Why Herbalife makes me lose weight?

A significant number of people encounter a weight problem. Due to the bad foodThey quickly take weight and find themselves obese in some cases. As a result, they find themselves forced to follow a diet if they want to lose weight. Fortunately, the Herbalife Nutrition Specialized Company offers products and a diet specially designed for weight loss. The products of Herbalife have been proven from their appearance about thirty years ago. They are no longer to present. Indeed, they consist of meal substitutes and food supplements. They walk and help you lose weight if you use them in the right way. Faced with this efficiency, several people are wondering why Herbalife products are so effective. So why do these products have to lose weight the users?

How to buy Herbalife products?

Herbalife - Contact an independent distributor on the Herbalife website


Before testing Herbalife products and whether they are walking or not, you have to buy them first. To acquire them, it must be made contact with one of the many independent distributors of the company. Indeed, the company has a marketing model based on network marketing. You must necessarily buy the products via an independent distributor.

To contact Independent distributorsYou have two options: either you contact them via the company's website or you will use your personal knowledge. In this case, you must know a certified seller. If you wish, you can become an independent Herbalife distributor yourself. For this purpose, you will have to register on the site.

After having acquired the products, it is now necessary to choose the weight loss program that suits you. The choice of weight loss program is essential for optimal results.

Which weight loss program choose?

Herbalife has three weight loss programs, and you will need to choose the one that suits you best.

The first is the QuickStart program. It includes different meal substitutes. In addition to this, the program includes a powder tea drink, a multivitamin and finally an additional product that stimulates metabolism. The QuickStart program is the basic program of the Herbalife regime.

The second weight loss program is the advanced program. It is composed of all the products included in the QuickStart program. In addition to all these products, two additional supplements are added. These additional products have the role of increasing energy and reduce liquid retention.

Finally, the last Herbalife Weight Loss Program is the ultimate program. It includes first all products in the advanced program. Then it contains two other supplements that handle the blood glucose rate and digestion of meals. Naturally, the three programs do not have the same cost. It is normal for the ultimate program to be more expensive than the QuickStart program.

After choosing the program, you can start by doing the diet.

The Herbalife Regime

The Herbalife regime is relatively simple to follow. However, you can only dissociate the Herbalife regime from the practice of sporting activities and especially changing your eating habits. These are two important elements that will determine the success of the scheme.

The use of herbalife products

The products you will use will be those included in the program you have chosen. You will also add herbalife shakes. They will be used to replace two daily meals. You will complete these shakes with the supplements provided by the program. These meal substitutes will have the role of reducing ACalorie Pports your organization. As for the supplements, they will stimulate your metabolism.

Also, Herbalife products are quality products. Indeed, the company has prominent scientists and nutrition professionals. The latter compose its Scientific Committee. There is a Nobel price even. The role of all this beautiful world is to ensure that products comply with nutrition standards and that said products are safe for those who consume them.

In addition, the company's products are 100% BIOS. They are designed with fully natural ingredients (from plants) that are produced without fertilizer or pesticide. Herbalife products combine science and nature. Finally, it should be noted that the products of this company are easy to use and have very few side effects on the body.

The adoption of good eating habits

When you decide to follow the Herbalife regime, you are not subject to any food restrictions. However, you must drink a large amount of water. The goal is to moisturize your body optimally. Also, we advise you to consume snacks made from fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition takes an important place in any diet to lose weight. Indeed, 80% of the result of a diet is the fruit of your eating habits. When you want to lose weight, the best solution is to give up some habits such as nibbling, meals rich in sugars and fat. The objective of the Herbalife regime is that you adopt a healthier power supply, more balanced and that you managed to hydrate properly. It is for this reason that food supplements and meal substitutes are rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, the company produces very moisturizing and nutritious drinks.

It should be noted that contrary to popular belief, the Herbalife regime does not require you to deprive you of all the meals you like. You can eat everything you want, except that you have to reduce their proportion. For example, you can consume vegetables, meat, starchy, fruit (one must take at least 5 per day), fat and other foods. Moreover, by depriving you from these foods, you can quickly find yourself in mineral deficiency and other vitamins. This could then affect the proper functioning of your organization.

By succeeding in giving up your bad eating habits and using herbalife products correctly, it is clear that you will lose weight. However, you must also practice sports activities.

