Quels sont les produits Herbalife sans gluten, sans sucre et sans lactose ?

What are Gluten-free Herbalife products without sugar and lactose-free?

The composition some products Herbalife more and more objects of several questions. This sudden interest in the composition of these products is linked to their efficiency and variety. Indeed, Herbalife Nutrition tries to take into account the dietary requirements of each of its customers. For example, he has gone out of sugar and other products for people who need to reduce the presence of sugar in their diet. So what are Herbalife products that do not contain sugar, gluten, or lactose? Discover the answer to this question in this article.

Composition Herbalife: What is the genesis of society?

Herbalife Composition - Company Presentation

Herbalife Nutrition is a society that works in the nutrition and well-being sector. It was created in 1980 by the American Mark Hughes. Herbalife Nutrition has obtained the legal status of anonymous company with public offering. Just after its creation, the success of this company has been fast enough. Indeed, after only two years of existence, it records a turnover of 2 more than millions of US dollars thus giving the beginnings of a very large company.

The company based in Los Angeles begins by giving voice and strategies for its internationalization. Thus, it has emerged in the North American market specifically that of Canada. From there, the company really grew up and is present nowadays in more than 90 countries. This gives it the strip of US $ 4.4 billion as an annual turnover.

Herbalife Nutrition aims to ensure a general well-being of its customers through the products it offers on the one hand. On the other hand, it accompanies its clientele through specific programs of sports activities. We will come back much more fully on this aspect when we are going to address the methodological approach of the company.

Composition Herbalife: What is the methodological approach of Herbalife Nutrition?

To achieve its goals, Herbalife Nutrition offers an approach that stands out a little more classical habits. Herbalife Nutrition offers an approach based on three strategic axes. The nutritional balance is the first. This aspect consists of offering food products or substitutes with a better food balance in nutrients such as carbohydrates, protends, lipids, vitamins and other nutrients. The component of thebalanced diet Its only 80% of the Herbalife Nutrition program. Thus, Herbalife Nutrition makes available to its customers products that the latter needs to be healthy.

With regard to the second strategic axis, it is dedicated to sports activities. It represents about 20% of the Herbalife Nutrition program. This axis consists in forming groups or communities for doing form maintenance exercises. In reality, this accompaniment complements the first part of the Herbalife strategy. When obese people strictly follow the recommendations of society, we notice a weight loss at their level.

The last strategic axis of Herbalife Nutrition is the accompaniment or the coaching his clients. It is done by its distribution network. Coaches accompany and advise customers on the products that will be adapted to them. They also help them have a healthy and balanced diet. This strategic axis has a special point for athletes. Whether you are amateur or professional, Herbalife Nutrition accompanies you in choosing the components of your meals. The goal is to boost your performances.

Composition Herbalife: Why opt for a diet without lactose?

Herbalife Composition - Reasons to opt for a diet without lactose

Lactose can be defined as the natural sugar Present in the milk. But it is not very well digested in the body. Indeed, according to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), about 65% of world population presents lactose intolerance. In France, 20 to 50% of the French have a problem of absorption of lactose. Several reasons can explain this difficulty of absorption. Indeed, after consumption, lactose ferments the small intestine before going to the colon level. As a result, there is a large gas production that accumulates in the body. This can lead to diarrhea in some cases.

This discomfort linked to lactose intolerance means that some people decide to delete it from their diet. However, this has consequences and risks for their organization. Indeed, lactose is an important source of supply of the body in vitamin D and in calcium. So, a lactose-free diet necessarily induces a considerable decline in vitamin D and calcium at the body level. However, a vitamin D and calcium deficiency can be responsible for several diseases. To overcome this, you can opt for intakes of vegetable origins even if they do not necessarily have the same effect. It is to solve all these problems that specific Herbalife compositions have been made to help you keep the same well-being while separating you from lactose.

Composition Herbalife: Why opt for a sugar-free diet?

The sugar brought by the diet is the main source of energy in the body. It turns into glucose that is converted into energy and distributed to all the cells of the body. However, excess sugar is very harmful to the organization that reacts accordingly. For example, type 2 diabetes is a well-known disease that is due to excess sugar in the body. WHO considers it as a public health illness today. This type of diabetes is only the direct consequence of obesity due to an excess of calorie in the body.

