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Nutritional Drink - member Herbalife formulated 1-Nutritional Drink - formulated 1-to Buy from inexpensive price
Instant Tea Drink - Herbalife MemberInstant Tea Drink - Herbalife Member
Drink Concentrated at the Aloe Vera - Member HerbalifeDrink Concentrated at the Aloe Vera - Member Herbalife
Protein Bars - box of 14 - Herbalife MemberProtein Bars - box of 14 - Herbalife Member
PDM protein drink from HerbalifePDM protein drink from Herbalife
Thermo Complete - Fat Burn 90 Days - Herbalife MemberThermo Complete - Fat Burn 90 Days - Herbalife Member
Multi-fibre drink - Herbalife MemberMulti-fibre drink - Herbalife Member
Cheap full herbalife breakfast to buy online from our shop on the internet to order herbalife nutrition productsCheap full herbalife breakfast to buy online from our shop on the internet to order herbalife nutrition products

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I am an independent member Herbalife Nutrition, it's my job and I am at your service. The products are shipped at home in 3 to 5 working days in a Herbalife cardboard, maybe where you are in the world.


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Our team is here to advise you in your choices and your desire! Weight loss, hesitation, mass take, we are here!

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Why take a formula 1?

A nutritious and gourmet breakfast with different scents


All Herbalife products are no GMOs and products next to harvest fields

All nutrients.

The Formula 1 of Herbalife includes all the nutrients needed to start the day well.

So gourmet.

Up to 8 flavors and aromas are available including the famous banana cream, cookie and vanilla!


It will only take you for 2 minutes to fulfill a successful day of 24 hours!

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Collagene Skin Booster - Beauty SupplementCollagene Skin Booster - Beauty Supplement
Mask of Agile Purifiant Menthe-Member HerbalifeMask of Agile Purifiant Menthe-Member Herbalife
Exfoliating Snapshot with Red Berries - Member HerbalifeExfoliating Snapshot with Red Berries - Member Herbalife
Skin Results Kit - Herbalife MemberSkin Results Kit - Herbalife Member

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A network in an incredible society with delicious drinks

Herbalife has an incredible dynamic. Its goal ? Give yourself in shape thanks to a quality of quality and sport that must connect! Good habits to take in order to lose weight,lose weight and gain muscle to sculpt the body we dream of.

You can order Herbalife Nutrition products on our site. I am a distributerAnd you get the best prices for an exceptional price ratio. Here, no need to order herbalife by phone. You can get your drink as millions of other Happy Herbalife consumers through our online site. But it's also an opportunity for you to start and earn complementary income as a coach. You are a man or a woman dreaming ofjoin the world ofindependent? Herbalife offers quality products with network marketing strategies that have nothing to do with the pyramid. You can join our world after reading some articles on our blog, tastedA Shaker or Smoothie Recipe with Formula 1 In order to be convinced of the quality of herbalife products.

You will find on our website and around the world many customer reviews about the quality of the products, photos that compare the evolution "before after" of a successful fitness thanks to the products and the coaches. So whystart your adventure with us? Because you will be able to order very easily online a wide range of products, ranging from those related to sport and vitality, to a slimming pack or simply to boost yourmoisturising. It is certain that you will love Formula 1 to the various perfumes, especially chocolate, vanilla or cookie cream, in order to have a complete and greedy diet. Many points are to explore on the future improvement of your condition, simply with a breakfast with an instant drink at first.Fitness will startYou will feel less tired, more efficient and happier. So, if you wish to share your happiness, you can do it by becoming independent and getting your own reductions and promotions Herbalife. Many will tell you that their experience, herbalife isa pyramid sales structure In MLM playing prices and registrations. But there is nothing and the majority of these people will never have dared to start. The system exists in France and it is perfectly accepted and legal. You are paid on your performances as a reseller or seller of the products and win acommissionOn those who will follow you when they will make sales. A way to always stay motivated and to start forHave a salary supplement or start earning your life as an independent seller (VDI). Does your nutrition and sport determination exceed its limits to create income? It's up to you to decide him to become a distributor.

The story of Herbalife Nutrition on the Internet

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd is an international company created in the US in Los Angeles in 1980 by Mark Hughes. It has set up several billion dollars in business figures and is on the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE. Its distribution model is based on the MLM, otherwise called network marketing (or Network Marketing in English) and sometimes confused with the pyramid sales system, forbidden in France. It is in truth to call on independent distributors who will provide products to other individuals, rather than providing products through a network of traditional stores. It serves more than 4 million consumers worldwide with its nutritional products such as vegetable protein breakfast called Formula 1, for weight control and made forvitamin Necessary in a meal, or the drink with aloe vera. Its consumers also have access to a personalized coaching to link products to a healthy lifestyle, to balanced meals and thus have a better hygiene of life. Herbalife has also created several years the Herbalife Family Foundation, a foundation to help disadvantaged children in different countries around the world put in place of Casa Herbalife (kinds of reception venues) to feed them, Educate and improve their standard of living.

A company judged in Tord Pyramidale

Recently Herbalife International Nutrition was the subject ofAttacks about its network marketing-based compensation plan, on the part of the FDA: the Federal Trade Commission. In the US, the company has been accused of using this remuneration system to recruitnew distributorsIn mass, resembling a pyramid system. The man on the initiative of this story is none other than Bill Ackman, a multi-billionaire who had parked $ 2 worth of the HERBALIE NUTRITION. He had therefore an interest in seeing Herbalife International in full controversy. Another investor, Carl Icahn, a true opponent of Bill Ackaman in the World of the Stock Exchange, has always supported Herbalife and rejected these accusations. Ackman ended up dropping this business but the company had to pay a fine and review its business practices. Everything is today in order and the FDA has even recognized that Herbalife Nutrition had nothing to do with a pyramidal system.

