Herbalife ou Natural Mojo - Qu'est-ce qu'il faut choisir ?

Herbalife or Natural Mojo - What should be choosing?

There are many brands now that offer meal substitutes, dietary supplements and products to mince. The task therefore becomes arduous when making a choice. You will find on the market two brands of well-known meal substitutes namely Herbalife and Natural Mojo. These two brands focus on the well-being in general with the ambition to allow customers to have a life blooming in a healthy body. In case you have trouble deciding between Herbalife and Natural Mojo for your diet, here are some information that will help you make a choice.

What is Herbalife?

Founded in 1980 by the businessman Mark Hughes, Herbalife is a world-famous and specialized society in the field of nutrition. Take care of your skin, help people maintain a healthier way of life, these are those for Herbalife products. For this, the company offers a variety of shakes as meal substitutes to allow everyone to find its taste. You will also find food supplements, easy-to-take away bars, instant and refreshing drinks.

The programs offered to help you lose weight are relatively simple to follow. Being good food for healthy and fulfilling life, Herbalife products provide you with essential nutrients to help you enjoy perfect health. However, it will be necessary to follow your intake in fat and calories, adjusting your diet to better live.

What is Natural Mojo?

Founded in 2015 in Berlin, Natural Mojo is a German brand that markets supplements and products based on natural and healthy foods. The brand offers food supplements and substitutes in the form of super food powder with multiple benefits. These super foods are otherwise rich in micronutrients. To improve your diet and your health, you will find Natural Mojo Weight Loss, Natural Mojo Masket Products and Even Revenue Products. Natural Mojo certifies that the majority of its products are 100% vegan, gluten free and lactose-free.

Herbalife products

Natural Mojo Reviews - Herbalife products

Herbalife offers a varied range of products to meet your different objectives. Here are a few :

  • Formula 1: For effective weight management, the meal substitute Formula 1 Includes soy proteins, fibers and essential nutrients. It is composed of 21 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that help you fight hunger and have energy. It is available in several flavors.
  • Formula 2: It is a complex of vitamins and minerals, designed to meet the specific needs of men and women. The Formula 2 Contains essential nutrients to bring to the body what it needs as part of a balanced diet.
  • Formula 3: It is a concentrate of custom protein without aroma and added sugar, which can be mixed with Formula 1 or other foods or beverages (cereals, yogurt, sauces, soups). This allows you to increase your protein consumption and helps you develop and maintain your muscle mass.
  • Barres or protein snacks: The company encourages Nutrient snacks. As snacks, there is also the gourmet soup with grilled tomato or soybeans that contain proteins, and which are poor in calories.
  • Herbalife drinks: the company offers delicious drinks that help you have a good hydration. This is among other drink tea-based instant, Concentrated drink with Aloe Vera or the multifibre drink.
  • Herbalife 24: a range of products adapted to any sporting profile that wants to improve his training, optimize performance and increase hydration.

    Natural products Mojo

    Natural Mojo Reviews - Brand products

    Natural Mojo also offers several product lines including:

    • Daily Greens: composed of natural, vegan, gluten free, lactose-free and rich in micronutrients. You will find products such as mojo natural True Beauty, Choco Dream, Berry Boost, etc.
    • Body Shape: a range of nutritional supplements offered as meal replacements, made super foods. These are natural products such as mojo Fit Cookie, Vanilla Fit, Fit Coco Berry Fit, Fit Banana, Chocolate Fit, Fit Cappuccino, etc.
    • Happy Tea: a range of teas filled super foods, made with natural ingredients. It consists of the following teas: BeauTea, ActiviTea, Puritea, Black Rose, Black Pumpkin, etc.
    • Body Power: a range of products designed for all types of sports. You will find products such as Vanilla Whey, the Workout Booster.

      Natural Mojo opinion: Choosing between Herbalife and Natural Mojo?

      Natural Mojo Reviews - Choosing between Herbalife and Natural Mojo

      Here are some criteria that you can consider to make your choice.


      • Herbalife: it should be recalled that Herbalife products are sold through independent distributors. The price could therefore vary slightly depending on the distributor. However, this must be in full respect of the valid official selling price for each country. For Formula 1, according to the gram and flavor, you can expect 40 or 50 euros. The Formula 2 in turn can cost you between € 20 and30. In the Formula 3 or drink aloe vera, it will however provide thirty euros. The detox tea can cost twenty euros and the full heat 35 or 40 euros. You can get other dietary supplements such as multi-fiber drink or Cell Activator for thirty euros. restor of capsules to promote recovery can come back to the price of 35 euros, and a mixture protein to 45 euros.
      • Natural Mojo: To obtain a fit, you can expect € 39.99. A tea can return to 14.99 €. Regarding the capsules, on the website of Natural Mojo, Carb Blocker is 87,31 € and the Fit Caps is € 86.37. Prices super food powders vary. For example, True Beauty and Sunny Soul cost 29.99 €, while the costs 24.99 € Choco Dream.


