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Herbal aloe

Eenriched with Aloe Vera, the Herbal Aloe range allows you to cleanse, soothe and refresh your skin and hair - suitable for the whole family.

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Herbal Aloe Body Soap Bread - Herbalife Member

Soap loaf for a delicate and effective cleaning with the delicate scent of Aloe Vera. Cleans gently and efficiently.

Look after your hair with one afterwards - shampoo which reinforces tops, and leaves them soft and silky from the...

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Gel Apaisant Herbal Aloe - Membre Herbalife

Moisturize and soothe your skin with this light, aloe vera gel. Helps relieve dry skin. Clinically proven: leaves skin softer...

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Daily Milk Soothing Hands and Body Herbal Aloe - Herbalife Member

For sustainable hydration. • clinical evidence of skin hydration* • stay hydrated throughout the day. Aloe Vera and Avocado Butter...

Take care of your hair with a shampoo that strengthens the ends, and leaves them soft and silky from the...

Soft cleansing assets based on plants and a triple moisturising action to help to relieve and to hydrate a skin...