Herbalife ou It Works - Qui est le plus intéressant ?

Herbalife or It Works - Who is the most interesting?

In life, we are all excited about the idea of ​​taking care of our health while taking the least risk. Herbalife Like It Works are two MLM companies that offer products to take care of you. But, it is possible to obtain good results only if you choose the products of the company that offers more chance to achieve your goals. With all existing offers, it is important to know the best society before opting for its products. So if you are interested in well-being, food supplements, beauty products, but you have no idea about companies, read this article to have a IT Works Reviews.

IT Works Reviews: About It Woks and Herbalife

IT Works Reviews - Presentation of companies

For those interested in their well-being and improving their health, IT Works and Herbalife are companies commercializing wellness, nutrition, sports products. Here is the presentation of each company.

IT Works

It Works is a MLM company specializing in the field of well-being, nutrition, cosmetics. She works mainly in well-being and fitness to help people lose weight and solve their beauty problem. The company was created in the US in 2001 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost, but arrives on the French market in 2013. She knew a quick success thanks to the Corporal wrap, its flagship product. Today, it is present in several countries in particular Canada, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, etc.


Herbalife Nutrition is an MLM company founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, and which offers food supplements. Specializing in nutrition, well-being, cosmetics, it offers products that help people improve their diet to be in perfect health.

His philosophy is therefore to encourage people to have a healthier way of life and a more balanced diet. Losing or gaining weight, gaining muscle mass, control its weight, these are the different goals you can achieve by taking the products of the company. The latter had a great success with its product Formula 1 and other complementary products. Today, it is present in more than 90 countries.

IT Works Reviews: IT Works products or Herbalife products?


IT Works Reviews - Product Presentation

Here we will talk about the flagship products of each company, because entering the details would be long. Given that IT Woks and Herbalife offer products in various sectors, we will approach them by category.

Featured products

IT Works Wrap is the flagship product of IT Works. It is a fabric belt comprising natural ingredients (essential oils) and draining gel. It acts like a burning fat and facilitates weight loss. Note that there are wraps for the face and body. That of the face has an action on wrinkles and helps to firm the skin. That of the body has a slimming effect.

On the Herbalife side, there are products from the Formula 1. These are protein drinks or meal substitutes, rich in amino acids and available with several flavors and aromas. They help you meet your hunger and manage your weight. You can buy them on our online store.

Nutrition products

IT Works shakes are a protein powder made solely based on plants. This product has been manufactured to help you develop your muscle mass or burn your fats. It is also an IT Works product for weight loss. In its composition, there is a mixture of yellow pea proteins as well as organic germinated complete rice proteins. These proteins are known for their muscle building and energy stimulation properties. For weight control, IT Works also offers in its product line, the Thermo Fight X IT Works. Like It Works Thermofight X Reviews, let's say that this product is ideal for those who want to lose weight, burning calories, accelerate their metabolism.

Herbalife Shakes are protein drinks whose goal is to help you soothe your hunger, reduce your cravings, etc. These shakes allow you to have a healthy diet as well as better nutrients. So you can lose weight because you avoid oily diet. In addition to this, said products contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and are excellent meal substitutes.

In addition, unlike IT Works shakes that do not exist in two flavors (chocolate and vanilla), at Herbalife, there is a range of flavors available. There are, among other things, vanilla, gourmet chocolate, mint-chocolate, caramel-apple cinnamon, strawberry, banana cream, etc. You have largely the choice.

Beauty products

Here we will talk about IT Works Hair Skin Nails. Hair Skin Nails is also another flagship product from society in its range of cosmetics. It is a dietary supplement in the form of capsule that contains vitamins, minerals and ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS Plant-based. The main ingredients found there are zinc, selenium and biotin. This product allows you to maintain your hair, skin, your nails.

Herbalife on his side offers the products of the Herbalife Skin range intended for facial and skin care and comprising 11 different products. These products can be used by women and men. In this range, we find as ingredients aloe vera, citrus fruits, mint, red berries, etc. The company also offers shampoos and after-shampoos fortifying herbal aloe without sulphate or paraben for the care of your hair.

