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Nutritional Drink - formulated 1-to Buy from inexpensive price

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The Formula 1 of Herbalife Nutrition, available in several tastes And aromas is the most popular complement to substitute a meal or have a good breakfast. The Formula drink brings all the nutrients and micronutrients necessary to start the day well, it is a real meal shake ! Made from very high quality soy protein and milk, it is ideal for getting back in shape and losing weight ! If you never have time to have a gourmet and nutritious breakfast, there is no doubt that a smoothie or shaker with a Formula 1 of 550g of herbalife will be to be ordered now to resume your diet in hand. It will be enough to take 2 measures with the doseuse spoon in your shake!

Please note, Herbalife products are not made to lose weight, it is the handling of your healthy and varied diet that will make the difference. For example, slim down sugars, eat gluten free To feel in shape and adopt healthy and quilibuted diets by lowering lipids.

Why can Formula 1 help me in my fitness?

Herbalife Formula 1 is a meal substitute in the form of a shake designed to help people lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet. The shake is made up of a mixture of protein, fiber and other nutrients, and it is intended to be used to replace one or two meals a day.

The Shake helps people lose weight by providing a Practical meal option, low in calories, rich in nutrients and satisfactory. It is also said that it helps weight loss by reducing hunger and cravings, which can help people eat less and make healthier food choices.

To use Formula 1 as part of a weight loss program, you must replace one or two meals a day with a shake and follow a balanced diet composed of healthy foods for other meals. It is important to follow the directives and recommendations of the program provided by Herbalife and consult your doctor before starting any new weight loss program.

Thanks to Formula 1 of Herbalife, you will quickly arrive at satiety while following a detox cure. The product is of course vegan And allows you to have an excellent nutritional intake, unlike the hypeproteinized diets that can be found on the market.

Weight control is therefore not only done with slimming products, but with real self -care and healthy meals. Herbalife will allow you to have a healthy diet by adapting your consumption of carbohydrates and lipids, with C vitamins, omega. It is then by stopping nibble, to take in case And by improving your nutrition that you can lose a few pounds while playing sports. These are not slimming products but an alternative nutritional solution for your lunches and daily meal breaks that will allow you to have a saint daily rhythm based on healthy vegetable proteins.

The advantages of consuming a formula 1 of herbalife for a rich meal

You will find in Formula 1 of the vitamin fibers and nutrients necessary to well start the day when giving you energy in the afternoon! It's very easy to dose with the dosser formula And I admit that I even add a pinch of cinnamon So that the taste is even more succulent!

The advantages of consuming Formula 1 of Herbalife are multiple:

  • A good breakfast allows you to have a more balanced day and therefore a Best sleep! Perfect if you feel exhausted when you wake up!
  • You avoid putting the body in a state of stress in the morning with this famous ball in the belly if you jump a meal, in this case, breakfast thanks to the shake! If you have sleep or energy problems, restoring a good breakfast is a good thing in my opinion.
  • You obtain All the right nutrients required in a single shaker or smoothie. A considerable time saving and absolutely necessary if you want to increase your performance.

You will get the protein calories necessary for your day, but also all the nutrients necessary to be healthy! Personally I have a preference for the spicy apple ... delicious. By the way, do you know that the portion of protein Is 18g? You are free to complete with powdered proteins. Inasmuch as frame It allows me to have an energizing and complete breakfast quickly, a simple and quick purchase that allows me to be in good shape! The content of the nutritional elements is therefore important and allows a real dietetic contribution.

For information about Formula 1 of Herbalife:

  • It is a low caloric index with 220 kcal per portion. Your diet will contribute to weight loss in fat and muscle gain thanks to Formula 1.
  • They are rich in milk and soy protein for a total of 18g per portion. It contains all essential amino acids (proteins).
  • It is therefore a very interesting ally to lose weight and build muscle mass!
  • A Shake Formula 1 Herbalife is very easy and quick to prepare. It substitutes a breakfast and a meal according to your goal such as slimming or muscle taking.
  • The Shake of Formula 1 Herbalife is Very simple to prepare. It is a very practical alternative to breakfasts, lunches or dinners rich in calories.
  • Of course, it has all the vitamins and minerals to be at the top of the performance! It is a perfect balance that can be included in many recipes, including the chocolate formula! It is a wonderful food that can be accompanied by dried fruits, mixed with yogurt for mass gain or plant solutions. It is the ally of my muscle taking for bodybuilding!

A single glass of the nutritional drink of the Shake Formula 1 Herbalife represents a delicious and light meal with an incredible relationship between high quality proteins and plant nutrients. We will see the composition that is under control In order to give you the best! We recommend it to breakfast But also potentially to one of the two meals as a substitute. It all depends on your goal.

