Collection: Herbalife Beverages

Our range of drinks is designed to provide you with a variety of refreshing and nourishing options to help you stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

On our website, you can find a variety of herbalife drinks, including teas, shakes and concentrates. Our herbalife tea is a delicious and refreshing mixture of herbs and natural plants which can be tasted hot or cold. Our Formula 1 nutritional shake mixture is a practical and tasty meal substitute that provides a balance of essential proteins, fibers and nutrients. And our aloe vera concentrate is a versatile product that can be added to your favorite drinks or used in local application on the skin.

It is advisable to drink enough, about 2 liters per day. Ideally, it is water to drink, but fruit juices and infusions can also be taken into account in calculating your quantities. Herbalife offers delicious drinks that will help you ensure sufficient hydration.

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