Sport practice

Herbalife - Complete the Herbalife Plan Thanks to the practice of sports activities

It is also a pillar of the Herbalife regime. This is a pillar of any form of diet. One can not succeed in a diet without practicing a minimum of sports activity. In fact, the Herbalife diet aims to lower your daily calorie gain. By practicing sport, you increase your calorie expenses. The body receiving very few calories, it is obliged to spend the little it has in reserve. Therefore, the speed of the thinning process will be decupable. You will lose up faster. Also, sports activities can be a very good engine to drive the Herbalife regime. In fact, doing sport increases self-confidence. Thus, you will have more strength and motivation to go to the end of the regime.

Sport is a lot of good at the body, but it is also a very good vector of social integration. Indeed, by practicing a sporting activity, you can have the chance to meet new people, especially if you opt for a collective sport. You will surely meet people who share the same goals as you in terms of weight loss or form maintenance. Together, you will be able to reach your goals. It is easier to achieve a collective goal than an individual goal. Alone, you can abandon easily, while the group will support you so that you can hold.

Finally, the duration of the Herbalife regime is not officially determined. However, the majority of people who follow this plan achieve their goals before stopping.

Why do Herbalife products contribute to weight loss?

Herbalife - Also consume fruits


Herbalife has designed a diet that will allow you to lose weight. Indeed, its products are of quality. In addition, the US company has put in place a real program on the basis of sport and nutrition. When combining all these elements, we quickly get results in terms of weightloss. Also, if you do not know how to do it, the company has put at your disposal coaches. These will help you through their advice. Herbalife has done everything so that his regime works and for you to be trusted.

Thanks to shakes and meal substitutes, you will reduce calorie contributions. Supplements will help stimulate your metabolism.

What is the contribution of shakes in a Herbalife regime?

Shakes are meal substitutes. So you can consume them instead of some meals in the day. When we take a portion of the Herbalife shake, it contains about 90 calories, 1 g of grease, 13 g of glucide, 3 g of fiber, 3 g of sugar and 9 g of protein.

However, when mixing the shake at 240 ml of liquid skimmed milk, the mixture offers about 170 calories per serving. It can therefore play the same role as a hypoalore meal. Moreover, according to research, the consumption of shakes is much more effective for weight loss over a short period than traditional hypocaloric regimes. If you want to use them for a full year, you will quickly see the results.

Indeed, a study sponsored by the Herbalife company has shown that the shakes are very effective when we want to lose weight. According to this study, all the people who replace two daily meal by shakes migrate about 5 kg in 3 months.

Also, in the long term, Herbalife meal substitutes could prevent weight gain over many years. Another study also demonstrated the efficacy of shakes compared to traditional hypoaloric regimes. It has been proven that people who consume shakes weigh less than people who follow a hypoalore diet.

As we have already said, even though the shakes are very effective for loss of loss and maintenance of form, we must also accompany them with other strategies, including the adoption of a healthier way of life and the practice of sports activities.

What is the contribution of Herbalife supplements?

Herbalife produces many supplements. We can mention among others:

  • Formula 2 multivitamin: This is a standard multivitamin that contains several minerals. It is ideal for general nutrition.
  • The cellular cell activator 3: it is an alpha-lipoic acid supplement, pomegranate, pine bark, aloe vera as well as resveratrol. All these ingredients promote the absorption of nutrients by the body, metabolism and mitochondrial health.
  • The tea concentrate; It is a mixture of beverage in powder form. It contains tea extracts as well as caffeine. It has the role of providing a little more thanenergy to the organization.
  • Total check: it is a product that contains ginger, caffeine, grenade and three types of green tea. This supplement will be to stimulate energy.
  • The Cell-U-Loss: This supplement contains electrolytes, corn silk extracts, dandelion, parsley and root of asparagus. It has the role of reducing water retention.
  • The Snack Defense: It has the role of supporting carbohydrate metabolism. It contains chromium and extracts from Sylvestre gymnema.
  • The aminogen: It is a supplement that contributes to the improvement of proteins. It mainly contains protease enzymes.

By taking these supplements, you will ensure that your organization is working properly. So, you will succeed in losing weight and reaching your goals.

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