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Night Chamomile Flavor Mode & Fishing 180 g

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Discover the power to sleep well with Night Herbalife Mode: your night companion in 7 days

Sleep is the key to vitality, energy and general well-being. Night Herbalife Mode, an innovative drink infused with an extract from SSingle AFRAN, offers you to transform the quality of your sleep into the space of only 7 days. Scientific studies have shown that this saffron extract has the potential not only to improve your sleep but also to improve your mood upon waking. It can also stimulate the production of melatonin In the evening, helping to regulate your sleep-awakening cycle.

Not only does Night Mode acts effectively to fight the sensations of insomnia, but it also promises you more peaceful and restorative nights. You will wake up by feeling refreshed, alert and ready to face the day with renewed energy. It is a real revolution in the management of the quality of sleep!

A range of health benefits

Quality sleep is linked to a host of health benefits, including cell renewal, fabrics and regeneration of different bodily functions. He also plays a crucial role in emotional balance, mood, and even in mental clarity. In fact, a good night's sleep can stimulate your concentration and your attention, making each day more productive and satisfactory.

Personalize your bedtime routine with Night Mode

Imagine yourself to wrap yourself in the sweetness of a night break by savoring the delicate aromas of the Chamomile and fishing. By integrating Night Mode into your bedtime ritual, you give your tomorrow a whole new dynamic.

Night Mode strengths

- To be consumed before bedtime: Optimize the timing of your consumption for optimal results.
- Unique food supplement: Infused of clinically proven saffron extract to improve the quality of sleep in 7 days.
- Rich in vitamins and nutrients: Contains vitamin B6 and riboflavin to support the nervous system and reduce fatigue.
- Ethical and ecological: Natural dyes, without artificial aromas, vegan, gluten -free, sugar and caffeine -free.

How to use

Add a dose of 6g to 150ml of water, hot or cold. Mix and enjoy about an hour before going to bed. Consume once a day for optimal results. Note that Night Mode does not come with a dosser spoon, remember to order your ecofriendly and sustainable dosser spoon ref. 2B08

Do not forget, this product ideally fits into a balanced diet and an active and healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself with Night Fashion of Herbalife and rediscover the happiness of a sleep quality.

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