      For meal replacements shakes, here are some flavors offered by each brand.

      • Herbalife: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, tropical fruit, cookies & cream, mint chocolate, raspberry blueberry, red berries, latte coffee, banana cream, spiced apple, etc.
      • Natural Mojo: cookie, nut, mango, caramel, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, banana, cappuccino, etc.

      Texture and blend

      • Herbalife: for example, for preparing a shake of Formula 1, it is advisable to mix two tablespoons of Formula 1 with 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk a creamy and smooth.
      • Natural Mojo: for preparing a shake, it is advisable to put into a shaker 3-5 doses of powder by adding one teaspoon of oil and 250 mL of milk. Then you have to shake the shake until blended.

      Product composition

      • Herbalife: Here are some main ingredients of Formula 1: soy protein isolates, fructose, soy lecithin, soybean oil, aromas, oat fibers, corn sound, inulin, milk protein concentrate, honey powder, papaya in Powder, powdered parsley, antioxidants, casein, biotin, etc.
      • Natural Mojo: When we refer to, for example, the Vanilla Fit, its composition is as follows: a mixture of whey protein, soy and pea with super foods such as papaya, matcha, and psyllium. There is also the isolate of soy protein, the inulin, coconut milk powder, natural aromas, rice starch, curcuma extract, pomegranate juice powder, extract from Vanilla cloves, sweeteners, biotin, etc.


      • Herbalife: Many people have achieved satisfactory weight loss results using Herbalife meal substitutes combined with sports activities. Note that you will have to replace two typical calorie-rich meals with a low calorie shake. This considerably reduces your calorie intake for the day. This is therefore effective because such an approach allows you to create the caloric deficit needed to lose weight after a regular sport practice.
      • Natural Mojo: Natural Mojo Fits are low calorie meal substitutes. To lose weight, you will have to replace two meals a day with a shaker. This allows you to deplete your caloric intake to facilitate weight loss. You will find for this purpose of natural mojo photos before after some people obtaining results with this method.

      Promo code

      • Herbalife: The brand offers on its online Herbalife products with an automatic discount coupon code at an interesting price. You can get a discount on all products with the MENTION PROMO.
      • Natural Mojo: The company often offers a promo code Natural Mojo on its official shop. There are also other sites that offer promo codes for brand customers.

      Communication strategy

      • Herbalife: Being a company practicing MLM, it distributes its products via a network of independent members or independent sellers (VDI). The products are therefore only with independent members or distributors who have received authorization to sell and have a legally valid license. This can therefore be a personal contact, an official and approved website such as their online store, wellness coach or nutrition coach. One of the advantages is that you get personalized follow-up.
      • Natural Mojo: The brand distributes its products only online and enjoys a strong recommendation of subscribers on Instagram. Natural Mojo products do not sell in pharmacy. You can make your purchase from the official website of the site and enjoy a price of Natural Mojo cheap.

        Natural Mojo Reviews: Are products advised in case of pregnancy?

        Should you consume Herbalife or Natural Mojo products when you're in pregnancy? It is important to ask this question. In the case of Herbalife products, it is advisable to have theNotice of a doctor To find out if the products match with your processing or the power mode you have by being pregnant. To ensure all the benefits you and your baby need, you must follow a balanced diet.

        As for Natural Mojo products, on the site, it is affirmed that the products being natural, there is no contraindication for what to use by being pregnant or during breastfeeding. However, there are exceptions because some products contain from the caffeine, green tea and mate, and the drop in nutrient intake during pregnancy is not recommended. The brand therefore advises to consult a doctor to have his opinion, each pregnancy and every person being different.

        Anyway, Herbalife just like Natural Mojo recommend not to exceed the recommended daily dose for products.

        In summary

        The Herbalife regime and the Natural Mojo regime aim to improve the health of their consumers. The products of each brand have been developed to bring the human body the nutrients and minerals necessary for its proper functioning. Herbalife and Natural Mojo diets are intended for people who wish to improve their health in general.

        Whatever the diet you choose, it is important that you do it by doing a lot of research and taking a lot of criteria in account. Think about your diet, your health, and your lifestyle. Take your time and calmly think about the reasons that push you to follow a diet. Is it to be in better health Or to lose a few kilos superfluous? Once you have determined your real need, you will be able to make a more wise decision by choosing the diet that suits you best.


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