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How to make a detox cure with Herbalife?

If you abuse parties or your vacation periods, know that you may be more tired than usual. To overcome this, the detox cure constitutes a very effective solution. However, it is important to know how to do this cure without deteriorating your health. What kinds of food consume to regain balance? How to eliminate toxins? These kinds of questions are recurrent. This is the reason why this article tells you about the Herbalife program which allows you to purify your body and get back in shape.

What is the detox?

Detox Herbalife - Detox to purify your body

Contrary to what the majority of people think, detox is not a diet. Rather, this is a whole process of eliminating toxins in the body. These toxins are of two types, namely: foreign substances also called xenobiotics and the waste produced by the body. These are generally the product of a bad food. Previously, we used fasting to make a detox cure. Today, we recommend rather:

  • to have a selective diet for one to two days;
  • to breathe by breathing the body elimination functions thanks to some sports activities.

As we said before, several methods allow the detox cure. However, the proposals of the Herbalife company are unpublished. Indeed, the latter specializes in nutrition, and provides you with quality products which were designed with healthy ingredients and in a healthy environment. THE food supplements From society allows you to eliminate toxins in your body without great difficulty. In addition, Herbalife invites you to follow a specific diet accompanied by a tailor -made sports program to allow you to succeed in your detox. With all these elements, it is clear that you will easily succeed in your detox with Herbalife. 

How to make a detox treatment after the holidays?

After a long and exhausting week of work, you may decide to party with your friends, colleagues and family. This is normal, unfortunately, during this moment of relaxation, some people lack attention to their food. As a result, the latter abuse foods to consume in moderation. After that, it becomes important to make a detox treatment to get back in great shape. The Herbalife Nutrition solution allows you to recover very quickly. However, be aware that the detox with Herbalife must be done by step. You can then imagine include in your menu the different herbalife products for weight loss.

When do you have to start a detox cure with Herbalife?

You can do your detox cure with Herbalife when you want. As long as you buy the necessary products and change your eating and sports habits, you can start it. The real shadow area is at the level of the detox treatment duration with Herbalife.

The minimum duration required for a detox cure to be successful varies between ten to twenty -one days. During this period, you should not forget to pay attention to what you eat without forgetting to take care of your immune system. It should be remembered once again, Herbalife products are not miracle products. They will not allow you to slim or find the fair shape By consuming them. These are not drugs. It’s thanks to the right eating habits And to the sporting practice that accompany the taking of Herbalife products that you will notice their effectiveness.

Detox cure with herbalife: find the balance in your diet

Food is a key element to purify the body. This is the reason why it is necessary to pay him particular attention, not only from a quantitative, but also qualitative point. The quality side is very important. Indeed, certain foods are to be avoided at any point. We note among others:

  • animal fats;
  • the alcohol ;
  • Red meat ;
  • white bread;
  • dough ;
  • white rice;
  • Sugar except that present naturally in the fruits.

Gluten must also be avoided (for example gluten present in bread) and dairy products except lean yogurts.

Having regard to these restrictions, it is normal to wonder the things you can consume in order to help or facilitate fitness. To this end, it is wise to consume:

  • Of the fruits

The fruits to be consumed should not be too acidic. Among other things, you can cite pears, apples, chestnuts, quinces, etc.

  • Of the seasonal vegetables

We can cite here the carrots, the pumpkin leeks, the cabbage in small quantities, the fennels. You can also use herbs to season your dishes (thyme, parsley, fine Roman basil herbs, etc.),

  • Of the green vegetables

We recommend here green bean, spinach, broccoli, etc.

  • Of the legumes

Soy, peas, white beans, lenses and others are recommended.

  • Full rice
  • The buckwheat
  • Quinoa
  • Corn oats
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • The salad…

In addition, you can consume a lemon per day either in salads or with fish or dilute in water. This greatly facilitates digestion. Preferably, vegetables are steamed be consumed raw like carrots.

To eat, don't rush things. Give yourself time, because ideally a meal should last between 20 and 30 minits. During this period, you can chew food well in order to Facilitate digestion.

Regarding drinks, arrange to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, whether in the form of tea, herbal tea or porridge.

Take care of your lifestyle

Detox herbalife - Drinking tea to hydrate

About drinks, Herbalife offers you several products that quickly eliminate toxins from your body and hydrate your body. With products like herbalife tea or aloe vera drink, you can easily reach the 1.5 l of water recommended per day. Formula 1 will also allow you to hydrate your body. Beyond the detox cure with Herbalife products, avoid the unhealthy behavior And have a good lifestyle.

