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Aloe Vera Soothing Cleanser

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To start with the cleaning and nutrition of our skin, it is very important to follow a few guidelines. The first thing to do is start using the softening cleaning gel. In cleaner Our skin every day with a softening gel, we obtain a bright, soft and ridden skin of its impurities. This softening cleaner gel is specific for normal to dry skin and contains aloe vera which gives our skin softness and hydration.

From its first application, it acts by eliminating excess of dirt and sebum from the skin without irritating it. Thanks to ingredients that it contains, the aroma it gives off is soft and fresh. In addition to all these advantages, the softening gel softening to aloe vera is completely natural, without sulfates or parabens and with ingredients derived from coconut, vitamin B3, antioxidant vitamins C and E and 'Aloe vera. Suitable for all skin types because it is dermatologically tested.

How to use the soothing cleaning gel with herbalife skin aloe

We will start by moistening the face using a sponge and hot water, then we will apply the aloe vera cleaning gel with our hands by performing circular movements to activate the product and eliminate the dirt from the makeup or just impurities caused by the environment. We will then kidnap the product with sponge and hot water until we felt our full and fresh face. It is recommended to use it twice a day, morning and evening. 

Soft and refreshing cleaner infused with aloe vera that leaves clean and soft skin. Suitable for normal to dry skin.

  • Aloe vera cleaner with fresh and subtle scents.
  • Mousse cleaning Soft that eliminates sebum deposits, impurities and makeup without irritating the skin.
  • Aloe vera softens the skin while moisturizing it.
  • Without added paraben. Without sulfate. Dermatologically tested.

Exclusive formula: vitamin B3, vitamins C and E antioxidant, ingredients from aloe vera and principles cleaning coconuts.

Skin as a reflection of health

One of the basic principles of many techniques related to food and even traditional medicine in China is to check the condition of a person's skin, in order to see what their health is.

We must remember that the skin is the most extensive organ we have, which is why its care is fundamental. In this regard, we must first examine the chosen cooking methods, in Make sure that they are appropriate, as well as limiting the consumption of various foods that can interact with the micronutrient absorption process.

Another question to analyze is the limitation of the consumption of trans fats, refined flours, simple sugars, among other types of processed foods whose characteristics and the effect on the body mean that the state of the skin will be affected. Regarding carbohydrates, the ideal would be to choose only those who have a low glycemic index, including whole grains or legumes.

Why are rest and physical activity important to the skin?

Of course, it is not only about food, but also Pay attention to all aspects that are part of healthy life habits. Thus, following a regular exercise program will promote the condition of the skin in the right way. It is through perspiration that the elimination of toxins present in the body is carried out, in addition to promoting the regeneration of cells which are linked to the construction of tissues.

Likewise, sleep hours are another relevant question, given the fact that the body needs a single capacity and superior construction. It is during this period that the cells of the body reproduce and that the tissues are repaired, in cases where they may have been damaged as a result of physical activity.

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