Comment trouver des clients avec Herbalife ?

How to find customers with Herbalife?

Become a herbalife distributor and find Herbalife clients can be a little challenge. As you can doubt it, customers are an essential element for your business. Finding Herbalife Customers allows you to have immediate income on retail sales. This also allows you to achieve your goals in terms of volume points and even allows you to earn residual income. Finding herbalife customers is therefore a really crucial step in your corporate strategy. So how do you find Herbalife customers? To answer this concern, here are some strategies for more herbalife customers.

About Herbalife

Herbalife Customers - About Herbalife

The Herbalife company was created by Mark Hughes in 1980 in Los Angeles. Existing for several years now, it has to market its products today around the world. These products include the different needs of well-being. The philosophy of society in terms of nutrition is to guide those who consume its products to a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. The company actively encourages a healthy and balanced diet, the practice of physical activity, and good hydration.

Strategies for finding Herbalife customers

Herbalife Customers - Use Classical Methods

Here you will learn some essential methods that will help you find herbalife customers. By following them, you will develop a prosperous and sustainable customer base.

Use Herbalife products

This method for attracting herbalife customers can seem obvious. Several members use this simple and efficient strategy for several years. To make this strategy even more efficiently, the company has developed a concept. This is not just taking and use products, but also to wear the brand and talk about it around you.

In doing so, you can easily find new Herbalife customers. To take you there, it is enough:

  • to use the products daily;
  • to adopt a healthy and balanced way of life;
  • to use the products during the activities you perform in your club;
  • To use products when you make trips with your friends ...

By proceeding regularly and playing sports:

  • You will reach your personal goals;
  • You will be at the top of your form;
  • People will notice your new lifestyle.

These successes will raise the interests of people, and they will be in a hurry to know how you have come there.


Find herbalife customers among her knowledge

Another resource you have and you can exploit concerns the knowledge you have. For example, when you start, you can go to the ones you already know to discover your business. It can be your family, your friends, your colleagues or other people you rub shoulders with every day.

These people you know and with whom you have a link already have some confidence in you. Address them and invite them to participate in one of your activities. Remember that all will not accept. Nevertheless, you will find that you will show some interest in what you are offering.


On the other hand, to strengthen the previous strategy, you can wear everything related to the brand. In other words, during your outings, put the badges and clothes that wear the Herbalife logo. There are a lot of other accessories that you can wear to offer more visibility to the brand and your business. These include bags, phone hulls, water bottles that have the Herbalife logo. By doing this, you will attract the attention of people who will not fail to ask you questions.

This brings you to the last point of this strategy which consists of talking about society and its products to those you encounter. Share with them your own experience. Talk about the results you have achieved by actively adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Share your Herbalife Experience

To find new Herbalife customers, you have the opportunity to Share your experience. Maybe you have discovered the company yourself thanks to the experience sharing of a herbalife member ... a little how it can happen: as a herbalife member, you invite a potential customer. He agrees to participate in a Herbalife activity or discover for example a club. On this occasion, it can benefit from a well-being evaluation or a free tasting of the Nutritional range Herbalife.

Then you present the products and make him discover the vision of Herbalife Nutrition. If he is interested, and buys Herbalife products, you partially win a client. Your client will soon find results if it goes further by:

  • taking the products;
  • correctly following the program we have conceived;
  • maintaining good relations with you (if you take care of him as a well-being coach);
  • informing and integrating.

At that moment, you can offer him to share his success with other people or become a Herbalife ambassador. Maybe he will feel like himself. By sharing your experience with other people, this allows you to have a good customer base.


Create your own storytelling

You have the opportunity to find herbalife customers by creating your own testimony of success. For this you can describe what your lifestyle was before discovering Herbalife. This could include old food behaviors and sports habits you had. Then you could share your observations as well as the improvements you have had. Similarly, do not forget to specify the products you use.

By sharing your story, be precise and simple. To talk more effectively with your results, you can add the changes you have observed on your body. In addition, for each product category used, make concise illustrations. Add photos before / after to better illustrate your results.

