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Herbalife24 - Formulated 1 Sports

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Substitute of meal balanced in nutriments and adapted to the athletes. 219 kcals by portion to help you to control your contribution in calories.

• about 18 g of proteins, who contribute to the development of the muscular mass.

• F1 Sport contains some casein and proteins of whey, two proteins of high quality coming from some milk.
• unique Mixture of proteins and of carbohydrates with fibres, vitamins and the essential minerals.
• vitamins C, E and some Selenium which contribute to protect cells against oxydatif stress.
• Without colouring agent, neither artificial aroma nor sweetening.

Optimise your nutrition in the daily

1 Sports formulated was developed by experts in sports nutrition. An unique balanced meal, based on milk proteins, was especially worked out to help the sportsmen who want to control their weight. Equilibré of a nutritional and simple point of view to be used, Formulated 1 Sports lays solid foundations in your daily feeding. Proteins contribute to augment and to support the muscular mass. Vitamins C, E and selenium contribute to protect cells against oxydatif stress

Councils of use

Suffer every day a drink Formulated 1 as nutritious meal. Shake the box delicately before every use because contents can become compact. To blend two spoons doseuses (26 g) of powder of Formula 1 Sports in 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk (1,5 % of fats). Use this product as part of a various and balanced diet, and of an active and healthy way of life. For the weight control: The replacement of two of the meals constituting the daily ration of a hypocaloric regime by a substitute of meal contributes to weight loss. Replace two meals a day with a delightful drink Formula 1 and take a balanced meal. For a support of food balance and the maintaining of weight:Le replacement of one of the meals constituting the daily ration of a hypocaloric regime by a substitute of meal contributes to the maintaining of weight after weight loss. Replace a meal a day with a delightful drink Formulated 1 and take two balanced meals. To keep with the lid closed again in a dry and cool place. Trial of prohibited substances. The programme of insurance quality Informed Sport certifies that a lot of sample with who this product is fabricated was tested in comparison with substances forbidden by the laboratory sportsmen of anti-dope worldwide class, LGC. More information on Guarantee of the consumer: Satisfied under 30 days or reimbursed by your distributor Indépendant Herbalife. This product of exclusive composition can be got only to the distributors Indépendants Herbalife. This product is intended to be used as part of a hypocaloric regime and as a supplement to a balanced feeding. It is recommended to make physical exercises and to drink enough. It is important to respect these instructions well. Before starting very programs management of weight, Herbalife recommends to consult a doctor. A programme of management of healthy weight should include a weak caloric intake, a balanced feeding and of regular physical financial year.


Concentrated by milk proteins (42,7 %), fructose, sucrose, oil of carthame, inuline, dextrin, thickeners (eraser of guar, erases xanthatne, carraghénane, pectin), L-glutamine, phosphate of potassium, aromas, émulsifiant (lécithine of soya), oxidise of magnesium, sodium chloride, acid L-Ascorbique, silly billy-carotene, fumarate ferrous, juice of blueberry in powder, juice of grenade in powder, anti-agglomerating (dioxide of silicon), DL-alpha-tocophérol, nicotinamide, leaves of parsley in powder, papaya in powder, oxide of zinc, D-pantothénate of calcium, carbonate of manganese, antioxidizers (palmitate of ascorbyle, alpha-tocophérol), citrate of copper, cholécalciférol, hydrochloride of pyridoxine, hydrochloride of thiamine, riboflavin, acid ptéroylmonoglutamique, iodure potassium, sélénite sodium, D-biotine. Council: for allergens, see ingredients in bold. SOME GLUTEN CAN CONTAIN

Information nutri formulated 1 sports of Herbalife

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