Comment arrêter ou quitter Herbalife ?

How to stop or leave Herbalife?

To become Herbalife distributor is an open business opportunity to everyone. When you decide to seize it, it is for various reasons: completing the salary, change your life, do what you are passionate, help other people, be financially independent, etc. Motivations as well as the benefits to win are diverse. Now when you start your activity and decide to stop or exit Herbalife, the reasons are also diverse. Discover in this article how to retract.

Understand the Herbalife opportunity

Herbalife distributor - understand the opportunity


To become a herbalife distributor, it is expected that the person wishing to start the activity will be sponsored by another distributor who has been registered and who actively works in society. The distributor sponsoring the new applicant gives him a Herbalife distributor kit with an independent distributor form.

After the applicant has correctly completed his request (which must be verified by the godfather), he submits her without delay to society. The latter examines the request as soon as possible, and may accept or refuse the applicant's request, without having to justify that. The latter becomes a herbalife distributor from the moment the contract is accepted by the company.

However, a 7-day retraction time is offered to the interested party if he wishes to abandon the purchase of the kit from the moment he gained. During this delay of withdrawal, neither the godfather nor the company may require or obtain, in any way, no payment or payment of the acquisition price of the kit. In the case where the applicant refrains from buying the kit during this period offered to him, he will have to put it back in its entirety. In such a case, the request and the possible acceptance of the distributor contract will be ex officio considered invalid by the company.

Similarly, a sponsor distributor does not have the right to require a postulant for information to obtain information or help regarding how to become a herbalife distributor. All that one can claim to a postulance for the signing of a contract concerns the costs that cover the acquisition of the recording pack member.


Why do some distributors decide to leave Herbalife?

Herbalife distributor - leave the company


There are several reasons why a herbalife distributor can decide to leave the company.

Lack of passion for products

If a herbalife distributor is not passionate about the products he sells, he will have trouble developing his activity. Which can potentially lead to frustration. When this is the case, no matter how you are trying to help the person in question, it will simply be difficult for her to be incited. It is therefore understandable that such a person wants to leave.

Realization of personal projects

Some people after reflections decide to stop their Herbalife distributor business to completely start in other projects that are important to them. These kinds of cases are understood, because everyone can not reconcile Herbalife activity with some personal projects. It may also be the fact that these projects really require total attention.

Poor leadership

Although it is desolate to say, some sponsors or coaches do not opt ​​for the best strategies with their distributors. For this purpose, some distributors complain about how they are practically harassed by their sponsors that push them to consume more. Which is obviously not allowed in the company's policy. These sponsors are more motivated by money, and therefore become too insistient or too aggressive. The sad reality is that theopportunity is open to everyone, and some decide to do what they want independently of the rules of society, and thus leave quickly drifting. It's sad, but a herbalife distributor can decide to leave because of that.

Search for the best opportunity

Some people have trouble staying focused on a specific activity. In fact, they are convinced that the problem always comes from others. Therefore, they mistakenly accuse the company, the products, the pay plan or other things except themselves. Rather than focusing on what they can do to succeed, they seek simpler solutions, even if they are inventing excuses and leave.

Lack of results

It's not just those who have had bad experiences with too aggressive coaches that decide to leave Herbalife. People join Herbalife for several reasons. Those who wish to create their own business think they can become rich overnight with the opportunity without working. However, they forget that if they have given themselves to develop Herbalife business, they understand that the success of such a project depends on the time and efforts on this project. They forget that to have results, you have to learn a lot of things, train, work, strategic and patient. Without all this, they do not get results and prefer to give up.

It is true that there are other reasons, but here are some that are common.

The conditions for retracting as a Herbalife distributor

Herbalife distributor - terminate its contract

This is what society has planned for a herbalife distributor who wants to retract.

Send a signed letter to the Members Relations Department

As a herbalife seller or distributor, you have the option to seek the cancellation of your contract at any time. For this, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the distributor relations department to request the termination of your contract. You can send an online request provided you do it from the email address you mentioned in the form. Your cancellation takes effect as soon as your letter is received, validated and approved by the Herbalife company.

