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Which Vegan products are at Herbalife?

Herbalife products are excellent to make you lose weight and refine your silhouette. These are the ideal products that will help you achieve your goals in terms of weight loss and weight maintenance. However, you should associate them with the practice of sport and especially the adoption of good food practices. It is an important detail because Herbalife products are not miracle remedies. In reality, the American company bases its diet on a balanced diet. The diet therefore takes an important place in the Herbalife regime. Quid then vegan people? Can they use Herbalife products in order to enjoy their many benefits on the organization? We sell products Herbalife Vegan? We will try to bring you answers. However, before that, we will first determine what the vegan food is.

What is a vene supply?

Herbalife Vegan: a power supply without animal protein

It is possible to follow a balanced diet even when you are vegan. However, the vegan regime is greatly different from the one that is used to follow. Indeed, the vegan regime exclude any form of animal protein. Therefore, the diet must take into account a lot of vegetables, from Whole grains and fruits.

We must not forget that the vegan diet excludes all that is of animal origin as well as their products derived like eggs, milk and others. So the base of the vegan food is the consumption of vegetable products.

One could then fear an absence of proteins in vegan feeding (proteins often come from foods of animal origin), which would mean that the diet is not balanced. Fortunately, proteins can also be drawn into plants as well as meat. In addition, plant origin proteins can very well meet your caloric needs.

Herbalife Vegan: What are the basics of a balanced vegan diet?

As we have notified, what we eat is of great importance in our lives. Our body is our first house, so we have to take care of it. There are many ways to maintain the body. Some people decide to follow a vegan regime, that is, a diet without animal products. So said, the vegan regime seems not to be balanced. However, the balance of a scheme is in the diversity of food.

The most important in a vegan diet is to opt for a purely plant diet, but especially to bring diversity in the food groups you consume. Therefore, fruits, vegetables, proteins and complete cereals must be the base of vegan food.

Each ingredient has a specific role. Their consumption frequency is also different. For example, fruits can be consumed three times a day. As for complete cereals, they are fundamental in the Vegan regime. Indeed, it is they bring to the body the proteins that the animal origins should bring. They are rich in fiber, vitamins (mainly vitamin B and E) as well as in minerals. We can cite as complete cereals wheat, oats, rice and rye. You can consume them twice a day. Finally, vegetables can be consumed twice a day (preferably at noon and evening).

Herbalife vegan: vegetable proteins to replace animal proteins

Herbalife Vegan - Find protein in foods of vegetable origins

Proteins are essential nutrients for the body. However, the body can not produce enough. We must therefore bring to the body. This is why men raise animals to consume their meat and derivatives (milk and egg). However, this process is very polluting. Indeed, animal breeding is the second source of greenhouse gas emission. In addition, it goes against the principles of vegan food. In order to combat the scarcity of energy resources, cultivable land and fresh water, we should all go to vegetable proteins, that is to say at vegan.

The production and consumption of vegetable proteins therefore become an alternative to the problems created by the production of animal proteins. Moreover, it should be noted that the consumption of vegetable proteins such as soy proteins and pea is very common. Note that the number of people consuming meat is increasingly reduced, especially in Western countries. A statistic perfectly illustrates this dietary change in Europe. Indeed, 9% of the food products released in 2018 did not contain any product of animal origin. This percentage represents almost double compared to the 5% of 2015.

The other consistent advantage of vegetable proteins is that they are less rich in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. On the other hand, they are richer in fiber than animal proteins. Today, men are increasingly understanding that the Vegan regime is beneficial to the organization, and sustainably protects the planet.

What are the benefits of Vegan?

Vegetable protein consumption decreases cholesterol levels and saturated fatty acid intake. It also ensures the balance between your weight and the blood glucose rate. All this contributes to the disappearance of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and others.