The idea of ​​a detox treatment is to destroy toxins. So, certain behaviors such as smoking and drinking alcohol go against good practices. It is therefore preferable to avoid cigarettes. On the other hand, if you are already a smoker, then reduce your consumption. For your rest, give yourself enough time. Sleep at least eight hours a night and also opt for relaxation sessions like yoga and meditation.

Do not neglect the sport and if you possibly your sessions take place internally, go out and get air to oxygenate yourself. Pleasures like massages and sauna sessions are also to be taken into account, because they allow you to optimize the circulation of blood and lymph. In doing so, you evacuate cellular waste. It should be noted that sport is very important in a detox cure with Herbalife. Like the adoption of good eating habits, sport is an integral part of the Herbalife diet.

Spring detox: how to succeed?

Like the holidays, spring is also a period conducive to the increase in toxins in our body. Very often, during the spring you feel imposing fatigue. It is for this reason that a detox cure is necessary during this period. For this, Herbalife has concocted a special program to allow you to properly and easily do your detox cure.

Why do a detox cure with Herbalife during the spring?

Before spring, toxins are often accumulated. As a result, the lymphatic system and the digestive system must be highlighted. Indeed, the idea is to regain vitality and feel healthy again.

In this kind of case, Herbalife advises a spring detox cure if:

  • You feel more tired than usual;
  • You are increasingly sensitive to stress;
  • You are more vulnerable to small infections;
  • You notice dark circles or pimples on your face;
  • Want to lose weight ;
  • You want to eat healthier.

What are the organs concerned by the detox cure?

Our body has certain organs which help us to eliminate the waste produced by metabolism and by the body. However, over time, toxins can accumulate there. It will then be necessary to purify organs such as:

  • lungs ;
  • liver ;
  • the skin ;
  • THE kidneys ;
  • the intestines.

Herbalife products will properly help your organs get rid of toxins. 

How to prepare your spring detox cure?

First of all, you have to readjust the body to another pace. During the first two weeks preceding your detox cure, you must cook homemade dishes made up in particular of vegetables and fruit. You must avoid the best that you can drinks like sodas, alcoholic drinks, rich in sugar and also ready dishes, foods rich in salt and fat (cheeses, cold meats, etc.)

In addition, you must also reduce your hours of work and take advantage to rest and sleep properly.

Healthy foods to take during your spring detox treatment with Herbalife

As we said sometimes, Herbalife products will only be effective if you change your eating habits. Thus, we advise you to consume the following foods:

The lemon


Detox Herbalife - Take lemon to detox


Lemon is very good for the skin. Apart from that, it stimulates the organs of the digestive system like the liver. However, there is a recommendation on his consumption so that he can play his role properly. Indeed, lemon juice is ideal in this case. Once on the morning, concoct the lemon juice with hot water and drink it. Then wait for about twenty minutes and have breakfast.

Spring vegetables

Do not miss cooking certain spring vegetables such as: onions, leeks, kale, spinach, salad, watercress, artichoke, endive, celery, white cabbage, salsify, salsify, rave cabbage, etc.

You can also associate these vegetables according to your tastes to cook recipes such as: soup, the fried salad or composed.

Fruits full of vitamins

There are a large number of spring fruits. You can have them depending on the month of the year. For example, in March the fruit of passion, dates, lemon, banana, kiwi, mandarin, papaya, apple, grapefruit, blood orange, avocado are the most found often.

 The dried fruit

Dry fruits contain many vitamins and are also a source of minerals. We can easily associate them with our diet. A multitude of possibilities is available to you in their choice: macadamia nuts, pistachio, peanuts, almonds, coconut, chestnut, datte, brown, pecan, the gable of Pin, prunes, tamarin ...

So choose the dry fruit of your choice then put it in a salad or in a pan-fried. For example, try a "dry fruit" topping on your soups.

Don't forget to drink

Drink as much water as you can, as it accelerates the toxins elimination process in your body. The best way to hydrate yourself is to drink water. On the other hand, if possibly you want to multiply the sources of water, take:

  • herbal tea;
  • tea (for example green tea or herbalife tea) without adding sugar to it;
  • lemon juice;
  • infusion;
  • Herbalife products (concentrated drinks with aloe vera).
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