It is also important to know that almost all ingested foods ended up converting to glucose to produce energy for the body. So, it is difficult to control or monitor its sugar levels. To allow you to live peacefully and without the daily concern to control your sugar level, some herbalife compositions have been put on the market. You will have some examples in the rest of this presentation.

Herbalife composition: some gluten-free products, lactose free and sugar-free

Each type of Herbalife product is composed of a number of nutrients to meet a specific need of the body. In addition, some people are allergic to various compounds such as gluten, lactose and sugar. For these people, Herbalife Nutrition offers specific products in which these compounds are not found. In number of these products, we can mention among others:

Formula 1 gluten free, without soy and lactose-free

Formula 1 is a flagship product of Herbalife Nutrition. It enters the composition of several other products, making it a very popular product on the market. To meet the needs of private organizations, Herbalife Nutrition has set up this revolutionary product. In fact, the company put Formula 1 gluten free, without soy and lactose free to consumers. In fact, Formula 1 gluten free, without soy and lactose-free is a mix of several products.

As its denomination indicates so well, this Formula 1 does not contain soy, lactose or gluten. It has been developed from pea proteins, making it a product very rich in protein. This wealth of protein makes this version of Formula 1 participate in the growth muscle mass at the body level.

With regard to taste, the drink Formula 1 gluten free, without soy and lactose-free is chocolate and raspberry white. This great taste is not without the fundamental: nutritional balance. Indeed, this drink offers a very good equilibrium in protein, lipids and vitamins. The presence of 25 vitamins and minerals are denominated in this formula. For example, there are the presence of vitamins D and C which respectively reinforce immunity and protects against fatigue.

Formula 1 gluten free, without soy and lactose-free is very easy to use. You can substitute it for a meal if you wish. Similarly, you can associate it with one of your daily meals. For each use, you recommend taking 26 g of this Herbalife composition and add it to 250 ml of creamed milk and enriched soy beverage (250 ml).

Herbalife Pro 20 Select Vanilla Vegetarian Gluten Protein

Herbalife Pro 20 Select Vanilla Protein Beverage Vegetarian Gluten Free Vanilla is a new innovative drink that Herbalife Nutrition puts on the market to meet the specific food requirements of its customers while ensuring well-being. It is a specific formula adapted to vegetarians. In addition, it does not contain gluten.

You can use the Herbalife Pro Protein Beverage three times a day. For this, you have the choice between substituting a meal or make it accompanied with a meal; Both are possible. On the other hand, if you are overweight, you can simply substitute for a meal. As for its nutrient composition, this drink is very rich in protein. Thus, it participates in the development of muscle tissue thanks to the amino acids it brings to muscle cells. Also, this drink helps to consolidate bone structures of the body and promotes hair development, skin and nails.

The other as important aspect is that the Herbalife Pro 20 Fight Against Hunger. Indeed, thanks to its protein content, it works for the effect of satiety and regulates hunger. The 250 ml intake of this drink is a pure happiness. In addition, with each grip, you earn 2 g of protein and 6 g fiber. This makes this drink an excellent controller of the gastric transit. In addition, it brings 24 vitamins and minerals. Finally, it is important to note that this drink has a taste of vanilla and is very delicious.

The preparation of the Herbalife Pro 20 beverage is very easy. It is only in 2 minutes. For this purpose, it will just be necessary to mix 250 ml of water and 3 tablespoons of Herbalife Pro 20 Select.


The Herbalife Multi Fiber Drink is a herbalife nutrition composition that can substitute a meal or accompany it. It is a natural drink that contains neither sugar nor gluten. In addition, it is rich in fiber. There are 2 types of fiber present in the HERBALIFE multi fiber beverage. We distinguish :

  • Soluble fibers: they are particularly known for their regulator role of blood sugar levels. Similarly, they work to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. The soluble fibers are of vegetable origin. They are found in fruits such as broccoli, bananas, lentils, lawyers and many others.
  • Insoluble fibers: insoluble fibers participate in the process of digestion. Indeed, they provide order at the level of the digestive system and prevent constipation. Similarly, they facilitate gastric transit by allowing the evacuation of waste from digestion. As for their origin, they are found in cereals, vegetables (green leaves), wheat and many others.

The Herbalife Multi Fiber Drink is made with natural plants, apple and aroma. This gives it a fairly particular taste. Also, it is very important to note that this drink does not contain an artificial sweetener.

The Multi fiber drink At the Herbalife apple is very effective in combating obesity. Also, it helps to have a good vitality. This is due to its low calorie content.


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