Herbalife ou Beautysané - Qui est le mieux ?

Herbalife or Beautysané - Who is best?

Herbalife Beautysané are two brands that sell wellness and health products. You're probably wondering which of the two brands to choose your material well-being needs. If you want a review of Beautysané or Herbalife, see this article which will help you in your choice on the best brand.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife Nutrition is an MLM company specialized in the field of nutrition and wellness. It sells skincare products and products that help get a balanced nutrition and quality. In addition, Herbalife offers products to improve the quality of life of those who use it. In fact, to manufacture its innovative productsHerbalife has combined nutritionists, scientists, doctors to enable users to achieve their maximum objectives in terms of well-being.

Herbalife products

  • The meal replacement Formula 1

This meal replacement is the flagship product of Herbalife. This is a shake powder they just mix with semi-skimmed milk. It contains the isolate soy protein concentrate and milk protein, oat fiber and various sugars. Each serving provides 18 grams of protein and potentially up to 21 g sugar, but it varies depending on the flavor you choose and the way you prepare the milkshake.

  • Formula 2 - Multivitamin Complex

This is a complex of vitamins and minerals for men or women. The Formula 2 contains 24 essential nutrients to give your body what it needs in the context of a balanced diet. Your daily diet should consist of varied meals and balanced. But this is not always the case. The Formula 2 is designed to help you complete our intake of vitamins and minerals.

  • Formula 3 - Protein Powder Personalized

This is a supplement based protein powder. This powder is rich in soy protein and whey protein (also called whey). It allows you to boost the protein intake of any meal replacement shake (like Formula 1) or regular meals you prepare (sauces, soups, etc.). Formula 3 contributes to the increase in muscle mass and each portion contains 5 g of protein. It is a source of lean protein and a great way to personalize your protein intake to your needs.

  • Protein Bars - Snacks high in protein

The snacks are a great way to meet the cravings in a healthy way while trying to lose weight. With Herbalife, there is nothing to deprive small snacks. This is why the company offers protein bars as snacks with 10 g of milk protein and only 140 kcal. There is also the roasted soybeans that provide 9 grams of protein and 113 kcal per sachet. In addition, protein snacks help to increase your muscle mass and come in several delicious flavors (Vanilla Almond, Chocolate Peanut, Lemon).

  • Instant drinks

To help you lose weight, Herbalife has developed instant drinks such as draining teas based drinks of aloe vera as an alternative to sugary drinks.

  • Herbalife range 24

Amateur athlete or confirmed, occasional sports or high level, no need to worry about your sports nutrition. Herbalife has developed a range of products that help you meet your challenges, optimize your workouts, increase your sports performance. Get ready, train, hydrate yourself, get it back as it should with this easily customized product line based on your workout program. The products are certified according to the French Anti-Doping NF V94-001 AFNOR.

  • Hydrate (hypotonic drink)
  • Prolong (nutritional support)
  • Rebuild Strength (Muscular Reconstruction)
  • REBUILD ENDURANCE (accelerates recovery)

    The benefits of Herbalife

    Herbalife markets a range of products that help you succeed your weight loss program. The meal substitutes in the form of shakes are a good solution for feeling satiated for several hours while absorbing a good amount of protein and nutrients. They are easy to use because it is not necessary to count calories or prepare complicated meals. In addition, since Herbalife products are sold by independent agents, you generally benefit from a support network.

    What is beautysané?

    Beautysané is a brand that markets meal substitutes and food supplements made in France. It offers several solutions for athletes, but also for people who want to achieve slimming goals. To lose weight, the company offers its consumers to enjoy everything while eating balanced. In achieving goals, the brand offers three programs: slimming, sport, and balance.


    Beautysané opinion - brand products

    On the power side, here is the range of Beatysané products.


    ENERGY DIET BEAUTYSANÉ is the range of powdered substitutes that offers light and practical meals. On its site, the mark specifies that these meals are poor in calories, but that they still contain 23 vitamins and minerals that compensate for many nutritional needs. Suitable for people who want to lose or control their weight, they can be consumed in the form of shakes (mixed with water or milk) or be directly cooked. In addition, these meal substitutes, available with so many flavors can easily constitute a breakfast or a light dinner. For this product, Beautysané offers three formulas including 7 meals, 14 meals, 30 meals that you can choose according to your desires or needs. The opinions on ENERGY DIET BEAUTYSANÉ are generally positive. However, before starting a Beautyané diet, take the advice of your doctor.


    After the beautyané Energy Diet Notice, we will now talk about the ENERGY DIET + range that brings together the substitutes dedicated to complete meals. Practices that gourmands, these substitutes provide the nutritional contributions of everyday life. They are suitable for all people who want to eat balanced, but may not have time to prepare a meal at noon or evening. With their sweet and savory flavors, easy to prepare, these meal substitutes are only available in chocolate, vanilla, and velvet Thai flavor.


