Herbalife ou So Shape - Quel est le meilleur ?

Herbalife or So Shape - What is the best?

If you are interested in all that concerns nutrition, you have probably already heard about Herbalife's products. This is one of the most famous brands in the field of nutrition. Since 1980 exists since 1980 and markets meal substitutes and dietary supplements. Given the large number of existing competitors in this same market, it often happens that there is an embarrassment of choice among the products offered by Herbalife or other companies like So Shape. The latter is a company that has recently existed in the field of nutrition and offering berlingots as meal substitutes. If you are looking for a NO SHAPE Reviews And Herbalife, this article will inform you of the smallest detail.

So Shape Notice: The history of both brands

To know each other better, here is the story of each brand.


Herbalife was created in 1980 by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles. The idea of ​​marketing weight management products was born when the founder's mother drove after health concerns. According to the founder, an eating disorder and an unhealthy approach to the weightloss would have been the cause of this premature death.

Mark Hughes decided to create products that would change people's eating habits. He therefore conceived his first product which was a protein drink, a food substitute in the form of shake. It aimed at helping people have a healthy diet and thus control their weight. The product was therefore made from plants rich in protein and vitamins. The founder himself began to sell his weight management product.

From the beginning of 1982, Herbalife realizes an incredible turnover, and at the same time widens and introduces themselves to the Canadian market. The brand will also experience significant development in the 1988s. Part of this moment, the brand has extended at an incredible speed in the international market (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc.). In 1990, Herbalife opened a subsidiary in France in Alsace near Strasbourg. In 1991, she knew a blazing success where her global sales amounted to more than $ 191 million.

During his career, Herbalife received complaints. But following these complaints, the company corrected what was to correct. Since then, it has been growing, even after the death of its founder on May 20, 2000.

So Shape

The story of So Shape began with two French, Steven Tordjeman, training pharmacist, and Raphael Wetzel, former lawyer. Following their meeting on HEC benches, the idea of ​​the So Shape project is born. Gradually, they decide to create together the "Smart Food" or fitness products. Composed of all nutrients necessary for an active life, these products are healthy, nutritious and gourmands.

In 2013, So Shape was born, but the e-commerce site was launched in 2014 on Shopify. Three years later, in 2017, the company already sells several million Berlingots, covets the international market.

So Shape Notice: The Concept of Two Brands

So Shape Notice - The Concept of Two Brands

Each company has a concept that is clean.


Specialized in the wellness sector, Herbalife is at the forefront of nutrition research and weight management. Its concept is based on 80% nutrition and 20% sport. It's quite simple. To more easily reach your physical goals, the company advocates the 80% nutrition-based approach and 20% sports activity practice. To be fit, you must have a healthy lifestyle, eat in a balanced way and regularly practice physical activity. So, you will have 100% of results.

The objective of society is therefore to promote a balanced and active way of life by offering food supplements and sports products. In addition to this, Herbalife's approach is based on the support of a coaching individual or group coaching. Which will help you change your eating habits. In doing so, she oriented you to a healthier, balanced and active way of life.

So Shape

For society So Shape, losing weight is not very difficult. Just have fewer calories and more nutrients. This is not always easy to reach as goal, so shape decides to do the job for your place with her berlingots, called Smart Meals. Then there are its healthy and delicious snacks (Smart Food) that also help you keep your line and get in shape. To lose weight, So Shape offers to consume meals in the form of a challenge for a period of 5, 14 or 28 days. So you will not have to find excuses and discourage you, you know when you start and when you finish.

On the other hand, with regard to SO shape products, the principle is to dilute in the water of the Berlingots using a shaker to replace its breakfast and dinner. As for the lunch, it is quite free.

So Shape Notice: The products offered by each company

So Shape Notice - The products offered by each company

This part lists the different products offered by Herbalife and So Shape.


For loss or weight control, Herbalife offers as a meal substitute nutritional drink Formula 1. Since the company offers a range of products, we will just talk about a few.

  • Nutritional Drinks (Formula 1 Shakes): Formula 1 mushrooms and herbs salted meal, Formula 1 without soy, lactose-free and gluten free, raspberry meal replacement and white chocolate, Formula 1 spicy apple meal replacement, etc.
  • Velvety: Gourmet soup with tomato, velvety mushroom, etc.
  • Protein bars ;
  • Etc.

    So Shape

    For weight loss, the company offers sweet milk drinks with various tastes, fresh or very fresh drinking. As well as hot food meals.

    • Fresh and very fresh drinking shakes: Strawberry tart, Banana Choco, ice mint ice;
    • Pasta or rice dishes: Pasta Truffle, Macaroni & Cheese, Pasta Veggie Bolognese;
    • Velvety: Soup of the garden, velvety tomatoes, velvet pumpkin chestnut.

      So Shape Notice: Composition of products

      Here are the ingredients and nutritional value of products offered by Herbalife and So Shape.


      Formula 1 contains several different ingredients and nutrients. Here are a few :

      • Soy protein isolates (40%);
      • Fructose;
      • Soy lecithin (emulsifier);
      • Soya oil ;
      • Aromas;
      • Oat fibers;
      • His corn;
      • Concentrate of milk protein;
      • Honey powder;
      • Powder parsley;
      • Papaya powder;
      • Antioxidants (palmitate of ascorbyl);
      • Etc.

