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Formula 1 new generation bags - Nutritional drink - Lot of 7 sachets of 26 g

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Formula 1 sachets are the ideal solution for people still on the go. Easy to transport, Slide a bag or two in your pocket or bag For optimal nutrition wherever you are. As simple to prepare as Formula 1 in box, each sachet contains the adequate dose and the same nutritional advantages as the latter. They are also perfect for sampling.

Formula 1 sachets offer many advantages:

• Each portion contains 227 kcal, which makes it a balanced and nutritious meal.

• With 18 g of protein per portion, Formula 1 contributes to increasing muscle mass.

• Each portion contains 5 g of fibers, which helps maintain good digestive health.

• Formula 1 provides more than a third of your Daily contribution recommended in 25 vitamins and minerals, even when prepared as a shake suitable for vegans.

• Formula 1 is developed with vegan source ingredients, gluten -free and artificial dyes.

To prepare your shake, Mix a bag (26 g) with 250 ml of cold semi-skimmed milk (1.5 % fat). For a lactose -free shake added to the vegans, use 250 ml of enriched soy drink.

If you want to avoid milk or just change, try Formula 1 with the Mixture for protein drink in 250 ml of water. Take advantage of this product as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy and active lifestyle.

Formula 1 sachets are practical, nutritious and versatile. They are perfect for people who need optimal nutrition on the go, and are also suitable for people following a vegan or gluten -free diet. Try them now to discover all the advantages they can offer!

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