    In this range, we find the product Beautyané Energy Power Stickola which is an energizing drink. Composed of Taurine, Guarana, Caffeine, Kola, ginger and vitamin C, this drink comes to boost the body. Students, athletes or surcharged agendas professionals will benefit from them. The beverage is shown in the form of sticks and each bag contains 30. For drinking it, simply pour and mix the contents of a stick in 200 ml of water. Given the high caffeine content, it is advisable not to exceed two sticky sticks and limit the consumption of other sources of caffeine.

    Another product from the range is Energy Effort, an energy drink designed to be consumed during thephysical effort. In reality, this drink is gradually delivers the energy needed for physical effort. To drink it, it is necessary to dilute it in flat water, to take during and after the physical effort to allow recovery.

    Finally, there is the draining drinking drinking deTox also composed of 30 sticks. Promoting the elimination of the water present in the body, this beverage in the form of powder makes it possible to tone its silhouette. Composed of 7 plants, fibers and vitamins, ENERGY DETOX promotes normal energy metabolism. To enjoy its benefits, just pour two teaspoons in one liter of water and drink it all day.

    • The range of energy supplements ENERGY CARE

    The range of food supplements like burning excesses complements meal substitutes and the different beverages of beautysané. Several people are looking for a beautiesané on burning excess to know if it walks. No doubt, this product makes it possible to have a beautiful silhouette since it acts on the fat mass and contributes to the weight control.

    Beautysané Reviews: benefits

    Beautysané offers a good solution for weight loss with meal substitutes that will give you the feeling of satiety for several hours. It's a easy program To follow because it does not require complicated recipes. However, the Beautyané solution may not be sustainable long-term and, as such, it is better adapted to start a beautyly diet.

    Beautysané Reviews: Which program to choose?

    Beautysané ratings - The choice of a program

    Herbalife and Beautysana offer similar products.


    In terms of taste, Herbalife offers a varied range of flavors. For example with the Shakes of Formula 1, you have the flavor: creamy vanilla, gourmet chocolate, cookie crunch, coffee latte, banana cream, red fruits, strawberry, raspberry and white chocolate, spicy apple, chocolate mint, etc.


    At beautysané, for light meals and full meals, you will find flavors such as: chocolate, vanilla, capucino, coffee, red fruits, banana, smoked peas, etc.


    The budget to be expected depends on your needs and objectives. Herbalife has a range of products. For :

    • The Vanilla perfume of Formula, it is necessary to foresee about 40 €;
    • The complete thermo, it is necessary to provide between 35 and 40 €;
    • Aloe Vera beverage, there is approximately 30 €;
    • Detox tea, it is necessary to predict about 30 €;
    • Gourmet snacks grilled soybeans, you have to provide about 18 €.

    Take advantage of promotions In progress on our shop to buy products at a reduced price.

    At beautysané, for a box of 18 light meals, plan about 45 € or 109.90 € for the pack of 21 complete meals. For energizing drinks: Energy Detox (€ 34), Energy Effort (€ 30), Energy Power Stickola (29 €). The food supplement burns excess costs 29.50 €. You can go beyond the composition of your pack.

    Short-term weight loss

    The products offered by both brands are useful and work when it comes to losing weight fast enough. When we simply refer to customers' comments on the Internet, we see that by adopting good eating habits with Herbalife and by regularly sporting, they easily lose several kilos.

    Indeed, the shakes can fill in the same way as a full meal. They give you the feeling of satiety for several hours avoiding the cravings of the day. Proteinated snacks are also excellent options to consider if these fringales occur.


    Herbalife offers practical products. In addition, there is Formula 3 that you can add to shakes or prepared foods. This is very convenient if you do sports activities.

    Beatiesané's products are very practical, avoid counting calories, and do not take enough preparation time. It's really advantageous for often rhythmic daily programs.

    Why are there negative opinions about Beautysané?

    The Beautysané negative opinions we hear or read sometimes come from consumers who did not follow the diet well and who accuse the brand. It's also what we usually meet with Herbalife. In addition, distributors did not take the time to develop effective strategies to develop their business also provide negative advice.

    In addition, since the body differs from one person to another, the products may not react in the same way. If you already follow a diet or if you have a health history, it would be wise to have a beauty medical opinion Before starting your diet.

    In summary


    Overall, Herbalife and Beautysana offer practical and efficient solutions to lose weight fast and easily. With Herbalife, when you combine a healthy lifestyle with the use of products, you will get hallucinating results. The products of the Formula 1 range are delicious and contain the macros and micronutrients whose body needs to maintain a perfect health. Food supplements, proteinated snacks, draining tea, energizing drink, whatever your needs and goals, Herbalife accompanies you with Effective solutions.

    In addition, since the products are sold exclusively by independent distributors, you also benefit from a personal coach in terms of well-being. Which allows you to stay motivated and adopt good habits.

    With beautysané, you benefit from a program to lose weight. In addition, with these products, you can eat healthy. In addition, with Beautysané, there is a team of advisers to guide you and offer you personalized programs.

    It is now up to you to choose the brand that is suitable for you taking into account your needs, your goals, your expectations, and your budget. Anyway, when you follow a diet with beautysané and Herbalife, do you still consume a lot of fruits and vegetables to maintain a balanced diet.


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