Est-ce que Herbalife marche ou fonctionne ?

Does Herbalife work or works?

Herbalife is a company that has existed for 40 years and has for missions to help the community lose weight, keep fit and become financially independent. But how do the company's products or business opportunity work? Discover in this article the Herbalife operation.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife Operation - Company Presentation

Herbalife is a leading nutrition company that helps people live healthy and active since 1980. It offers the best nutrition and weight management products in the world. Herbalife markets protein shakes, nutrient snacks, vitamin complexes, products for the sports nutrition as well as products for facial and body care.

The products marketed by the Company are exclusively available from independent distributors in more than 90 countries. Herbalife does not simply encourage a healthy and active life through nutrition. It also changes the lives of its customers through the commercial opportunity of direct sales. Many people use and appreciate Herbalife products when it comes to getting into shape, nutrition or beauty.

How does Herbalife work?

Before becoming a member or an independent distributor of the company, it is useful to understand Herbalife operation. To this end, you must first register under a sponsor and buy the member registration pack that contains everything you will need to start your independent distributor activity.

Once you receive your kit, fill the part of the form for you and the part of the sponsor. For example, as ID, you can use mine then the first 3 letters of my name.

Ask us the ID sponsorship code and the first letter of the godfather by clicking here to understand if it is an interesting solution for you or not. We will be able to discuss together the Herbalife license and its interest in you.

Once you become distributor, you immediately get 25% discount on Herbalife products. So you can start making money immediately on your retail sales. The more you expand your business, the more you go up in the Herbalife Marketing Plan. This progression is measured in herbalife currency or volume (PV). In the salary grid Herbalife, There are different sources of remuneration for product distributors. How does it work?

The Company's compensation plan

By accumulating 500 volume points in one month, you can switch to the second level (higher consultant) in the marketing plan. This level starts with a 35% discount. You can also get a discount of 42% for the rest of the month when the order was passed by passing a single command of 1,000 volume points. You can also access the next level of the marketing plan, the "qualified producer" which allows a discount of 42% for a whole year. The discount is maintained from one year to another provided that you are requalified. You can also gain profits on wholesale sales on the distributors you recruit if they order directly from Herbalife.

If you reach the supervisor level and the other levels, you will have other gain possibilities. Being supervisor allows you to have some advantages. This can include 50% profit on retail, 8 to 25% commissions on wholesale sales, 5% of royalties on the first three levels of active supervisors in your descendant lineage and a monthly production bonus when you reach Get level. There is also the annual Mark Hughes bonus as well as opportunities to qualify and be eligible for Herbalife's exclusive promotions and holidays. The more you progress in the marketing plan, the more important your gains potential. The Herbalife Marketing Plan is designed to allow you to work in your own way.

How to succeed in Herbalife?

Herbalife Operation - Succeed in society

Becoming an independent Herbalife distributor is relatively simple. However, succeeding in the company requires a certain level of investment as well as know-how. Those who stay in the business and persevere can make money.

Find a successful sponsor in Herbalife

When you are interested in Herbalife operation, you should know that to become a distributor, you must register under a sponsor. To succeed in Herbalife, make sure you do not register before finding a sponsor that has a tangible success in society, and that matches what you hope to accomplish.

However, be realistic in your expectations. All Herbalife distributors do not succeed. So avoid inexperienced distributors. Unless they work with mentors who have succeeded and will agree to coach.

Develop a marketing plan and master that of the company

Businesses rarely succeed without a marketing plan to help them develop their activities and increase their profits. To succeed in Herbalife, you need a marketing plan and an action plan to lead daily. You need to have Clear objectives, a strategy to follow and an action plan in order to be effective.

Some people register as a Herbalife distributor, but have no action plan. So put a side time to write your marketing plan and your action plan. Ask your godfather's opinion or ascending line that has managed to see what they recommend you. In your strategy, create a list of all people who could be potential customers as well as those that could be potential distributors. Address these people in the first place.

In addition, to allow its distributors to manage their activity, Herbalife provides them with a specific marketing plan they can use to present products to their customers or potential distributors.

Learn marketing

Learn everything you can about lead generation, because without prospects, there is no activity. Many people do not know how or where to find prospects. Once you master the generation of leads, the activity becomes easier to lead. When you have a constant flow of prospects every day, your activity becomes profitable.

