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Breakfast Pack (Formula 1 + Tea + Aloe Drink)

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The Herbalife breakfast pack is the ideal solution to start the day with energy! It includes the famous Formula 1, a high quality protein mixture that brings you all nutrients that you need for a fanfare departure. Herbalife tea, rich in antioxidants, helps you relax and concentrate, while the aloe drink provides you with a dose of vitamins and essential minerals for your general well-being.

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For lack of time or appetite, breakfast is often overlooked. However, it is essential for food balance.

Do not deprive your body of the nutrients he needs to start the day well, try the breakfast pack

Advantages of this excellent plan and breakfast pack!

1. Craal with the drink
concentrated with aloe vera mango
2. Bring tone with tea -based drink and plant extracts
3. Fill up on nutrients with the Shake Formula 1

The Herbalife breakfast will allow you to gain considerable energy and a favored elimination of toxins in your detox cure. Replace your sweet cereals with whole milk in the morning with a delicious smoothie in your Herbalife shaker! Lower your glycemic index of your breakfasts with less sugar and more protein and good nutrients.

Why am I going to gain energy with Herbalife?

Eating well in the morning is essential, it is thanks to a good diet with a balanced breakfast that you will get the essential energy to get started! Whether it's Vitramine C, but also proteins or good sugars, the herbalife nutrition breakfast is balance And will allow you to have all the essential nutrients to succeed in your day, doing a sports activity is being well concentrated (e)

You are free to mix the Formula 1 in shaker with water, almond milk, soy or other. We do not recommend whole cow's milk unless you are in a massage taking with muscle taking, to have a stronger calcium intake! You can completely eat dried fruit with a spread from White bread sliced ​​peanut butter, but avoid the typical brunch added sugar with growth or other. You can afford for example an omelet or a natural yogurt in addition to having a breakfast rich in protein as advised by nutritionists!

Aloe will allow you better hydration, Formula 1 an energy and protein intake and tea to boost you and make a small detox cure with green tea and black tea. You have to change your eating habits to gain energy! Goodbye the small shielded croissants of fat that should not be eaten at breakfast! Hello to a healthy and balanced diet with good assimilation!

Can I take other additional foods?

Yes, in order to have an even more complete breakfast, you are free to eat a fresh fruit, scrambled eggs or why not goat cheese with wholemeal bread without abusing it. It all depends on your objective. The primary goal is to have the most complete breakfast as possible, but also to avoid snacking. Then eat satiety with a lunch that is salty instead of sweet. This is the most important meal of the day! We therefore lower carbohydrates to obtain good elements. 

For example, you can mix the Herbalife Formula 1 smoothie with oatmeal or muesli if you wish. If you like coffee, you can do everything, or take a small compote without added sugar. Likewise, n you can take your shaker with water and drink vegetable milk next to it. We recommend not consuming dairy products nevertheless, or conventional or increasing cereals. For example, you can replace the cookies with a good bread to spelled and in the rye. The spread by peanut butter if you want to get mass.

Note that cereal products should be carefully selected. For example, avoid sandwich bread but prefer bread with flax seeds or chia. Simply to control blood sugar and bad foods. Avoid bacon too and replace it with an egg or eggs scrambled For example ! If you have to choose a fruit, take a banana that will bring you potassium, it is the healthiest fruit in sugar.

You can very well do pancakes With Formula 1 rather than taking a shaker and putting an unwell on in order to benefit from slow sugars and why not a little cinnamon to give taste! You are free as long as you manage to dose the amount of sugar in your smoothies and the amount of fat, in order to have balanced and not too sweet herbalife breakfasts in order to digest !

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Elodie Garva
Easy to use and lactose-free

Lactose-free products, with soy so I really like them. I always order stock in advance and only take this pack.
I'm down to -12kg in two months. I recommend to lose weight quickly

Matthew D
rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss for me (-10kg in 42 days of programs) the shake lasts 21 days, I immediately ordered two packs to vary the tastes. Aloe and peach tea very good

Laura Willerman
Cheap price and very good taste

I use the peach tea mixed with aloe vera and the formula 1 cookie shake and I am satisfied with my weight loss. I will continue for a few more weeks for sure, especially given the cheap price and the quality of the products.

Camille Cerda
Cheap price

Cheap price and it's great because fast delivery

Michelle Gerard
We consume as a couple

I have been using Herbalife products with my husband for several months and are very satisfied with the results. We both lost weight and we both took this pack with different flavors for variety

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