Herbalife Vegan: the decrease in cholesterol levels

The proteins brought by animal products are high in cholesterol. By consuming them, you increase cholesterol levels in your body. In order to decrease it, you can consume a few more vegetable proteins. The latter are poor in cholesterol. Their cholesterol intake in your body will be very low. In addition, some foods forming part of the vegan regime base have the property ofImprove cholesterol levels. They will therefore have an impact on the blood vessels. In number of these products, we can cite: nuts and legumes.

This is one of the reasons why people who follow a vegan regime are not often subject to cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease. Also, the vegan regime is conducive to the decline in bad cholesterol in the body.

Herbalife Vegan: the decrease in saturated fatty acid

Saturated fatty acids are not very good for the body. It's a fact. Despite this, we consume tremendously through our traditional diet. By changing from CAP and passing the vegan regime, we decrease clearly the Saturated fatty acid rate that we ingest in our body.

One of the main sources of saturated fatty acids is meat. Indeed, the latter contains many components that are not beneficial to the body. It is therefore necessary to reduce the consumption of products rich in animal protein. Thus, you will reduce the intakes into saturated fatty acids and increase those in polyunsaturated acids. The balance between protein and fatty acid intake is better in vegan feed than in traditional feed.

Finally, putting aside the animal protein, you will struggle more against the rise of blood pressure.

Herbalife vegan: balance between weight and blood glucose levels

When compared vegan diet to diet that contains meat, we see that there is less risk of becoming obese by doing without meat. The risks of obesity are lower with such a regime. Indeed, the vegan diet is much higher in fiber. However, the fibers can increase the volume of digestive contents. They also increase the time that the food passes through our digestive system. Therefore, we have a satiety for a longer period.

Moreover, the fibers are also able to slow the absorption of nutrients such as sugar. They can even bring down insulin levels that our body releases. It is normal that the risk of type 2 diabetes in this case is lower than in the case of a diet with meat. The lack of animal protein in the diet plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels, but also in controlling our weight.

The vegan diet is a good diet and should advise all adults trying to lose weight and keep fit. By cons, it is a regime that should be recommended for children and pregnant women (in their case, they must follow carefully). Indeed, it is a regime in which we must constantly monitor their consumption of protein during the day.

Herbalife vegan: the vegan diet is more environmentally friendly

Herbalife Vegan - Protect the Earth by consuming Vegan products

This is a last advantage offered by the vegan diet. Making the choice of the vegan diet is to protect the planet.

Indeed, the production of vegetable protein has a lower carbon footprint. However, when it comes to produce animal protein, is achieved CO2 production records, methane, nitrogen and greenhouse gas oxide. This is mainly due to livestock production, which is one of main source of meat for men. It makes our food system one of the main responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases.

In reality, a meat-containing diet will produce more gas greenhouse by kcal per serving and per gram of protein a vegan diet. In addition, meat production requires more land and water than plant production. If you choose to adopt a vegan diet, you'll reduce by half the water used for producing your food. You will also reduce by half the agricultural land used and finally the gas emissions greenhouse decrease (over 70%).

You have too many good reasons to move to the vegan diet, especially if you want to lose weight or keep fit. Herbalife brand products can also help you achieve these Goals. Nevertheless, one might wonder if they are compatible with the vegan diet.

Is Herbalife diet compatible vegan diet?

Herbalife has specialized for many years in search of well-being of men. To this end, it provides its customers organic products. Products that will help them achieve their objectives in the field of weight loss, taking muscle mass and keeping in shape. However, what characterizes this nutrition company, is the regime that it offers its customers. Indeed, its products are not drugs, but food supplements. When they are associated with good eating and sports habits, we obtain siderent results in terms of weight loss to keep fit. For this, the company makes it available to its customers coaches that will help them achieve their goals.

Like the Vegan diet, the Herbalife regime aims above all the balance in our diet and banishment of certain habits. Moreover, Herbalife brings through its products the nutrients whose body needs to grow. The company specialized in nutrition does everything also to bring to its customers organic and healthy products. That's why in recent years she has been developing Vegan products. There are several products of the brand that are entirely of vegetable origin. We can mention among others:

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