Then you will receive a return in writing informing you if the termination of your contract has been accepted or not. In the absence of receipt of a letter of termination by the Herbalife company, your Herbalife France distributor status will remain active. It is the same if the conditions for canceling are not fulfilled. In this case, you will always be considered a herbalife distributor until this Herbalife cancels your contract.

Retract within 90 days

In addition, within 90 days after the signing of your contract, you can retract. In this case, you have the right to reimburse you the purchase price of your recording package, in proportion to the products remained intact in their initial packaging and which can be resold. Of course, the condition is that you inform Herbalife before this time does not expire, and that you returned the elements of the pack to your Godfather. Also note that the repayment of the intact elements of the kit can only be obtained from the distributor who is your godfather. This rule remains valid for a Herbalife Paris distributor or a Herbalife Geneva distributor.

Do not pay for its annual subscription

In its regulation, the Company expected that if a Member does not pay its contribution on the anniversary date of its membership, its contract is terminated. In fact, the period of validity of the contract is one year renewable each year provided that the terms and conditions include the payment of annual subscription.

The Herbalife company will remind you by mail addressed the date of payment of your annual fee when it arrives at the end of the expected deadlines. It can therefore cancel or terminate your distributor contract at any time if it determines that you do not pay the annual fees. When you do not set your fee, you acknowledge renouncing your Herbalife distributor status and therefore all rights and benefits related to that. The conditions remain the same, whether you are a Herbalife Montreal distributor or a Herbalife Belgium distributor.

Is there a guarantee of reimbursement of purchased products when you decide to leave Herbalife?

If your membership contract is terminated for any reason, you have the possibility to refer the products that have not been used to be resold to society. This is of course the ones you have purchased in the last 12 months. Thus, you will be able to obtain a total repayment of the purchase price, including the cost of returning the products. However, the shipping and preparation expenses set up during the original command will not be refunded.

Can the company take back from stock when a contract has been terminated?

After the termination of your contract, the company can resume the products you have purchased over the last twelve months, but you have not sold as well as the sales equipment you have not used. Of course, the company will resume them as long as you prove that you actually bought them at home in the twelve months before the date your contract has been terminated. After that, the products must not be used and returned to Herbalife in their initial packaging and to be resold. If these conditions are fulfilled, you will then be invited to return the products to the Herbalife company.

Obligations and responsibility of the Herbalife distributor whose contract has been terminated

As Herbalife Distributor Meeting or Herbalife Distributor Martinique, when your contract has been terminated, you are required to pay all the money you owe to Herbalife. You also stay responsible for any violation Obligations incumbent on independent distributors, committed throughout the period of validity of your contract.

Can we become a Herbalife distributor after terminating a contract?

After termination of your contract, for yourself or by society, there are certain conditions to become independent distributor. Once your request for termination is approved, you and your spouse or any other person who participated in the execution of the contract had to cease any activity related to Herbalife for the duration of one year from the date the contract was resiliated.

In accordance with the rules of the Company, when a distributor terminates its contract for the reason for non-payment of its annual fee or other reasons, it is obliged to wait at least a year before becoming distributor thanks to another sponsor.

In summary

There are several things you can do to leave the company as herbalife distributor. One of them consists in calling the person who is your supervisor in the ascending line. This person must know how to do it and tell you. Secondly, you can call the Distributor Relations Service Office and you go to fulfill the conditions. Third, contributions are due once a year, on the anniversary date of your membership. You can leave your distributor status expire without paying renewal fees. However, instead of doing so, you could cancel or terminate your contract at any time by notifying your request for written termination at Herbalife.

Fourth, you can connect to My Herbalife and you disregister. Finally, doing nothing at all, your distribution contract will be terminated after a certain time of inactivity. Before engaging any action, please chat with your sponsor who can certainly tell you what to do and how to do it. If you have any questions or a particular need, do not hesitate to contact us via the address indicated on our site or to contact a Herbalife distributor in your area. It will certainly be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the specific information you need.

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