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Herbalife Skin moisturizes your skin with plants

Herbalife skin products you can buy from our Herbalife line shop are creams, gels, cleaners, toners to apply directly to the skin. A wonderful gift for someone or for him to take even more care of us and our skin!

The causes of dry skin

One of the main causes of dry skin is the drying of the skin, which manifests itself in the form of desquamation, itching or cracking. Dry skin is a common symptom, especially in elderly skin. This affection occurs most often in winter, the skin loses its hydration and can crack and irritate. Frequent baths with inappropriate soaps can aggravate the problem. Use specific soaps such as herbalife body soap to avoid punishing skin and take care of it by bringing it from moisture after each application. Do not forget to apply your moisturizer on all your body and your face daily.

Above all, creams and soaps should not contain alcohol, dyes or other chemicals. We give you the solution: Herbalife products will help you take care of your skin, both on the body and face. They do not contain sulphates or parabens and are tested under dermatological control.

What are the products of the Herbalife Skin range?

There are several products that will allow you to pamper your skin, to refresh it, to tone or clean it:

If you have a question about one of these products, you can entirely contact us or even Order your Herbalife Skin Product Test Kitat a favorable price. All products are paraben-free, nor sulphates and are not tested on animals!

This kit contains:

  • A Soothing Mini Cleanser at Aloe Vera - 50 ml
  • A mini moisturizer daily eclat - 15 ml
  • A Mini Regenerative Night Cream - 15 ml
  • Two samples of the eye contour moisturizing cream - 2 x 2ml
  • Two frosted gel samples eye contour - 2 x 2 ml

What can easily test the products of the Herbalife Skin range! Some of these products contain collagen, vitamins ... an effective composition.

Improve supply to moisturize your skin

We care much about knowing the best brands of creams to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. But do we have a balanced diet? Whatever the amount of skin products we use, without a balanced diet, we will never get clean, brilliant and hydrated skin.

The beauty Starts from the inside, the following foods can help the skin to be healthy and feel always hydrated. Combine your diet with herbal milk-shakes, they will provide you with many nutrients to start a healthy life.

The carrot Contains vitamin A, it helps activate melanin production. The cucumber is extremely moisturizing for the skin because it contains a lot of water, provides enzymes for good digestion. Green leaves eliminate the toxins of our body, contain minerals, vitamins (A and C), fibers and other essential nutrients that maintain healthy dermis. The pepper is an antioxidant that will leave your skin radiant by bringing vitamin C and preventing aging.

The fruits and dried seeds contain vitamin E, which slows the aging process and is a powerful antioxidant. Wild fruits like blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and berries are very rich in antioxidants, they will give a younger look to our skin. Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin E, is rich in fatty acids that will make your skin, your hair and your nails more hydrated and nourished. The banana will provide you with zinc, a mineral that tones and clarifies skin cells. The high vitamin A and E grade eggs contain all the essential amino acids in sufficient quantity and coconut water is a great moisturizer for our body because it contains antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-acne.

Fight naturally in addition to Herbalife Skin against wrinkles

Dry skin is a common situation, which in addition to affecting the appearance of our skin, can also create serious irritation, very embarrassing and tense. This situation can be aggravated by the use of inappropriate soaps and detergents.

Pay attention to products Whether you use, you need to be more careful when using a chemical because it can create skin injuries or worsen the drought. Use gloves to manipulate any strong product and hydrate your hands with a moisturizing product such as the Herbal Aloe range after performing any task in which our hands are suffering and feel punished.

Drink a lot of waterAt least two liters of water per day are essential to stay hydrated so that you can return this necessary moisture into your skin. If you are not used to drinking the recommended amount could help you give a touch of flavor with Herbalife products, flavored infusions with fishing, lemon, raspberry or original, or the original. 'aloe vera to drink flavored lemon or mango, it will also make more alert and reduce the retention water. The consumption omega 3 You will help improve your skin, so increase the amount of fish in your diet and help a dietary supplement from the store to buy from the Herbalife online. Apply moisturizing masks, dry skin may result in certain complications such as dermatitis or contamination with fungi and bacteria. Take care of your skin by applying the mask once a week or every two years depending on the degree of dryness of our skin. Choose the mask that best suits your skin type since, depending on your face, you must apply a purifying mask or moisturizing mask.

Our opinion on Herbalife Skin products

If you love Herbalife products and you like taking care of yourself, there is no doubt that you will like the products of the Herbalife Skin range.

It is true that with nutrition products, we take care globally from us working on "our diet and inside our body, on what it assimilates". However, it is very interesting to work also outside. Our body producing sebum, dead skins, other impuritiesit is interesting to use the different products of the Herbalife Skin range that you can Order and buy online here.

Our favorite? Certainly the cleanser and soothing at Aloe Verra. It will make it possible to do a work that is twofold: clean your skin of impurities and of course, repair your skin by moisturizing with aloe. It is also useful for acne.

The Skin range is also a great gift for parents, family, friends by making them discover another aspect of herbalife, less sports and more "cocoon". A surprising gift that will make happy and happy!

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