Comment faire des pancakes Herbalife ?

How to make pancakes Herbalife?

THE herbalife pancakes are specific types of pancakes. They are made from special products that guarantee well-being. Unlike community thought, herbalife products such as pancakes aim to help you have a balanced diet and change your lifestyle. Herbalife pancakes do a lot of good to the body. However, before consuming them, you have to know how to cook them. So what is the recipe for making herbalife pancakes? What are the nutrients of these pancakes? This article will first try to present Herbalife and its products. Then he will provide answers to the various questions above.

What is a pancake and why cook it during a fitness?

Pancakes are a type of crepes Made from a mixture of flour, milk, eggs and a rising agent, such as baking powder. Crêpes are generally cooked on a baking sheet or frying pan and are served hot, often accompanied by garnishes such as syrup, butter, fruit or whipped cream. Crêpes are a popular food for breakfast in many countries of the world.

A protein pancake is a type of pancake prepared with protein -rich ingredients, such as protein powder or eggs, in order to increase the protein content of the finished product. Proteins are an essential nutrient that is necessary for the growth, repair and maintenance of tissues of the organization. They are particularly important for athletes and other active people, who can have higher protein needs due to the requirements of their sport or activity.

Protein pancakes can be a useful source of protein for athletes, as they constitute a practical and tasty means of increasing protein intake. Proteins can help repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue during exercise, which can help athletes recover faster and be more efficient in their sport. Protein pancakes can be tasted as a snack after training or as part of a balanced diet.


Herbalife pancakes: Clarification on Herbalife products

We call herbalife products, the various products provided by the company Herbalife Nutrition. The latter is a American company Specialized in the supply of food and food supplements to the public. Likewise, it provides well-being care thanks to these wellness coaches. Herbalife products are mostly nutrients Or food supplements specially designed in order to help you have a balanced diet. For example, herbalife pancakes are not miracle foods. They are just normal pancakes, but cooked with herbalife nutrition products.

As for its genesis, the company Herbalife Nutrition was created in 1980 in the United States of America. Its founder's name is Mark Hughes. Herbalife Nutrition is an anonymous company with public call for savings. Very quickly the company was successful thanks to its products and reached a turnover of more than two million US dollars in just two years of existence. Today, the company has more than four billion US dollars in annual turnover. Herbalife Nutrition is present in 90 countries around the world.

Herbalife pancakes: the nutritional approach to society

The nutritional approach to Herbalife Nutrition society is more or less different. It aims to focus on nutritional balance. Thus, in its program, Herbalife Nutrition offers 80 % food balance against only 20 % of sports activity. Indeed, Herbalife Nutrition considers that a balanced and healthy diet is a guarantee of well-being. So she tries to offer a better balance between carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. Likewise, Herbalife Nutrition is trying to bring more vitamins in food. To all this, you will have to add a few sporting activities. Hence the share of 20 % reserved for sports activities.

Apart from the food balance, Herbalife Nutrition ensures control of the weight of its customers. This is the direct consequence of a healthy food followed by regular sports activities. By doing so, the company ensures the well-being of its customers.

Finally, thanks to his wellness coaches, Herbalife provides an accompaniment to athletes. It helps the latter achieve the best of their performance thanks to a healthy, balanced diet and with sports exercises. Thus, the nutritional approach of Herbalife comes down to this sentence: Well-being through food balance and some sports activities. This balance is also taken into account in the preparation of herbalife pancakes.

What is a herbalife pancake?

Pancakes Herbalife - What to know

Pancake is a word of English origin. It comes especially from the United States of America. Pancakes are like American -style pancakes specially used for breakfast. They also entered the eating habits of Canadians, and over time the rest of the world adopted them.

As for Herbalife pancakes, they are American pancakes or pancakes made from certain products from the Herbalife Nutrition company. The goal is to have a fairly balanced pancake in nutrients to participate in the organization's well-being. Besides, there are several types of herbalife pancakes.  

What are the different types of herbalife pancakes?

Herbalife pancakes - The different types

Herbalife Nutrition offers you several ranges of products for cooking different types of pancakes. Depending on the composition and nutrient content, we can have:

  • Pencakes herbalife protein

We hear by Pancakes herbalife protein of protein -enriched pancakes thanks to certain ingredients. These specific ingredients come from the company Herbalife Nutrition. This is what gives them the name of Pancakes Herbalife Proteinées.

  • The cremae herbalife pancakes

As for the cremae herbalife pancakes, they are made using certain specific ingredients of Herbalife Nutrition. Unlike the protein herbalife pancakes, the cremais are enriched in cream.

  • Herbalife pancakes without eggs

People who do not particularly like eggs can always prepare a herbalife pancake without eggs.

Herbalife pancakes: how to prepare them?

Herbalife pancakes - Preparation

As we have just explained in the previous title, there are at least two types of herbalife pancakes. Each type of pancake therefore has a specific preparation method.