Develop an online presence

Internet is a tool that can help you succeed in Herbalife. To do this :

  • Create an online store for selling your products (this will allow you to reach a wider audience);
  • Create videos on YouTube;
  • post online articles;
  • Create a group of well-being or weight loss;
  • Etc.

Build a real organization

Herbalife is a MLM that some people wrongly judge pyramidal society. People capable of building a real team by recruiting distributors manage to make money.

For this purpose, to make money, you have to sell a large volume of products or focus on retail. Having several distributors under your direction means that their sales will also have in your earnings. Duplication is the key to any network marketing business.

Beyond all the points mentioned above, you must use the products to be a living testimony. So, you will be able to tell people how to get your results and share with them the commercial opportunity of Herbalife.

How to lose weight fast with Herbalife?

Herbalife operation - lose weight

To lose weight with Herbalife, you have to have an action plan. Then you will consume shakes twice a day. You will use these supplements to replace the meals you normally eaten. For example, you can choose to consume a shake at lunch and another at dinner. Anyway, you have the choice to establish your program as you see fit.

To reach your weight loss goal, you can choose to take a day:

  • from shakes (nutritional shake Formula 1 is a better way to take a nutritious meal and balanced in no time);
  • of tea (The herbal concentrated tea will allow you to burn calories. It will stimulate your metabolism and give you energy);
  • the Concentrated beverage at aloe vera (It cleans your intestines and allows you to hydrate properly);
  • from balancing (To satisfy your cravings. Take a light, balanced and reasonable amount of meal);
  • a colorful and healthy meal (As evening meal, you can take a lot of vegetables, meat, fish or chicken. Try to avoid all that is fat).

Once you have reached your weight loss goals, you can switch to the consumption of a shake a day. So, you will keep your appearance. In addition, it will help you avoid superfluous kilos. After reaching the desired weight, you must take care to remain active, consume water to evacuate toxins and rest sufficiently.

Is Herbalife a bad company?

It is not uncommon to see some people stubbornly supporting that Herbalife is a bad society, without even knowing what it is.

The quality of the products

Among the controversies surrounding Herbalife, some products have been reported for having serious side effects on health. Now, in the contraindications Products, the company, for example, that people who suffer from kidney, liver or diabetes problems must first consult a doctor before using his products. With his team composed of scientists, nutritionists, and doctors, Herbalife undertakes to respect the scientific standards and secure the strictest in the development and manufacture of products.

Business Model Business

The company's system that relies on network marketing is often controversial. The company has been a few times accused of pyramidal sales. People who do not understand Herbalife operation argue that independent distributors do not earn money through their direct sales, but rather by recruiting new distributors. However, this is not true, because each distributor touches a percentage on the sales it realizes and those achieved by its affiliate network.

The report of "Special Envoy France 2"

We must not hide that the report of the Special Envoy of France 2 and that of Betting on Zero have created a scandal within the community. These two reports gave a very bad image of society. Indeed, they qualified this last sectarian organization. Of course, all this is not true. The company had to pay amends. But, under the terms of the agreement, it has already made many changes to its business model as well as clarification in its membership contract.

Herbalife review 2020

Herbalife does what is right, honest and ethical. Its products and its approach are reliable. First of all, Herbalife products are allowed to be consumed and sold in several countries. If the health and scientific authorities had not validated them, they will not be marketed. In addition, a Nobel Medicine Award, Lou Ignarro participates in the development and composition of the products. This guarantees among others the product quality. In addition, Herbalife encourages to take his food In hand and play sports, which is not bad for health.

In summary

Herbalife is a successful MLM company. By becoming distributor, the amount you will win with the company depends on you, the time and effort you spend on your business. You can exercise your part-time activity to complement your existing or full-time income. The Herbalife plan is designed to reward your performance And help you develop as you go.

On the other hand, it is always helpful to remember that Herbalife products will not be able to help you lose weight if you do not put yours. It would be a lie to say that you will have nothing to do to get the expected results. Herbalife products and the business opportunity of society are only there to guide you and motivate you. So you can improve your health, capitalize your time and develop your finances.

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