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How to find the first customers ?

Oct 03, 18
How to find the first customers ?

Once the license has been an Independent Member of Herbalife Nutrition, the next step is to discover the people that are around us, the concept and its opportunities, either to get back into shape in a first time (clients) or the fact of becoming, in their turn, the distributors (members of the team, the godchildren).

What steps and ways to find those first customers ?

It is the classical way to proceed there are different ways to do :

  • Share their own results around. A true brand ambassador is a person satisfied with the product which will talk about it around itself to propose its solution. It may, therefore, want to his entourage, his family, work colleagues, neighbours, to start a program and in turn get results.
  • To his list of knowledge: to move oneself towards the other in order to discover the opportunities to consume the products or join the team to make income by helping people. The list of knowledge is tomake a listing of all the people that we knowin the life of every day and to go and propose to discover your new activity." Hi... in fact I have thought of you ! I just start an activity in the nutrition and well-being with which I have had excellent results and I'm looking for people who discover it for free. Is it interest you ? "Very simple. The longer the list of knowledge contains names the better it is. When I form a new member of my team I explained to him that we start from the principle that on 30 invitations,10 people will be interested and 5 will startdirectly a program of fitness, and these 5 people 1 will be a future member of your team of distributors. No stress, of the 20 that remain do not give you a " no " definitive, but simply remain idle and watch quietly what you are doing over a period of months and if it really works.
  • Recommendations: a consumer that will result will talk about it around him and will even propose a solution and this is the strength of network marketing and Herbalife Nutrition focus on recognition and reward. If a consumer did start two people it will benefit from25% discountson its products on a permanent basis. You lose a net benefit on the consumer but in return you end up with three clients instead of one. This is a real promotion to put in front that will ensure that your customers "work" for you ! And of course the people who start thanks to a recommendation will understand more easily that recommend they people they will be able to benefit from the reduction, and so forth..
  • talk about it as soon as the opportunity presents itself: You have probably already seen a person yawn in front of you but have you asked what she had taken at breakfast ? She will respond to you, surely "a crescent" or " nothing I do not have time in the morning." Super, the shake Formula 1 can be prepared in less than two minutes and significantly increases energy level ! And that's how we found an opportunity to speak of its solution around you. It works in dozens of cases : athletes who eat nothing, and who are seeking a solution to the sport, the people who are searching for an alternative for eating healthier, the people who complain about their physique, etc..

How to use the internet to find customers ?

The Internet allows you to make you understand, maintainyour visibilitywith your surroundings, the market hot, but also with the market cold : the unknown. Today it is almost essential to be present on the social networks to develop its activity as an independent member of Herbalife Nutritrion. The must-have areFacebook and Instagram, that bring the most people and allow you to have a showcase to show and go very easily in interaction with potential customers.
For my part, I started my business only with social networks and createdmy financial independencewith these as the main engine to succeed. I will let you go to see oninstagramhow I share my life style and how I help people. You will find essentially the same thing on my profileFacebook. Even today, I bet a lot on these two platforms, and their use is an integral part of the training thatI offer to my new members who wish to be successful. 

My daily actions to find clients on Instagram and Facebook are :

  • Posting on a regular basis :one to two photos per day to stay visible.
  • Share in story: my days, my exercise, my recipes shake, my results and those of the people that I coach, who are seen by more than 700 people per day.
  • Prospecting: where I'm going myself towards the people for their offer of discover my concept.

In conclusion,

Finding customers is simple, but requires repeated actions that will eventually bear fruit. It is not necessary to wait for people to come to you, but it is necessary to go to them, you will earn a monster time and you'll find that a lot of people wish to be helped and will hear what you have to offer.You will earn also like that a lot more money !
Take the productsto get a result to show,wearing the brandthrough social networks,talk about itas soon as the opportunity presents itself. It is in the end what I do daily with my team of ambassadors, and it succeeds rather well !

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