IT Works Reviews: Ingredients


In this section, we will address the ingredients of the shakes offered by each company.

IT Works

It works offers sachets of protein shake without soy, without dairy products, without GMOs. Shakes combine beneficial nutrients such as vegetable proteins, amino acids and other organic elements. IT Works Shakes are composed of a mixture of yellow pea proteins and organic gerched complete rice proteins. People suffering from lactose intolerance will not feel unpleasant effects by consuming this product. The latter is therefore safe for these people. But sometimes, the company uses an exclusive mixture.


Here are some main compounds that the company includes in the formula of its shakes :

  • Soy lecithin : allows to have a healthy heart, improves brain functions, increases endurance and energy;
  • Casein: This protein helps restore damaged muscles, develop lean muscle mass, lose weight;
  • Soy protein isolate: It is rich in protein and also contains essential amino acids;
  • Biotin: plays a crucial nutritional role that improves overall health and well-being. It helps body cells regenerate.

For people who are lactose intolerant, Herbalife offers a meal replacement shake as basic pea protein, rice and sesame. This product is also made from non-genetically modified ingredients for those who wish to avoid GMOs.

It Works Price notice

The price and availability are perhaps not the most important factors, but they can be limiting.


In general, rates of It Works products are expensive. Sometimes they are found more on the French market. But this is not the case in the US market.

On the other hand, based on the value, the prices of Herbalife products are very affordable. However, we must recognize that some prices can be high, but the products are effective and quality. Otherwise, the company would not be so successful for several years.

To save money on our website, get a price reduction on products with the "PROMO" mention. The delivery is offered from 180 € of purchases. Not to buy products at high prices, you can also choose to become a reseller of Herbalife and get up to 50% off. You will have more information to this effect in the menu of our site.


In terms of availability, not to buy fake It Works products, it must pass through an authorized dealer. You can also buy them on the different company sites.

Moreover, given that Herbalife is a MLM company, its products are available for purchase only through its independent distributors. For example, you can buy Herbalife products directly from our online store.

It Works opinion in 2020

When referring to the various comments on It Works, you find that some people recommend to flee the brand. For others, it is a scam. This category of people think that products Woks It does not work and that the brand is illegal. However, there are not that negative reviews on products. Although the majority of opinion is against the company, some people regularly use products It Works and get results. In fact, It Works is a MLM company that will not charge for much. It is famous, successful and has a legal activity.

As for its products, they are interesting and effective, since some positive opinion counts. Now, we must understand that the products may be effective for some and not to be for others, because every body is different. Also, it should not be forgotten that their use should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

It Works medical advice

It Works is a brand that offers products to help you get in shape. We are not doctors and we can not advise you about this. However, it should not take these products as miracle cures. If you do not do sports or if you do not have a healthy diet, you will not get results.


As for Herbalife, several specialists and nutritionists doctors consider the Herbalife effective solution. For them, Herbalife really brings benefits to people who strictly follow the proposed programs. For this, many people recommend the brand, and encourage the community including people who have problems overweight to start Herbalife programs.

In summary


At the end of this article, it is easy to understand that the Herbalife program is designed to help you adopt good eating habits and good life hygiene to achieve your goals. The brand also offers ranges of products for hair care, facial, body care, etc. This is after all of a well-known brand that markets efficient products and high quality. Being a successful society, it sometimes receives several negative reviews.

On the other hand, there are IT Works products that are also excellent and helping you achieve your different goals. Nevertheless, to know what's really suitable for you, you can try the different products according to your needs to see their efficiencies.

To find out what is most interesting for you, consider the composition. It is important that you verify the basic elements that make up the products. Then take into consideration the quality of raw materials, as well as process methods and standards. Another point to consider is of course the taste and flavors, and on this point, Herbalife proposes a variety. The budget you have is also a factor that does not neglect. Now the most important, before you decide, consists of evaluating your nutritional needs, taking into account your goals, but also your metabolism.


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