Comment ça marche Herbalife ?

How does it work Herbalife?

Herbalife is a specialized network marketing company in the wellness sector, weight loss, sports. It is also a company that offers a business opportunity for people who want to earn extra income by selling Herbalife products or working full time to develop a more profitable business. Many people want to know more about the Herbalife system. What are the products that the company offers? How does the sales system? In this article, so let's talk about what it is that Herbalife products that are sold there, its sales system, and the procedure to become a distributor of the company.

About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles by Mark Hughes in order to help people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through nutritional products. It has therefore established itself in the sale of nutritional products such as meal substitutes, Supplements, bars, drinks. She even sells products for sports nutrition.

On the other hand, Herbalife is a relationship marketing company, also known as network marketing or MLM name (Multi-Level Marketing). It works with a network of independent distributors. Commercial products are therefore available for sale exclusively through the Company's independent distributors.

The products marketed by Herbalife

The products offered by the company promote include: weight loss, fitness, the muscle gain, Renewed energy, the development of sports performance, recovery, etc. Easy and quick to prepare, the products are developed by physicians, scientists and nutritionists in order to enable consumers to better achieve their goals in terms of well-being.

We find in the range of Herbalife:

  • meal replacements: Formula 1;
  • a multivitamin: Formula 2;
  • a Custom Protein powder: Formula 3;
  • dietary supplements: Omega-3, Cell Activator Thermo Complete;
  • instant drinks: teas draining fat burning, beverages aloe vera;
  • Herbalife 24: Hydrates, Prolong, Rebuild Strength, Rebuild Endurance are enriched products to meet the sporting needs;
  • cosmetics: creams, masks, shampoos, soap;
  • Etc.

Are Herbalife products ineffective and dangerous?

The quality of Herbalife products is a topic that continues to create controversy around the company. Even in 2018, in forums and blogs, some people have claimed that Herbalife products are dangerous. Others have even reported side effects after taking Herbalife products.

To ensure the quality of its products, the company has formed a scientific committee of several scientific medical. Within this team is a Nobel Prize in Medicine Dr. Louis Ignarro. In 2019, some doctors who did not know Herbalife have made inquiries, and gave a positive medical advice about Herbalife products. In addition, many health departments have tested and approved Herbalife products.

There is no danger in making these products. Herbalife is healthy food. Of course, people who are intolerant or allergic to certain substances are required to seek medical advice before using the products. If Herbalife products were not effective, and if they were dangerous health, they would not be available officially on the market in several countries.

Understanding the Herbalife sales system

The marketing methods used by the company to develop and grow its members are also criticized. The fact that the new distributors are mainly satisfied customers who wish to have additional income is not seen favorably. In the Herbalife system, simple satisfied customers can be turned into business partners.

To make simple, Herbalife grows through a dynamic network of independent distributors. Each product sold, a sales premium is affected by the independent seller. A monthly fee is also affected if the product is recurring. Given that the business opportunity is for everyone, no special skills are required to become an independent distributor. The sale of products is therefore as a recommendation. This is precisely why we talk about relationship marketing. Distributors often start by recommending the products they use to people around them. The distributor is paid when people use these products.

The concept of sponsorship occurs when the distributor recommends the activity around him. New members then enter the team, and thus constitutes its network. At this point, the dispenser can be commissioned in various ways. Each sale made in its network, it receives a premium. There are also monthly commissions which are percentages that can touch on all of his team of sales. So by constituting a solid sales the distributor network may increase the number of sales in its organization and by extension his remuneration.

What is the pay system of Herbalife?

Herbalife system - Understand the company's compensation plan

How do you make money with Herbalife? The business model of the company is based on MLM system. The principle is simple: the company chooses to invest in independent distributors who are paid in several ways depending on Herbalife's compensation system.

Commissions on retail

When you start your business, you get a 25% discount on the products you buy. As you progress through the Herbalife compensation system, it can increase up to 50% depending on your rank and distributor of the total points accumulated volumes per month. The first income you earn just retail, that is to say direct sale to the customer.

So you buy the products at a reduced price in the company, and you sell directly to your customers. The difference between your discounted price and the retail price at which you sell products represents earnings you win.