Use business methods to find herbalife customers


There are activities whose goal is to allow you to find and retain your herbalife customers. Among these activities, you can simply choose the ones that suit you and that allow you to achieve your goals. Here are some:

  • Presentation breakfast vitality;
  • Shakes Party;
  • Packs Test;
  • Wellness assessment;
  • Wellness Challenge and Weight Control;
  • Facials' workshops;
  • Herbalife clubs active;
  • Roadshows;
  • Inauguration nights;
  • Etc.

Request customer recommendations with your existing customers

Getting a recommendation can be a great way to gain visibility. This can be a powerful tool in particular in prospecting to complement conventional techniques. In passing, joining our team (you can reach it on our site), you will receive more efficient Internet methods than classical prospecting.

You can ask your existing customers to recommend you to their knowledge. Thanks to that, you will have prospects which will eventually become your customers. Ask for a recommendation, so it's having someone who becomes a customer thanks to one of your customers.

Use internet to find customers

Herbalife Customers - Use Internet

Nowadays, internet is a powerful tool for learning, communicating, making themselves known and doing many other things. It would therefore be appropriate to use it to achieve its goals. There are many ways to use it to find herbalife customers.

Create a Facebook group

One way to get more Herbalife customers is to create your own Facebook group. The latter can focus on the theme "lose weight" or "wellness advice". Then, invite people to join him. In the group, share interesting things, tips, videos that talk about your theme. You can then give information about your company and your Herbalife from time to time. However, the group must remain focused on its main objective. If you do that, your group members will appreciate you, will know you and trust you.

Be present on Instagram

On Instagram, you must be active. There are different daily actions that you can set up to find Herbalife customers on Instagram. For example, to be visible, you can post one to two photos. Then, in your stories, you can share your lifestyle. In other words, your days, your recipes, your sports sessions, the results you and the ones you coach get, etc. You can also prospect by going to people and offer them to discover your concept.

Create YouTube videos

One of the best ways to find herbalife customers is to have your own YouTube channel. Just after Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Many of your potential customers travel on YouTube to learn more about Herbalife products. Some studies have shown that much of the Internet users are more inclined to buy a product after looking at a video.

For example, you could make F.A.Q videos to answer frequently or usually asked questions. Similarly, you can make a product review, share health tricks or even address other topics that deal with a certain magnitude of the varied questions. The most important thing is to make short videos, pleasant to watch and who revolve around a specific topic. At the end of each video, you must have a call to thespecific action Who tells those who watch you what they must do later.

Create an online store

Create an online store will allow you to find herbalife customers. As an ambassador with a license, when you register at Herbalife, you can create an online store and sell Herbalife products. Thanks to the different SEO tools, you can redirect users to your site to buy your products. On your site, do not forget to leave the visitors the comment option so that they have the opportunity to exchange with you. Offer them also the opportunity to publish your content on different social networks.

Create a blog

On your online site, you have the opportunity to associate a blog and write items to attract traffic. Each new article you put online is a way to be visible to a new audience. The topics you are dealing with can be answers to the concern of your prospects. So, you bring them to visit your site.

How to get his independent Herbalife member license?

For become a herbalife distributorYou must get your license. For this you will have to register under the sponsorship of a sponsor.

Ask us the ID sponsorship code and the first letter of the godfather by clicking here to understand if it is an interesting solution for you or not. We will be able to discuss together the Herbalife license and its interest in you.

To register online, go to and you click on "Herbalife Client Login" to become a Herbalife member. Then you will have to fill out the registration form that follows the sending of the recording pack. This pack includes the essence you need to know about Herbalife. You will also enjoy a box of Formula 1 Herbalife in order to start. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the customer service Herbalife France by e-mail on:

In summary

By putting in place the strategies listed in this article, you will get results. However, know that each technique will be specific to each person. For relevant results, choose one or two strategies that suit you. Then take all necessary arrangements to reach your Goals. Thus, you will get a large number of Herbalife customers.

Also remember that you need to conduct actions on certain periods for results. In addition, do not just wait for potential customers come to you. You must also go to them.

Take the products and use them; get a result that you can show others; wear the brand during your outings; Talking about social networks and also as soon as the opportunity comes are, among other things, the things you can do daily to succeed.

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