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How to contact Herbalife nutrition?

Sep 15, 18
How to contact Herbalife nutrition?

If you want to get in touch with Herbalife nutrition, there are two methods where you have to distinguish between Herbalife ambassadors / coaches / members  and the Herbalife nutrition structure itself.

How to contact the Herbalife nutrition site and structure?

Herbalife Nutrition is the company that produces Herbalife products  (formula 1, aloe vera, etc.).

You can contact them:

  • In case of dissatisfaction with the quality of the products.
  • Following the services of a member who has acted badly or has questionable behavior and who does not respect the rules of Herbalife Nutrition.
  • If the package is damaged, damaged packaging or products with defects.
  • In case of question, partnership proposal or a specific request for information.

The team will take care of you and can answer your questions. You can also contact an entirely French-speaking support or contact them in another language.

How to contact a Herbalife nutrition ambassador or coach?

If you are in direct contact with a Herbalife Nutrition ambassador, the latter will be able to offer you various means of communication which he will send you:

  • With his personal or professional email.
  • With his mobile or landline number.
  • To a call center.
  • Via social networks like facebook or instagram.

The latter can get in touch with you to explain the concept and advise you. or even coach you. Herbalife Nutrition ambassadors can offer additional and even free services such as nutritional coaching, a well-being assessment or sports sessions called "fits".

If you are looking to contact our Herbalife nutrition online store, you can write to us here. If you want to join our team that is growing massively on social networks, join our Herbalife Nutrition team!

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