts of lipids to work well. Lipids are actually a significant source of energy for the body. They participate in the normal functioning of the heart, brain, joints, and the immune system. Although some lipids are essential, it should not be abused. Saturated lipids, polyunsaturated, and mono-unsaturated. The most important thing is to reduce your consumption of saturated lipids and vegetable oils. Balance lipids by consuming less Omega-6, and more thanOmega 3.

Lipids are found in nuts, seeds, olive oil, rapeseed oil, lawyers, seafood, chicken and turkey white, lightened dairy products, lean meat, etc. . Limit your consumption from saturated grease sources such as butter and shortening, as well as foods containing a lot of animal fats such as cheese, fat and ice cream.

Vitamins and minerals

We find enough of vitamins and minerals that participate in the extra protection of the body. In addition, these nutrients play a role in cellular function and help transform macronutrients into energy. They also participate in the normal operation of the immune system. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meats, cereals are, among other things, foods in which vitamins and minerals are found. The multivitamin complex Formula 2, Xtra-Cal, Rosegaurrd, Complete Thermo are Herbalife products containing vitamins and minerals.


Fibers play an important role in digestion. They contribute to maintaining a normal intestinal function. Full bread, oat flakes, complete pasta, beans, fruits and vegetables are foods that contain fibers.


These are substances produced by plants. Plants produce a wide variety of natural compounds called phytonutrients that have a number of advantages. They participate in the protection of cells against oxidative stress. Most of these phytonutrients are pigments that give fruits and vegetables their beautiful colors. That's why Herbalife recommends colorful meal which include a lot of fruits and vegetables.

For a balanced diet, Herbalife advises to take 5 small light meals a day, as this is more efficient than 3 heavy meals. Taking snacks can prevent you from having cravings, and can even bring you a level of energy throughout the day. Prefer to eat 5 meals a day, including protein. Moreover, to assimilate the nutrients you consume, it is better to eat the richest foods in the morning and finish with a lighter meal in the evening. You will avoid overloading your stomach for the night. In addition, it promotes better digestion, and allows you to have better sleep.

Examples of meals with Herbalife

Depending on the goals you want to reach, herbalife meals to consume will vary. However, here is an example of herbalife meal if you are continuing the slimming effect.

Morning Herbalife meal

For a breakfast Lightweight, you can consume a bowl of oat flakes with a little mixed protein powder or a bowl of berries with a spoonful of white cheese. You can also take a Shake Café mocha plus a fruit of your choice (apricot for example).

Herbalife meal from midday

At noon, you can take fish nets at the Cajun plus spinach with dry grapes. To this, you add a slice of bread, yogurt and berries. For a longer meal, you can take a club sandwich chicken with raw vegetables and yoghurt. As a snack in the afternoon, you can take apple compote, a handful of soy nuts or a cheese stick with fresh fruit.

Herbalife evening meal

For the evening how about a brown chicken rice or a velvety pumpkin? You can also take scrambled eggs, green salad or rice with cinnamon.

Herbalife meal recipes

Herbalife Meal - Meal Recipes

With Herbalife, you have the opportunity to eat sweet or salted according to your desires. If you are looking for a Herbalife meal idea, here are some recipes that should interest you.

The Shake Café Mocha

For a herbalife meal replacement, you can take the Shake Coffee Mocha. For the preparation of this shake, you will need two measuring spoons of Formula 1 with creamy vanilla or chocolate. Then you will need two soup tables of Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder, two ground coffee tables, a glass of 240 ml of skim milk, 1/2 banana, a cinnamon stick and four ice cubes. Afterwards, you will mix the banana with the rest of the ingredients in a blender until you get a thick and unctuous shake. Here are the contributions of this delicious Shake: 325 kcal, 30 g of protein, 1 g lipids, 54 g of carbohydrates.

Salty shake with tomato

To prepare this shake, you will need two forms of Formula 1 with smooth vanilla, two tablespoons Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder, 240 ml of tomato juice, a pinch of salt, pepper, garlic , Tabasco, a tablespoon of white cheese. The recipe is quite simple. Simply put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them carefully. Your salty shake is thus ready to be tasted.

Curry of vegetables and chickpeas

For this salty meal, it will take olive oil, 1/2 onion cut, a zucchini cut into cubes, two tomatoes, curry, ginger, garlic, cumin, cinnamon and Cayenne pepper in ground. You will also need a box of chickpeas, vegetables and coconut milk. For the preparation, brown the onion and zucchini in olive oil until tender. Then add the two tomatoes (remove the glitches beforehand and cut out before adding them). Then make the mix with spices (curry, ginger, garlic, cumin ...) and add the coconut milk.

After that, add the vegetables and let simmer over low heat. Then you can add the chickpeas (previously drained) and the juice of a lemon. Before covering, add frozen spinach, then let it warm up. As an accompaniment, you can serve it with brown rice and a tablespoon of goat yoghurt or yogurt in Greek.

The quick soup of black beans

Turn off a diced onion in a small amount of olive oil until it is tender. Drain black beans and add them. Then add chicken broth, and seasonings like cumin, garlic, oregano, pepper and salt. Let it warm up. While cooked, bend some beans to the fork and add them to the preparation for a thick consistency. To have a more delicious dish, you can serve it with a little bit of natural yogurt, diced lawyers, and a spoonful of Salsa sauce.

Opinion on the Herbalife Meal Substitute

Herbalife meal substitute as Shake Formula 1 is suitable for handling weight. It is often used to replace daily meals. If your goal is to lose weight, it is recommended to take two shakes a day plus a balanced meal. If it's to keep your weight, you will have to eat a shake a day, plus two balanced meals. If it is a matter of gaining weight, you will take three shakes a day in addition to your daily meals.

Herbalife shakes are high in protein and low calories, which makes it possible to have the expected result. When a shake is prepared with half-skim milk, a portion contains about 200 kcals and 18 g of protein. The most needed nutrients that are normally found in a balanced meal are now consumed in the form of a shake with fewer calories.

In summary

To fully enjoy the Herbalife program, it is really recommended to choose a colorful meal, rich in protein and carbohydrate. At first, you do not have to radically change your eating habits, especially if you have trouble doing it. Herbalife considers that having a balanced and personalized diet promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. It is therefore important to make judicious choices on his diet, and regularly practicing a physical activity.

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