      The new generation Formula Shakes are rich in vegetable protein, gluten free. With regard to nutritional value, the produced Formula 1 of Herbalife contains protein, carbohydrates, lipids, dietary fiber.

      So Shape

      So Shape products are all vegetarians, no GMOs, gluten-free for the most part, without preservatives and manufactured in France. With regard to nutritional value, the vast majority of products contain vitamins, minerals, vegetable fiber, omega 3 and 6 or green tea extracts. They also have a high protein and phosphorus content, as well as a low lipid and carbohydrate content.

      So Shape Reviews: tastes and mixtures

      So Shape reviews-behaviors and mixtures

      Here are the flavors available in both brands.


      Formula 1 shake is easy to prepare. It is an alternative to calorie-rich meals. At Herbalife, there is a wide range of flavors available: vanilla, gourmet chocolate, mint-chocolate, caramel-cinnamon, strawberry, banana, capucino, cookies and cream, Cookie crunch, coffee latte, etc.

      So Shape

      So Shape offers berdingots in small colorful sachets and sweet or savory flavors. Sweet flavor powders are cold drinking, struck (with ice cubes), or hot. Salt Berlingots are facing hot, in the form of velvety or more consistent dishes. According to the company, all proposed meals have nutritional benefits and values. Personal tastes are therefore the element to take into account. Here are the different tastes offered: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, caramel, hazelnut, mint, raspberry, lemon, etc.

      So Shape Reviews: Product prices

      Here we will talk about the price of the products of each brand.


      For a regime of weightlossHere are some products you can assemble to get good results. It should be taken into account that all needs and objectives are not the same. They vary from one person to another. So be in touch with a coach so that he accompanies you and that he defines with you PERSONAL OBJECTIVES as well as a balanced and active program that matches your needs and objectives.

      In addition, it should be known that Herbalife products do not lose weight. In reality, these products are not burning fat. It is the grip of its diet that makes weight loss. That's why the company focuses on the quality of nutrients that make up the diet. So, replacing your bad eating habits with Herbalife products, you are sure to have the best nutrients. In doing so, you will lose weight by avoiding greasy diet.

      By opting for Herbalife products, you can buy for example:

      • Formula 1 for 30 days (predicted around 40 €);
      • the drink at aloe vera (predicted around 30 €);
      • Detox tea (predicting around 20 €);
      • The complete thermo that is optional (predicted around 35 €).

        For the duration of one month, you can therefore provide € 90 or more given your choices, needs and objectives. Some may be able to choose only Formula 1 and Aloe Vera beverage to have healthier eating habits and a quality breakfast. They will spend about € 70 per month. Whatever your goals, know that there is for all budgets.

        To save products, you can choose to become a Herbalife ambassador. So, you will start touching commissions on the products you sell to other people with the same goal as you. Failing that, you can save money by taking advantage of our Promotions in progress.

        So Shape

        According to your physical goals, So Shape offers three different slimming challenges. For a challenge of:

        • 5 days, you will be entitled to ten meals, a shaker and a guide, all at 40.90 €, or 4.09 euros per meal;
        • 14 days, you will be entitled to thirty meals, a shaker and a guide, all at 99 €, or 3.30 euros per meal;
        • 28 days, you will receive sixty meals, a shaker and a guide, all at 179 or € 2.98 euros per meal.

          So Shape opinion: Communication Strategy

          Herbalife Shape and So companies have various product lines. In addition, they use different communication strategies.


          Since its creation and its implementation in France, Herbalife sells nutritional supplements, products for weight control, as well as care products for the face and body. All this through a network of Herbalife Members. The company's sales system is a system based on direct selling or selling at home. The products are marketed to people to people, through members and Independent Herbalife coaches. So through direct sales that the company offers quality products that help a multitude of people worldwide to achieve their objectives well-being. This allows customers to benefit from Herbalife personalized monitoring, support of community and motivation.

          So Shape

          The sale and distribution of products Shape So are online only, communication is largely based on social networks. The company has opted only for online marketing. Thus it develops. When you make your order on the company website, you receive your package which consists of cartons you selected depending on the duration of the challenge.

          So Shape: Notice of consumers

          The products are made for consumers. Their opinions count in this case, although it is possible that everyone gets different results according to his needs and his body.


          Several people have tried Herbalife nutrition products through fitness. We hear, we read and we see many testimonials and positive opinions on Herbalife. Whether to lose weight or get in shape, many people have managed to achieve their goals with Herbalife. Obviously, they have strictly followed the recommendations of their coach. In fact, when taking Herbalife products, get nutritional advice from your coach.

          So Shape

          By reading reviews Shape So on forums, blogs, social networks, opinion on the challenges of 5 days, 14 days or 28 days are quite positive. While for some the results are visible after 5 or 14 days, they feel still light. To get an opinion Shape So more complete, would it perhaps try the 28-day cure? Moreover, some nutritionists have given their opinion Shape So on the subject. For them, the weight loss promise is kept, but the results are ephemeral. We will not take only one So Shape negative or positive opinion concluding that the brand is reliable or not. Generally, we find positive opinion even in 2020.

          In summary

          The products offered by Herbalife are very good, excellent qualities and effective. Since the needs and goals are different, with Herbalife get you more customization to better meet your needs. As for the company's products Shape So, they are also good.

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