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What are volume points at Herbalife and how to earn VP?

Mar 30, 20
What are volume points at Herbalife and how to earn VP?

Herbalife is a system in MLM (network marketing). So the more you sell, the more volume points you get. The volume points of your members will earn you royalties, that is to say money with each sale! That's the point of making money over the long term with Herbalife.

What is the volume point system?

Each Herbalife product is assigned a volume point value. For example, the Herbalife milkshake, or the nutritional mix for formula 1 has a volume point value of 23.95 volume points. Therefore, no matter where you are in the Herbalife world, or the currency in which you pay for Herbalife products, the volume point value of your order will be the same everywhere.

You progress in the marketing plan by accumulating volume points in this way:

  • PPV  = Volume purchased personally. This is the volume you purchase directly from Herbalife using your Herbalife ID number
  • DLV  = Volume of the down line. This is the volume purchased by your non-supervisor online distributors directly from Herbalife, ordering between 25% and 42% discount using their Herbalife identification numbers.
  • OV  = Organizational volume. These are the personal volume points of all of your supervisors, three levels of in-depth supervisors. These are the volume points on which a supervisor receives a royalty increase of up to 5%.

So, all these points which are linked to each product allow you to earn money or to make money for people above you!

The importance of your personal volume or PV

The volume you purchase directly from Herbalife (PPV) plus the volume purchased by all of your non-supervisory downstream distributors who order with a 25-42% reduction (DLV) in the same calendar month.

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It therefore excludes any order with a 50% discount by qualified supervisors and supervisor orders  fully qualified and their distributors. If you want to better understand how PV works and how to make money by making several lines (so good recruitments), click here

As a member of Herbalife, you can buy one with a 25-50% discount. As your volume increases, this reduction will increase to a maximum of 50%  when you qualify as a supervisor. You earn 25-50% retail profit when you sell these products to customers.

In addition to the profits from sales, as a member of Herbalife you can
also earn wholesale profits on products purchased
by your downline (the members you have sponsored).Your profit in royalties, also called commissions, is the difference between the reduced price you pay and the reduced price paid by your downline.. You can start earning commissions when you get Senior Consultant status and have at least one downline.

Herbalife method to finance its products by selling formula 1, tea and aloe

When you are a supervisor and you have qualifications or skills then you will be able to get royalties of 1 to 5% of the volume of your organization. Thereafter, you may be eligible to receive a bonus of 2 to 7% on your downstream organization volume, provided that you meet certain conditions.

Your PV, PPV and DLV can be tracked by logging into your website using your Herbalife unique identification number and PIN code.

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