Collection: Formulated 1

Herbalife offers delicious Shakes based on protein, vitamins, minerals that are perfectly suitable for active people. Whether you are on the move or simply in search of a balanced meal In essential nutrients, a Shake or a Formula 1 Express bar balant brings you the solution to satisfy your taste buds and help you control your weight.

Our Formula 1 range is a collection of delicious and practical meal replacement shakes that offer an excellent balance of essential proteins, fibers and nutrients.

On our website, you can find a variety of Formula 1 products, including mixtures for Shake, protein bars and ready -to -drink shakes. Our mixture for Milk-Shake Formula 1 is available in a range of delicious perfumes, including vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, and can be easily personalized with your choice of milk or water. Our Formula 1 protein bars are a practical and tasty snack option that offers a good balance of protein and fiber to help you feel satisfied. And for a quick and practical meal on the go, our Shakes Formula 1 ready to drink are a great option.

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