Wholesale Sales Commissions

Here, you earn a commission on the sale of products to people you refer. It is therefore a commission on the wholesale sales. By mounting a team of distributors, your rank will be higher. You will get a larger discount, which will allow you to sell the products to your downline. Your profit is the difference between your rebate and your downline. This can be up to 25%.


The royalties are commissions that you can gain on the total monthly volume of the distributors you have sponsored, and who have become supervisors. You can earn from 1 to 5% on this total volume. It depends on the total volume points you obtained in a month. This total consists of your personal volume as well as the total PV sold by all your distributors. In a word, to win royalties and reach higher levels in the Herbalife system, you must set up a team of supervisors. The more powerful your team, the more commission you will receive.

Production bonus

A production premium is also planned in the Herbalife system. When you reach Get Team level, you can earn monthly up to 7% of the sales volume of your entire organization.

Other bonuses provided by the company

In the Herbalife system, there are qualifications that will allow you to benefit from certain bonuses. For example, there is cash promotion that allows you to reach a 500 dollar check when you reach the World World Team level. You can also benefit from paid vacations. Then comes the annual Bonus Mark Hughes that allows you to earn 1% of Herbalife's annual income when you completely arrive at the top as a leader. You receive this annually as a bonus.

Why does society create so many polemics?

The Herbalife company creates a lot of controversy for different reasons. On the one hand, we find the ambassadors of the Maque who firmly defend the society. On the other hand, detractors do not stop criticizing society.

Herbalife Company Accused of Sect

Most of the time, the company is accused of being a sect or operate on a pyramid system. Some people allegedly tried to link Herbalife with the Church of Scientology on the pretext that society would have close ties with several sects.

It is necessary to know that Herbalife has a strong vision that it shares with its members. It is therefore not surprising to see people who swear by Herbalife. It is normal that they defend the brand with which they work. For some, when you integrate the company, you change. Which is true and normal because the vision of life is different, as well as ambitions. Members are improving with the different events in which people who are successful with their business are highlighted. Members meet to share their methods, actions and results to draw inspiration and motivate. It has nothing to do with the sectarian charges whose society is the subject.

Herbalife Company Acknowledged Pyramidale

In addition, the condemnation of Herbalife is also controversial. The accusers rely on the fact that it has been charged several times to be a pyramidal society. In reality, the company is criticized to realize most of its turnover thanks to the recruitment of these new members, not thanks to the sale of the products. It would do Herbalife activity a pyramid sale, which is obviously not the case.

The pyramidal sale is illegal and prohibited in France. However, Herbalife has been authorized to exercise on French territory since 1990. A pyramid system is based on the recruitment of new members. With such a system, the members of the company earn money through sponsorship and not the sale of the products. Herbalife does Relationship Marketing, from the multi-level sale, which is quite legal. You do not earn money by recruiting new members. Even if you recruit a new member, it will not bring you anything if it does not consume or sell products. It is true that with Herbalife, to register you have to pay a recording package, but the company really generates money through the sale of its products.

What is the role of a distributor in the Herbalife system?

Herbalife system - The role of a distributor

Herbalife has long practiced exclusively door-to-door sale Before modernizing his way of functioning. Distributors do not necessarily sell home, but practice direct sales with a unique relationship with their customers. A distributor therefore has the mission to accompany its customers so that they get satisfactory results. Then he must attract new prospects to sponsor them. The other task that returns to a distributor consists in creating a team of distributors. By up his organization, he will receive two sources of remuneration. The first concerns sales made with the clientele. The second includes commissions from sales of its network.

How to become herbalife distributor?

To become a distributor, you must find someone who can sponsor you. Then, with your distributor, it will be necessary to invest in the purchase of a Herbalife member pack, that is to say your distributor kit, worth 63 euros. This is a very low investment compared to certain societies, and may vary depending on the country. Click here to become a herbalife distributor.

In summary

Herbalife is a society that sells nutrition products aimed at helping people adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. It has existed for several years, and has created a solid foundation in the Mlm Thanks to the quality products it markets. In addition, it offers a great opportunity to anyone, regardless of his diploma, his previous professional experiences, age or sex. As with any business, Herbalife continues to receive positive reviews and some negative advice. Join Herbalife if you like nutrition or sport.

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