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Why is it important to take some magnesium?

Nov 08, 18
Why is it important to take some magnesium?

The magnesium is a nutriment which organism needs to remain in good health. The magnesium is important for many processes of organism, including regulation of muscular function and nervous, glycemia, blood pressure and production of proteins, of bone and of DNA.

How much magnesium do I need?

The quantity of magnesium which you need depends of your age and on your sex. Registered medium daily contributions are pointed out below in milligrammes (mg):

  • Of birth in 6 months 30 mg
  • New-born babies from 7 to 12 months 75 mg
  • 1-3-year-old children 80 mg
  • 4-8-year-old children 130 mg
  • Children from 9 to 13 years old 240 mg
  • 14-18-year-old youthful boys 410 mg
  • 14-18-year-old teenagers 360 mg
  • Men 400-420 mg
  • Women 310-320 mg
  • Pregnant teenagers 400 mg
  • Pregnant women 350-360 mg
  • Feeding of the teenagers 360 mg
  • Women who nurse 310-320 mg

What food gives some magnesium?

The magnesium is naturally in many food and added to some enriched food. You can get the registered quantities of magnesium by eating a variety of food, including the following:

  • Leguminous plants, nut, seedswhole grains and vegetables with green leaves (as spinaches)
  • Cereals enriched for breakfast and other enriched food
  • Milk, yoghurt and other dairy products

What types of food supplements based on magnesium are available?

The magnesium is available in form of multivitaminiques-mineral supplements and of other food supplements. Forms of magnesium contained in food supplements which are more easily absorbed by organism are the aspartate of magnesiumthe citrate of magnesium, the lactate of magnesium and the chloride of magnesium.

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The magnesium is also included in some laxatives and some products to treat heartburn and indigestion.

Do I take enough magnesium?

The feeding of most people in the United States gives less than the registered quantities of magnesium. The men of more than 70 years and the teenagers are the most likely to have weakness a contribution in magnesium. However, when they combine quantity of magnesium coming from food and from food supplementsthe complete contribution in magnesium is generally superior to registered quantities.

What's happening if I do not have enough magnesium?

In the short term, a lack of magnesium does not produce obvious symptoms. When the persons in good health have weak contributions, kidneys help to keep the magnesium by limiting the quantity lost in the urine. However, a weak contribution in magnesium during long period can draw a deficiency away in magnesium.

Besides, some medical conditions and some medicaments interfere with the capacity of organism to absorb the magnesium or to augment the quantity of magnesium excreted by organism, what can also draw away a lack of magnesium. The symptoms of a deficiency in magnesium include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, tiredness and weakness. U

not extreme deficiency in magnesium can talk of numbnessprickle, muscular cramps, crises, changes of personality and abnormal heart rate.

The following groups of persons are more touchy than others to use very few magnesium:

  • The attained persons by gastro-intestinal diseases (as the illness of Crohn and coeliac disease illness)
  • The persons attained by diabetes of type 2
  • Persons suffering from long-term alcoholism
  • The old persons

What are the effects of the magnesium on health?

The scientists study the magnesium to understand its effects on health. Here are some examples of what this research showed.

High blood pressure and heart diseases

High blood pressure is a major risk factor of heart disease and of cerebral vascular accident. Supplements of magnesium can diminish blood pressure, but only in small quantity. Some studies show that the persons with more magnesium in their diet have a weaker risk of some types of heart diseases and from AVC. But in some of these studies, it is difficult to know in which measure effect was due to the magnesium in contrast with other nutriments.

Diabetes of type 2

The persons whose feeding contains a bigger quantity of magnesium have tendency to introduce a weaker risk of developing a diabetes of type 2. The magnesium helps organism to break sugars down and could help to reduce the risk of insulinorésistance (a condition which leads to diabetes). The scientists study if supplements of magnesium could help the persons who already have diabetes of type 2 to control their illness. Other researches are necessary to include better if the magnesium can help to treat diabetes.


The magnesium is important for the health of bones. The persons having a higher contribution in magnesium have a higher bony mineral density, what is important to reduce the risk of bony fractures and of ostéoporose. The consumption augmented by magnesium in food or food supplements could help the older women to improve their bony mineral density. Other researches are necessary to include better if supplements of magnesium can help to reduce the risk of ostéoporose or to treat this condition.

Migraineux headaches

The persons with splitting headaches sometimes have weak rates of magnesium in the blood and in other cloths. Several small studies showed that supplements of magnesium can slightly reduce the frequency of splitting headaches. However, people should take some magnesium to this end only under the care of a professional of health. Other researches are necessary to determine if supplements of magnesium can help in reduce the risk of splitting headaches or to attenuate the symptoms of splitting headache.

Can the magnesium be damaging?

The naturally present magnesium in food is not damaging and does not need to be limited. At the persons in good health, kidneys can get rid of any excess in the urine. But the magnesium contained in food supplements and medicaments should not be used in the upper quantities in the upper border, unless having been recommended by a professional of health.

The upper borders for the magnesium coming from food supplements and/or from medicaments are pointed out below. For many groups of age, the upper border seems to be less than registered quantity. It occurs because registered quantities include some magnesium coming from all sources - food, food supplements and medicaments.

The upper borders include the magnesium coming only from food supplements and from medicaments; they do not include the present magnesium naturally in food.

The upper border of age for the magnesium in food supplements and medicaments:

  • Of birth in 12 months not established
  • 1-3-year-old children 65 mg
  • 4-8-year-old children 110 mg
  • 9-18-year-old children 350 mg
  • Adults 350 mg

A high contribution in magnesium coming from food supplements and from medicaments can talk about the diarrhoeia, nausea and cramps abdominal. An extremely high contribution in magnesium can draw away an irregularity of heart rate and a heart-stopping.

Are there correlations with the magnesium which I should know?

Yes. Yes. Supplements of magnesium can interact or interfere with some medicaments.

In here is some examples:

  • Bisphosphonatesused to treat the ostéoporose, is not well-absorbed when they are too early taken before or after the catch of food supplements or of medicaments from strong content of magnesium.
  • Antibiotics are possible not be absorbed if they are too early taken before or after the catch of a food supplement containing some magnesium.
  • Diuretics are possible augment or diminish the loss of magnesium by the urine, according to the type of diuretic.
  • Medicaments of prescription used to relieve the symptoms of sour low tide or to treat gastroduodénaux ulcer are possible cause weak blood rates of magnesium when they are taken on a long stretch of time.

Very strong doses of supplements of zinc can harm the capacity of organism to absorb and to regulate the magnesium.

Inform your doctor, your chemist and other professionals of the health of any food supplement and of any medicament on prescription or on free sale than you take. This article is not a medical advice, simply of information. They can say to you if food supplements can interact with your medicaments or if medicaments can interfere with the way your body absorbs, uses or breaks nutriments down.

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