Why can the formula temporarily replace 1 meal?

It will help support your food balance because it is a complete product, as well as increase or decrease your weight depending on the quantity you want to take. It is good to reduce your intake in fatty acids to reduce your chole desterol. Likewise, don't forget to eat your fruits and vegetables regularly. It is by no means a snack that replaces your midday meals for example.

We invite you to dilute it in 250 ml of skim or vegetable milk.

So each portion of Formula 1 will bring you:

  • 229 Kcalories.
  • Fibers for excellent transit and better assimilation thanks to these delicious smoothies.
  • All the proteins necessary to boost your physique and take care of your muscles.
  • All the necessary vitamins like those in group B (B2 B6 B12) to boost your metabolism energy. Let us also forget the minerals essential to the proper functioning of the organism.
  • Vitamins of group E, zinc, selenium to contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress and therefore aging! It is a significant contribution when you want to stay in shape, be at the top of slimming or muscle and being healthy.
  • You can of course make your own preparations. Start your day with physical activity in the morning and take your Formula 1! Mix almonds and portions of blanc cheese to bring you a greater feeling of satiety.

The Nutritional Drinking Formula 1 Herbalife Nutrition is therefore a real nutritive cocktail that will boost you all your day. You can buy your Formula 1 online in our store with free delivery in just a few days with an excellent price!

Know that the production Products in France is made in Europe And that the purchase is done exclusively from independent distributors like us! The brand also prohibits any sale of used product of Herbalife or even on eBay or Amazon. Our products here are new and shipped by Herbalife to bring you very good quality protein smoothies.

Video: how to consume Formula 1

You can of course mix Formula 1 with grapes, drink teas or a glass of water, take goji berries. Thank you for avoiding too sweet or worse fruit juices, sirps that have a lot of sweeteners! Improve your digestion by eliminating the superfluous is necessary if you want to keep your appetite while blocking the bad feeling of hunger and do not skip a meal:


10 advantages to consume formula 1 herbalife

Discover 10 facts that you probably did not know about the revolutionary product of Herbalife. 

  1. The world's number one shake : en As long as the most appreciated meal substitute in the world, Formula 1 of Herbalife helped people around the world achieve their health and weight loss goals.
  2. Science supported : Milk-Shakes Herbalife Forrnula 1 are developed by experts and supported by science. Clinical studies show that meal substitutes for weight control are a safe and effective way to lose weight and keep it.
  3. The most complete in the world : Meal substitutes are specially formulated to provide high levels of protein and a good balance of macro and micronutrients. Many protein milk-shakes on the market are lacking other essential nutrients and therefore cannot be classified as meal substitutes.
  4. 16 vitamins and minerals : Formula 1 shakes provide important vitamins and minerals for each portion. For example, Formula 1 vanilla contains 16 vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc and vitamins A, D, E and B.
  5. the possibilities are limitless : Be creative with your F1 shakes to make sure they never become boring. For a touch of balance, add fruit or flax seeds, or make the shake with fruit juice. Do you prefer water to milk? Then add a spoonful of Protein BEVERAGE MIX (PDM) To obtain a delicious, creamy and tasty drink.
  6. The best vegetable proteins: The myth that soy proteins are difficult to digest is false. The isolated soy protein in F1 Milk-Shakes is very digestible. With 18 g of protein (dairy and soy products) per portion, F1 is a good choice for those who want to develop their muscle mass (in combination with the absence of exercise).
  7. Fast and easy: The Milk -Shakes of F1 can be prepared in one minute - just put the F1 powder in a mixer, add the milk and shake. Do you want an even faster fuel without preparation? Then try a F1 meal replacement bar.
  8. Allergies ? Try him Formula 1 Free Gluten Or gluten -free which was specially designed for people subject to strong food restrictions. It is made from Pisane pea protein: a high quality protein, natural source, which is gluten -free, soy and lactose -free.
  9. Little sugar : Formula 1 Milk-Shake contains the same amount of sugar as a small apple. The main sugar in the Milk-Shake is fructose, a natural carbohydrate that provides energy to the body.

The Milk-Shake F1 Nutrition of Herbalife is the basis of the loyalty of many Herbalife customers around the world. Some use F1 food milk-shake to lose weight, others to strengthen their muscles, still others as a full meal substitute for a healthier lifestyle.
Milk-Shake Herbalife can therefore be used for multiple ends, for athletes, beginners in sport or those who want a real fitness with their coach.

Our advice on using Formula 1

We invite you to use a half-skimmed or vegetable milk and to shake the box before any use. You can put two tablespoons there, which represents 26 grams of Formula 1.

