Herbalife ou Foodspring : Quels sont les meilleurs compléments ?

Herbalife or Foodspring: What are the best supplements?

There are a multitude of reasons why people choose Herbalife dietary supplements. Generally, it's because they want to lose weight or do not have enough time to eat a balanced meal. On the market, there are also several brands that offer good food supplements such as Foodspring. For people wishing to lose weight and improve their health, Herbalife and Foodspring dietary supplements are reliable solutions. However, these two supplements have different characteristics and features. It is therefore essential to choose your dietary supplement so as not to cause damage to its health. In this article, we will see between the Food supplementary of Herbalife and those of foodspring, those who will suit you best.

Herbalife - Foodspring: General

Herbalife Food Supplements - General

Before talking about Herbalife or Foodspring dietary supplements, it should be introduced first of all.


Herbalife Nutrition is a MLM company which markets food supplements and wellness products. It has been more specialized in the sale of protein drinks and bars to help people lose weight and get back in shape. The company is today in more than 90 countries worldwide.

To lose weight, the company does not advise a typical diet. Instead, it recommends the consumption of protein drinks such as Formula 1, Herbalife dietary supplements, bars, etc. Of course, everything depends on your goals. Similarly, you have to take all of this while eating healthy and balanced, while doing sports, having a good hydration. It is important to specify that Herbalife products do not lose weight. We must associate with the products of Herbalife Nutrition a Healthy eating and balanced, the regular practice of sports activity, and other good habits.


As a sportsman wishing to improve his physical abilities and his musculature, dietary supplements are important for nutrition. Foodspring is a German company created in 2013 by two Germans Tobias Schüle and Philipp Schrempp. The main objective of the company was to offer athletes a much healthier and natural alternative to the food supplements that could be found on the market. For this, the brand offers food supplements made with natural ingredients. Moreover, its products have received ISO, HACCP, and Bio certifications for their quality. In addition to food supplements, Foodspring also offers products for weight loss.

Presentation of Herbalife and Foodspring Food Supplements

Let's move on to the presentation of the food supplements proposed by each company.


Herbalife Food Supplements - Product Presentation

There is a whole range of Herbalife dietary supplements. Here are a few.

Food supplement based on fiber

Fibers exercise an important role in the body. They participate in the proper functioning of the body. That's why Herbalife offers a simple way to consume enough on a daily basis. This fiber-based herbalife food supplement promotes daily digestion and achieves the recommended daily fiber intake.

Formula 2 (balanced food supplement for ladies)

Consume all the nutrients on a daily basis that the body needs can be a difficult task, especially when you do not have enough time. Formula 2 of Herbalife contains several essential vitamins and minerals (23 more specifically) to achieve the reference nutritional value.

Since the needs of vitamins and minerals are of course different between women and men, Herbalife has developed this multivitamin complex to meet each type of need. This composition is specific to women.

Formula 2 (Balanced dietary supplement for men)

It is not always easy to succeed in eating daily balanced meals. To allow you to complete your vitamin and mineral contributions, Herbalife has developed this balanced dietary supplement for men. Composed of 23 vitamins and minerals, Formula 2 is made of natural products such as plants. You will find mainly in this Herbalife food complementary vitamins A, B6, B9, C, E, each playing a specific role. There is also the presence of zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc. Herbalife ensures you offer quality nutrition. In most herbalife slimming programs, Formula 2 is often integrated because of its effectiveness.

Energizing food supplement based on natural guarana

the Guarana is a plant with the toning virtues whose seed contains caffeine, which allows you to stay awake and concentrated. The body absorbs very quickly Guarana. This immediately gives you a renewed energy. We therefore have a quick action and a sustainable effect for 6 hours. Order today your food supplement based on Guarana, and optimize your energy.


Thermo Complete is a herbal product. It contains caffeine that is naturally found in green tea and yerba matte. The Complete Thermo food supplement acts as a stimulus and improves the concentration. Each ingredient in this supplement has specific virtues to control your weight, reduce fatigue, regulate your appetite and blood glucose, burning fat, etc. For weight loss, THERMO COMPLETE is a slimming Herbalife product to have.

Xtra-Cal Herbalife

Xtra-Cal is a calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D food supplement. Each component of this product ensures a specific role. Calcium makes it possible to ensure good growth to your bones and your dentition. Vitamin D for it facilitates the assimilation of calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and copper. With this dietary supplement, your health is strong.

Herbalifeline Max

Herbalifeline Max is a Herbalife food supplement made from omega-3, EPA and DHA fatty acids. All these elements are at the service of your heart by allowing you to have a normal cardiac function. They also keep blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels. In addition, taking this dietary supplement, you take care of your health because you do good in your eyes, your joints and your brain. In fact, Herbalifeline Max's components help maintain normal vision and participate in the proper functioning of the brain. Note that the ingredients present in the complement are suitable for vegetarians.


