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Citrus Cleansing Scrub

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The first step to follow for correct cleaning and nutrition is to clean our skin in depth. If we find that our skin is fat, with a shiny appearance and dilated pores, we should choose this citrus cleaning gel because it is ideal for eliminate The sebum which is generated on our face and which is so uncomfortable and anti-aesthetic.

Citrus cleaning gel gives off a juicy perfume with orange and grapefruit notes. This sweet gel contains Jojoba pearls that release the skin from its impurities and make it cool from the first application. It does not contain parabens or sulfates. Citrus cleaning gel cleanses all skin types, even the most delicate, without damaging or irritating the skin. Its formula is ideal because it contains vitamin B3, vitamins antioxidants C and E, aloe vera, orange oils, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, apple -derived cleansing ingredients and jojoba esters.

How to use the Herbalife Skin scrub?

The microbeads cleanse the skin in depth and give it back its brilliance.
Suitable for normal to fatty skins.

• Cleanser with delicious scents of orange and grapefruit. 
• Clinically tested, displays a reduction in the sebum level from the first use.*
• Light gel formula with jojoba balls to eliminate impurities and refresh your skin.
• Leave the fresh and revitalized skin.
• Without added paraben. Without sulfate. Dermatologically tested.

Exclusive formula: vitamin B3, vitamins C and E antioxidant, aloe vera, orange/citrus oils, grapefruit/citrus oil, apple -derived cleaning principles, jojoba esters.

The first thing to do is humidify The face using a sponge and lukewarm water. With our hands, we will apply the citrus cleaning gel by making circles on all the skin of our face until we notice that all dirt and oil disappear. Once the product is applied, we will cleanse our skin again with the sponge until it is rid of cleaning gel. It is recommended to use it twice a day, morning and evening.


One of the characteristics that distinguish pores is that over time, they tend to watch. In many cases, the pores are blocked due to a inadequate cleaning, which is Linked to fat, dirt, sweat, among other situations that gradually obstruct them. Given all of the above, we concentrate in this article on the way of leading pores with natural solutions, thus seeking to avoid the side effects of other types of alternatives.

What happens if the pores are clogged?

The question is fundamental when it comes to consolidating a good beauty program. Many consequences can be evaluated in this regard, but one of the most representative is theincrease in the size of pores, whichExplained by the accumulation of different substances inside these, which causes the appearance of a black spot.

Once the pole is dilated, it ends up being much more visible. Of course, what has been described is not very aesthetic and requires different solutions for clean the skin in depth, as well as for Discover the pores. In conclusion, what we want to offer in this case is that common face cleaning, in cases like the one already mentioned, will not mean a favorable result.

Alternatives to discover the pores

It often happens that people wishing to Take care of the beauty of their skin do not make the best decisions. In this sense, we can expect what at one point, they try to unclog pores by strongly rubbing the skin, for example, by using a soap. You can also think of a brush to exfoliate. However, all of the above does not mean that you will get the desired effect.

Just as it is proposed when we talk aboutBuy Milk-Shakes Herbalife, What is suggested here is to consider a series of effective solutions to release pores from accumulated dirt without irritating the skin. To do this, different natural remedies are offered and must be applied in the order in which they are mentioned in this publication.

A plant -based facial spray to clean pores

Due to the own characteristics of the skin, it is one of the most appropriate strategies for Discover the pores. As mentioned, this is an essential step and Useful to open pores, which is why it will be much easier to clean them. You should keep in mind that lacking this step, it will be too complex to clean the pore thoroughly and get rid of all the accumulated dirt.

In addition to the above, there are universities that have studied this strategy, such as the Technical University of Babahoyo, which noted that the vapor succeeds in opening the pore and in the same

time to educate the skin. Therefore, the only thing to do is staying a maximum of five minutes with your face very close to the water after it boiled. It is possible to include chamomile, lavender or lemon balm.

Hot compression to unclog pores

As soon as the five minutes are sold, you can use one of the handkerchiefs to facilitate the elimination of pores dirt. It should be very clear that this process must be carried out with great care. In cases where pores belong to a certain area, like the nose, it is likely that they are not open enough, which is why the use of a hot compress is suggested.

Soak in the water you used in the previous step to steam the face and Apply it for one minute to the affected area. Then repeat this process with handkerchiefs so that you can release the black point once and for all.

A clay mask to unclog pores

The last step shared in this guide for the Pore ​​cleaning, Depends on the accomplishment of the above instructions so that the desired results can be obtained. About the clay mask, it must be mentioned that it is characterized by the fact that it leaves the skin very soft, renewed and very effective to clean in depth, at least it is confirmed by one of the studies led by the University of Zaragoza

It is also fundamental to indicate on this subject that the person who uses this clay mask cannot leave it too long on his face, especially when the skin is very sensitive, Because it would result from damage and irritation.

There are many masks that can be found on the market and for which you can consult, although in this case in particular, there is the possibility that you prepare it at home. He is recommended not to use it more than once every 15 days, Because otherwise the skin can be attacked in excess.


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