We recommend that you take this supplement as part of a balanced and varied diet. To also do sport to contribute to the 20% sport necessary to have 100% of the results, whether in taking muscle or thinness!

Formula 1 allows you to Hypocalorical diet And there are a multitude of possible recipes to vary the pleasure. 

If you want to lose weight, we recommend that you take a Formula 1 shaker in the morning, and a shaker to replace the evening meal! It is an excellent substitute that is complete.

Keep your Formula 1 with a closed cover, in a bag and fresh. It is a food supplement that allows you to reduce your calorie intake while obtaining all the essential nutrients.

You can completely getExcellent results By practicing sport every 2 to 3 days, avoiding snacking and consuming Formula 1 with good hydration with good hydration with The Aloe Vera drink.

You can make it a hyperprotein shaker by adding low -glycemic index spirulina. Also add chia seeds, oats to have oilseeds! We can therefore do without meat or whey with these mixing supplements. To slim down, you will of course have to decrease your fat contributions and play sports. You can also consume green tea, drink coconut milk instead of milk, etc. The Shaker in Formula 1 of Herbalife is included in the breakfast pack in order to avoid an overly sweet or fatty meal and promote weight loss in our opinion.

What are the tastes and aromas of Formula 1?

There are several tastes for Formula 1 of Herbalife:

  • Chocolate.
  • Vanilla, which with the previous perfume are the two favorites.
  • Chocolate mint duo which is a mixture between the taste cocoa with mint.
  • Spicy apple is my favorite perfume.
  • Strawberry delight that is with a strawberry taste, mix it with other fruits to obtain refreshing and varied smoothies!
  • Cookie Crunch which is the cookie taste with small crunchy crunchy balls.
  • Café Latté which allows you to find the taste of a coffee with milk without the indigestible side!
  • Banana cream which is the taste of Formula 1 with bananas, an excellent base for making more strong smoothies in weight gain.
  • Red fruit sweets which is the taste with red fruits more present than strawberry itself.

With all these tastes, you can offer yourself a great meal in the morning and a supplement tasty. In order to diversify the flavors of these Shakes, you can savor excellent Formula 1 recipes. Whatever the taste it is part of the essential kit to start herbalife that you can add when ordering and we will make free delivery if you exceed € 180 purchase.

Personally, I recommend that you mix it with water if your objective is a fitness and aim for a weight lens, or at worst plant cases like soy milk. If you are in mass gain, you can take plant or animal. The goal here is to reduce kcal Or increase according to your fitness goal and sculpt the body you want! You can also mix them with fruit to make them rather smoothies than shakes. It's up to you to find the taste you like! 

I now offer you a selection of my 3 favorite tastes at Herbalife for the Shaker Formula 1

Herbalife Formula 1 Delights of Red Fruits

The red fruit taste of Formula 1 is the latest addition to the improved formula of the new F1 generation.

Discover the new generation of Food Milk-Shake Formula 1 Red Fruits, which promotes weight loss and maintenance. Rich in protein, which promote the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. The new generation Formula 1 is also perfectly balanced in vitamins and minerals.

Contains vegan ingredients, is gluten -free and contains neither coloring nor artificial aromas. This upgrade will take place in the coming months for the entire range of Formula 1. Your favorite Herbalife shake, now with an improved formula and flavor, it's my opinion! You can mix it with PDM Herbalife for your sports nutrition.

Formula 1 Mint chocolate taste

Breakfast stimulates metabolism. When you wake up, the blood sugar level your body needs to feed you during the day is usually low, and a healthy breakfast is therefore the best option.

The Milk-Shake Formula 1 Mint & Chocolate Latte contains 25 vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, which support your energy metabolism and help you lead an active life and reach your weight management goals at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Formula 1 Shake Mint & Chocolate is made up of a perfect mixture of proteins high quality, fiber, vitamins and minerals which bring you both good nutrition and a great convenience in a delicious Shake.

You no longer have to choose between healthy meals and convenience - Formula 1 Mint & Chocolate food milk -shake is quick and easy to prepare!

Savor a Milk-Shake Formula 1 every day with mint and chocolate as a nourishing meal. Shake slightly before each use because the content can agglutinate. Mix two tablespoons (26 g) of powder with 250 ml of half-skimmed cold milk (1.5 % fat).

A few years ago, chocolate mint was already on sale as a temporary seasonal flavor. And this flavor now comes back permanently!

Personally, we believe that it is by far the most delicious flavor that exists. Do you like after 8 am? So this Milk-Shake is definitely for you. The following eight chocolates in the form of a balanced Milk-Shake. Who does not want this?

This crunchy chocolate with formula 1 mint has a 24 -month shelf life instead of the current 12 months. The variant has a natural taste of chocolate with mint and the chocolate balls have been replaced by cookie crumbs, which explains the addition to the name.

