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Essential Kit Herbalife (Shaker + spoon dispenser + box + ribbon)

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This kit contains the basic accessories to start a Herbalife easily. An excellent idea to have a complete kit to use all the Herbalife products nutrition

The essential kit contains :

  • a shaker Herbalife
  • a tape measure with
  • a spoon dispenser (different from the amount of a tablespoon)
  • a box to tablet small model

Thanks to the spoon, the shaker, and the pill box, you will be able to accurately measure your smoothie. This way, you know exactly how much you need to put in each shaker for different flavors, or mix in your blender. This, in order to avoid having an excess, for example of carbs and easy to get to the stage of satiety with the right number of nutrients.

You will then be able to be dosed perfectly your breakfast, work on the weight gain and can dilute easily the formula 1. Excessive consumption may cause digestive problems like any product ! Be sure you stick to your diet and in the right doses with this set that will allow you to weigh all the Herbalife products and follow your dietary.

The shaker Herbalife to the smoothie formula 1

The shaker is without LBP and allows you to mix everything you want. For example milk, different ingredients such as sugar, powder of coconut and cocoa, a supplement to the calcium and turmeric, in short, you can do everything ! We do not recommend that you make the herbal tea or use a hot liquid with it. However any liquid cold or warm as the coconut milk, vegetable juice or, of course, the water is perfect with aloe vera for hydration.

The spoon dosing Herbalife Nutrition 4-in-1

With its two sides, the spoon dispenser for formula 1 and protein allows you to have 4 separate measures ranging from 28ml, 15ml, 3 and 2.3 ml (tablespoon, teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon).. In order to be able to measure exactly (flush) the quantity of product and can of course make your smoothie and shaker in your breakfast or as a snack. It is the essential element for all the recipes Herbalife or even to cook ! So you have the equivalent to a teaspoon and you intake nutritional stable. You will be able to properly digest your nutrient solution is measured as a function of your objective of eliminating or bulk.

The spoon dispenser and distributor Herbalife includes 4 different sizes which are adapted to the various plans and products Herbalife.

Compatible with the recommended number of servings of concentrated aloe vera, shakes, nutritional Shake Mix, concentrate, herbal tea, fibre active, DPI, Custom Protein Powder, NRG Powder, and other products.

  • Recommended use for the preparation of shakes nutritional Shake formula 1 :Add 2 tablespoons (15ml) in the ras of the shaker. It is the largest of the four measuring spoons Herbalife.
  • Recommended use for the protein powder custom : Use the measurement of the rinsing of 4.5 ml as a portion reference. A measure (6g) supplies 5g of protein and 20 calories.
  • Recommended use for Herbal tea Concentrated : Use the measuring spoon dosing 1.2 ml of flush water, by adding it to a cup of water.Recommended use of the fiber active : Use a measurement of 5 grams of fiber-active in 220cm3 water.
  • Recommended use for powder NRG : Add a measurement of 1 gram (half a spoonful of the smallest) in the water.

The tape measure and pill Herbalife

to keep track of your progress in your weight gain or your weight loss goal (we do not sell any product for weight loss, only in the hand of your Power and fitness), you will be able to follow your evolution and note your belly, arm or thigh easily!

The Herbalife pillbox will allow you with its 6 compartments to store everything you need as dietary supplements over several days, such as capsules of Vitamin C mango, ginger detox pills or antioxidants and calcium. This is where you will have all the necessary nutrients and vitamins and always on you!

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