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Herbalife Belgium: get delivered through an online shop and shop

Mar 26, 20
Herbalife Belgium: get delivered through an online shop and shop

Here's how to order all Herbalife nutrition products on the internet for to get to your home in Belgium. Whether in Liège, Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges or at home, we deliver your products that you can buy directly online.

What Herbalife products can be bought in Belgium?

All Herbalife products are available for delivery directly to Belgium. All you have to do is order on our website adding the different products interest you in the basket.

  • Formula 1 with all tastes.
  • Protein supplements.
  • Fit 24H range.
  • Aloe vera drinks.
  • The fibers.
  • Breakfast packs.
  • The guarana.
  • Detox tea.
  • Supplements, vitamins and others.

In short, all the products are at your disposal to be able to continue your Herbalife fitness at home in Belgium. You will of course also have access to shakers, spoons and other accessories or even the new blend select sorting on our online shop.

How do I get Herbalife products in Belgium?

To order Herbalife products, you must pass through an official distributor member like us and that the latter has the ability to deliver in Belgium. This is the case for our online shop where you can find products especially on sale to save money.

To order, it's simple:

  1. Connect to our Herbalife.
  2. Sign up for free by clicking the button at the top right to see the prices (it's mandatory).
  3. Add the products you're interested in.
  4. Enter your address when ordering.
  5. Make the settlement.
  6. You will be delivered between 2 to 4 working days maximum.

There is no such as no order limit and postage is available as early as €180. You can of course have it delivered directly to your home in Belgium. Buying Herbalife products is therefore simple, fast and secure!

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