The Roseguard dietary supplement allows you to take care of your immune system. It strengthens the latter by providing the totality of your VNR in Vitamins A and C. We also find in the components the vitamin E which protects your cells against the oxidative stress. In addition, Roseguard helps you reduce fatigue.


Herbalife Food Supplements - Foodspring Products Presentation


The food supplements offered by Foodspring are aimed at people who want to make a dry to lose fat, gain muscle mass or lose weight.

3K Protein

Proteins being essential food supplements in bodybuilding, the brand offers a variety. These include gainers, whey classical protein or isolate. In the composition of the 3K Protein, we find the presence of protein lactoseum, egg and casein. This dietary supplement provides quick protein intake after a weight session to regenerate muscles and preserve muscle mass.


The combination of BCAAs and proteins is very common in bodybuilding. This increases their effectiveness either before, during and after a workout. Present in the form of small capsules, you can take the BCAA before or after training. These products promote protein synthesis and facilitate the reconstruction of the muscles. BCAAs also provide increased energy during workout, reduces fatigue and facilitate recovery.


Glutamine is an amino acid that is naturally found in the body. For the athlete, an additional glutamine intake makes it possible to better recover, digest, improve protein synthesis and limit the loss of muscles. Foodspring's L-glutamine comes mainly from organic certified fermented corn. What it seems, there would be no compound of animal origin.


Foodspring's L-Carinitine contains a lot of active substances. It is renowned for promoting the transformation of fatty acids into energy. Ideal for losing fat, its use is more recommended during dry moments.

Daily Vitamins

Foodspring's multivitamin complexes make it possible to offset the lack of vitamins and omega 3. This additional vitamin intake is useful for people who regularly practice sports activities, but also for those who do not practice. In reality, it is not easy to find all vitamins and minerals in the daily food whose organization needs.

Herbalife dietary supplements

We all make the effort to have a suitable diet daily. However, notwithstanding this desire and efforts, it happens that our diet can not reach the necessary nutritional intake. Herbalife dietary supplements are therefore like solutions allowing us to compensate for the lack of certain nutrients.

Herbalife dietary supplements are designed to allow you to power your body. They contain vitamins and essential minerals to balance your diet with additional intake. Omega 3 is also found in Herbalife dietary supplements. This allows your body to have the necessary lipids that it needs to work well. Thus, it promotes the functioning of the brain and that of vision. In addition, Herbalife dietary supplements are also high in protein, which increases your protein intake. The fibers are also part of the components used by Herbalife. The daily consumption of fibers not always obvious, Herbalife offers a range of fiber-rich complements. By using the products of the brand, you will have a nutritional intake optimal and good digestive functioning.

Herbalife dietary supplements allow you to satisfy easily and healthy your hunger, reduce your appetite, lose weight, control your weight, etc. So, you will feel good in your skin because they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

Complements Foodspring Reviews

For people who start bodybuilding or who are real followers of bodybuilding and high-level sport, food supplements Foodspring are a good way to develop muscles. The company offers food supplements based on each fitness objective. In addition, non-sportsmen who care for their health and wanting to adopt or resume healthy eating habits will find their account.

Herbalife review 2020

Several people are wondering if Herbalife Nutrition France is still operational or if he has completely ceased operations. Herbalife still exists and operates in many countries in the world by marketing food supplements. For example, if you spend time in the south of the Caribbean Sea, you can see that Herbalife Guadeloupe makes large breakthroughs on the market. The quality, efficiency of customers and customer satisfaction are always bet at Herbalife Nutrition.

Where to find herbalife food supplements?

Herbalife dietary supplements are available in our online store at an excellent price. On the shop, you can make the direct purchase of your products without the need to be a herbalife member. However, if you want the Herbalife license to benefit from several benefits, you can consult the menu of our site to know the adequate process.

On the other hand, you can order these products from France, Belgium and Switzerland. You can also have them in French Polynesia in our pickup points, Guyana, as well as the meeting. Aside from that, you benefit from fast and optimal follow-up. In 3 to 5 working days, we ship the products you order at your home. By choosing to buy Herbalife dietary supplements on our shop, you benefit from simplicity, reliability, as well as quality products.

In summary

Although Herbalife and Foodspring seem two competing brands, they offer very different food supplements. Leader in the field of nutrition, Herbalife offers complements allowing you to take care of your body. By having a balanced diet, this gives you the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to work better. However, it is still not easy to consume essential nutrients through food. Herbalife dietary supplements can contribute to the achievement of nutritional contributions that your body needs. Foodspring proposes beneficial food supplements for sports nutrition. Nevertheless, these supplements are also useful for having healthy eating habits and being in perfect health. To know the food supplements that are best for you, so it will be necessary to target your needs.

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