Protein herbalife pancakes

The specific ingredient that enters the manufacture of Pancakes Herbalife Proteinées is Formula 1. It is a specific product of the Herbalife company available on the market in several varieties. You can have a diversity in aroma and in terms of taste. It is a quality food supplement used to accompany or substitute a meal. Formula 1 was made from milk (very good quality) and soy proteins. Also, Formula 1 plays an important role in weight loss in people who consume it. In addition, it is rich in vitamins and others nutrients indispensable. Finally, the Formula 1 helps you have a good tone and fights against stress. For a protein pancake, you need for example:


  • 60 grams of Formula 1, two doses; 
  • 30 grams of protein mixture, or 1 dose;
  • spelled flour up to 180 grams;
  • 3 yeast spoons;
  • 150 g small-Swiss dosed at 0 % (or blanc cheese);
  • 4 eggs ;
  • 150 ml of milk;
  • vanilla sugar (two sachets);
  • a small amount of salt (1 pinch for example);
  • Oil for preparation.

The preparation

Once the ingredients have been obtained, it will now be:

  • Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and make the mixture gently;
  • Add the small-Swiss or cheese and continue the mixing;  
  • Break and pour the eggs one after the other while continuing the mixture;
  • Gently and gradually add milk;
  • Make sure that the dough does not become thick or liquid enough; You have to find the right balance by increasing the flour if the mixture is too liquid;  
  • Add oil to the mixture;
  • Cook each side for 2 to 3 minutes.

Thus, your protein herbalife pancakes are ready for consumption. You will just have to serve yourself and go to the table.

The cremae herbalife pancakes

As in the case of Protein Herbalife Pancakes, the preparation of the crem also is done in two main fundamental stages. The first is to bring together the ingredients. Then you will have to do the blend necessary and heat it to obtain the final product.


In general, the ingredients are the essential elements in the kitchen. It is even more when it comes to making pancakes. Quality ingredients with the right technique will give you an irresistible final product. As for the creamed herbalife pancakes, you can choose:

  • 25 grams of Formula 1 Cookies created;
  • 2 eggs ;
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (you will have to rap if you do not have powder);
  • 25 grams of flour;
  • 85 grams of water.

As soon as you manage to bring together all the ingredients, you will have to go to the next step, that of the preparation.

Preparation or cooking

The preparation or cooking is very important. You have to take great care. A good mix of ingredients added to good cooking will give you a delicious meal for sure. It will be necessary to do it as delicately as possible. To get there, you must start with:

  • Mix the powder Formula 1 Herbalife, cookies, eggs and cream in a bowl. Stir or mix for about a minute. Make sure the mixture is homogeneous;
  • Add water and cinnamon to the mixture in the bowl. Resume the mixing action for a minute. Still you make sure that the mixture is homogeneous before continuing.
  • Add the flour and mix more for one minute
  • Cook for a few minutes (2 to 3) on an oiled pan (slightly). You have to do it for each face.

Following these steps, your herbalife pancakes created are ready and you can use. In addition, you can associate some fresh fruit with this tasting. It provides a very good feeling.

Herbalife pancakes without eggs  

In the two previous examples, the egg was present in the composition of pancakes. Whether it is protein or created cookies. However, if you don't like eggs, you can still make herbalife pancakes without eggs. It is very easy and is only done in a few minutes. To this end, it is necessary to bring together the ingredients at first.


Starting from the principle that the preparation will be for four people, we have as ingredients for the preparation of herbalife pancakes without eggs:

  • 250 grams of flours;
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar;
  • 25 cl of milk;
  • 1 sachet of baking powder;
  • 4 tablespoons of melted butter;
  • butter .

Once the ingredients are combined, you can go to the next phase. This is preparation and cooking.

Preparation and cooking

As in past cases, you must put all the seriousness possible in preparation and cooking. It is estimated that it will take about 15 min for the preparation and 5 min for cooking. You must start with:

  • Put the yeast, flour and vanilla sugar in a suitable capacity bowl or a bowl. Then you have to arrange to have a kind of hollow in the center of the mixture.
  • Melt the butter and pour it into the mixture. Also add the milk and stir until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Pour a small quantity (a ladle) of non -stick stoves previously heated on the dough obtained previously. Then cook the mixture until the bubbles (small) is obtained in the face of the pancake. Then turn the pancake and do the same for the second side.

Your pancake is now ready for consumption. You can go to the tasting stage. We advise you to do it when your meal is a little cooled (lukewarm kind).

In addition, it should be noted that if you have a large amount of dough and want to do a lot of pancakes, you will therefore have to take the last step of cooking for each piece of dough you take.

Also, it may happen that you have a weakness for cocoa or chocolate and want to make your herbalife pancakes based on these. It’s all possible. You just have to replace the 30 g of flour with cocoa flour of the same gram and add 50 g of chocolate to it. So you will have chocolate pancakes and cocoa.

What are the nutritional values ​​of Herbalife pancakes?

Already above, we had presented the methodological approach to Herbalife Nutrition which consists in providing balanced food products. Thus, Herbalife pancakes are also rich and balanced in nutrients. For 4 protein pancakes for example, you will have an estimated carbohydrate content or 7 g of carbohydrates. Lipids and proteins are estimated at 34 % respectively (ie 7 g) and 50 % (23 g). The caloric contribution is estimated at 185 calories. Then, you will have the presence of certain nutrients such as saturated, polyunsaturated, mono-insaturated fatty acids ...



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