Banana cream Formula 1

F1 banana cream is made from vegetarian ingredients, gluten -free and artificial dyes or sweeteners.

Rich in protein that helps increase muscle mass, Formula 1 is a meal substitute that contains important micro and macronutrients and added plants. Take advantage of the Formula 1 banana cream such as breakfast, lunch or nutritious dinner to support your active lifestyle and weight management goals.

It contains 25 vitamins and minerals, whose vitamin D which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, and vitamin C which helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion. The banana taste is pleasant and provides potassium. An interesting calorie intake that will change your eating habits.

Ingredients and composition of the Formula 1d'Herbalife in French

Soy protein isolate (42 %), fructose, inulin, oat fibers, carthame oil, chocolate flakes (sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural vanilla aroma), Potassium phosphate, emulsifier (soy lecithin), thickening (xanthan gum, carraghenian, gum guar, pectin), magnesium oxide, natural mint aroma, sodium chloride, l-ascorbic acid, sweetening (sucralose), DL acetate -Alpha-Tocopheryle, beta-carotene, coloring (chlorophylline), ferrous fumarate, nicotinamide, anti -aglomerant (silicon dioxide), papaya in powder (0.02 %), powdered parsley (0.02 %), blueberry juice Powder (0.02 %), concentrated of powdered pomegranate juice (0.02 %), chrome chloride (III), zinc oxide, calcium lodge, manganese carbonate, copper gluconate, cholealciferol, chlorhydrate of thiamine, pyridoxine chlorhydrate, riboflavine, ptteroylmonoglutamic acid, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, d-biotin. Tip: For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see fat ingredients. May contain milk. No need to do a hyper protein diet to feel in shape! Consume Herbalife products as indicated in the notice and everything will be perfect, because we often hear that it is dangerous for the kidneys or that it has made a judicial scandal where we are talking about danger when these are food supplements that must be consume by following the recommendations. The composition of F1 Herbalife is therefore good. Contrary to what the opinion of Doctissimo says, the Special Envoy Survey of the 2020 and 2019 scandal, Herbalife products and recipes, in particular with Formula 1 are not dangerous and are good for health provided to Respect the recommended doses well.

You will find Additional information here on the composition of Formula 1 Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookie, banana cream, coffee, as well as all the other flavors and tastes that prove that it is an excellent product to lose weight and gain muscle or take shape. It is your ally for controlling your weight and your physical shape! It is also in my opinion a good way to work with Herbalife with the aim of a mass gain, the price of the protein is not high, of good quality and you can complete with good hydration with tea, CR7 Drive or Aloe Vera drink.

Nutritional information from Formula 1 of Herbalife

The different means to control your weight

We therefore know that the formula contributes both to the taking of muscle and to the loss of fat. Of course you must use it in addition to a food balanced And a sporting activity, avoid alcohol and tobacco to be in great shape!

You can take your Formula protein -rich, with some calories and proteins to gain weight. In this case we advise you to take a protein supplement to mix from Herbalife.

The price of the herbalife formula 1 strawberry is the same as that at chocolate, never mind. My opinion is that you have to find the taste that makes you want to consume, knowing that the most popular is the one with vanilla.

In addition to the formula, you can for example take a soup, as well as choose quality vegetables and ingredients, for example good eggs to provide complementary proteins.

In France, the Shake Herbalife Formula 1 is also considered to be a smoothie, if you mix for example the taste of strawberry with fruits and soy milk, it is quite possible. In fact, you can see it as "a hot protein chocolate drink" but also as a smoothie depending on the mixture you are going to make.

Find the flavor you like, this will allow you to take more easily with mass with Shakes with different perfumes. Herbalife Do it all so that they are delicious, and you know, there are many proteins or food supplements on the market that are disgusting.

So take your Formula 1 with water, hydration is super important. Complete the contributions with your meals, soups and why not our supplements with minerals in order to make a slimming treatment. Herbalife Formula 1 will become your favorite partner for muscle weight gain or fitness in weight level. I have several independent distributors who after having tasted the formula strawberry have become crazy so it is good! Good tasting as soon as you receive your delivery of our products, don't forget to play sports and have a balanced diet to sculpt the physique you dream!

Herbalife products are well in a menu plan to obtain the result in 1 month or 1 year or more! It is you who decide how long prnedicts herbalife products.

You can consult the excellent price of this product and others of Herbalife once you are connected and registered for free on our site. The purchase is made by secure bank card or PayPal.

If you are a VIP member you can order directly on My Herbalife. Otherwise, if you ask yourself how to order herbalife without drawbacks and commitments, just click the button right next to the product.

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