Shakes based on protein and good carbohydrates for fast results

The herbalife nutrition product lines are very vast and allow many results. The flagship products of the brand is the new generation nutritional drink Formula 1, rich in vegetable protein, carbohydrates of qualities, fibers and vitamins and minerals. It serves as a meal substitute and offers a balanced meal as soon as a wake up, a better vitality, a weight control of the body up (mass take) or downwards (slimming). Formula 1 is gluten free or lactose.

It exists in different flavors: 
Strawberry flavor, soft fruit sweetness, clever vanilla,chocolat, Mint-chocolate, spicy apple, Cookie Crunch, banana cream.

The goal is also to offer a solution for hydration with the plant-based instant beverage that can drain the toxins of the body and offer optimal detox. Also, there is the aloe-vera concentrated drink that allows you to drink more on the day and bring better digestion with less bloating and a flatter belly. The nutrition range is composed of other products adapted to each lens, and the multi-fiber beverage is alsovery consumed everyday, offering sustainable satiety to prevent snacks. There is a sport range with products corresponding to each need of occasional, regular or professional athletes, in order to optimize the performance, recovery and vitality of adeptive people of healthy and active lifestyle. In conclusion, to order all the products of the company Herbalife Nutrition and at attractive prices, you will get everything about our online store. Always check if there arePromotions in progress with an automatic coupon code, to get herbalife products at the best price and cheap! All products are of course new and not used as those offered on Amazon, Leboncoin or Cdiscount.

We want to clarify that Herbalife is a solution of nutrition-based dietary supplements with dietary meal substitutes. The control of your weight depends on your diet and your sport. We can allow a gain of muscle mass, but we do not sell slimming products. Losing weight or slimming program simply comes from rebalancing your eating habits, with a balanced diet and regular physical activity. No Herbalife products can lose weight. They allow you to replace some of your habits for healthy food and lower your calories for example, in order to achieve a food balance. There is nothing medical in our products if not essential nutrients and tasty products. So we do not speak of slimming drink like a fat burning or diet products but to eat well, control your appetite with natural products and do everything for your health to be at the top.

The sale of Herbalife products is carried out by Herbalife's independent members and on this site, you can not get products otherwise. Our team stands with our recipes to motivate yourself in yoursports activity and opt for a healthy diet!

Instant beverage for an amazing breakfast

Looking to bring nutrients and a full meal to your body? The inevitable Formula 1 is the ideal partner for fitness, lose weight and gain muscle thanks to its delicious perfumes (banana cream, vanilla, chocolate and I pass). As a sportsman, you can also enjoy a high protein diet with our Protein complements.

Thus, Herbalife allows you a full fitness in addition to doing sports and changing your diet. Regardless of your metabolism, the regimes you have tried to lose pounds or hunger problems. There is a response to everything. Herbalife does not offer a drug or burning fat, but its questioning on your diet will make weight gain in muscle or reach an ideal weight. You are what you eat. You will learn how to control your caloric and sugars, slimming and overweight, boost your cardio. We encourage you to have a healthier way of life, consuming dietary foods, monitoring your body mass. You may be afraid of needing hungry cutter. Herbalife allows you to eat sustainably and healthily while having a feeling of satiety. Thanks to the coaches, you can aim to have the good contributions in fatty acids, enjoy fruits and vegetables and overcome water retention. Everyone has a few kilos in too much fat, one wants to tone your body, lose selling or look like an athlete of fitness. The majority of coaches can help you motivate yourself in running, improving your stamina or bring out your Abdominal.

By playing sports, it helps to lose weight. Food and supplements will set up a diet with good energy contributions, without having protein or calcium deficiencies. We already advise you to eliminate superflux dairy products, avoid nibbling and consuming antioxidants. Digest well is a good health sign for the body, we will help you choose the right nutritional portions, starchy, food to make you reach your Goals. Prepare to love the cardio training, the rich foods in lots of good things to your health and have a long-term energy boost!

Herbalife Nutrition and your future

You will discover on our online store a complete product catalog that will allow you to create a plan or menu in your fitness goal. You can order Herbalife's flagship products at an interesting price (not at a discount price). For example, the famous thermo complete or the breakfast pack that is also called Herbalife Slimming Pack. As a reminder, Herbalife does not sell weight loss products or to lose belly, burn fat. These are for example shakes like the Formula 1 Vanilla of Herbalife Nutrition that you can buy cheap (also called F1) that come replace a bad power And allow you to have a healthier way of life.

Herbalife is available in hundreds of country as Belgium, Switzerland, France and in the Dom-Tom as in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion or Guyana. If you actually consume our products and want to defend the brand, you can become a preferred customer (or VIP) of Herbalife and benefit from discounts and promotions. Then you can also become distributor and thus win a salary supplement by registering on the MyHerbalife site at the height of your work.

Here the products are new. We do not sell second-hand Herbalife products and they are shipped directly by Herbalife. The products are of quality and we really recommend herbalife tea that is effective, all that helps to promote your hydration in my opinion like Aloe Vera and of course the shake F1 for a healthier diet, in The purpose of making weight loss or fitness by eating healthier.

Consume Herbalife is safe and is not dangerous when you have a healthy lifestyle and follow the indications. You will find everything and anything on the forums about Herbalife as opinions on Doctissimo, an investigation, judicial scandal or adverse effects .... If you have any doubt, we recommend that you have a Medical Notice or Physician to find out if you can consume Herbalife and also have a serious opinion. We hold the health of our customers and bring them better diet through a healthy lifestyle.

This site is that of an official Herbalife distributor, you can also order on Go Herbalife France or MyHerbalife if you have the license or are a privileged customer.