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How to consume Herbalife and take the products?

Mar 18, 20
How to consume Herbalife and take the products?

Eating herbalife nutrition products is easy. The most important thing is to determine your goal. Is this a form of fitness? A weight gain or the urge to lose weight? By putting in place a good nutritional solution and sports, you will surely get Results Up to your expectations. The herbalife products will be able to become substitutes for meals or extra food supplements in your diet.

When to consume meal replacements?

As the name suggests, a meal replacement will replace a meal in your diet. Breakfast, lunch, evening meal or snack, the purpose is to bring you food and Nutrients Healthy to replace overfat or overfat meals.

Thus, the formula 1 of Herbalife is the flagship product that will come to replace a meal. For example, instead of eating a sweet crescent with tartines in the morning, a formula 1 shaker will be able to completely substitute this meal. At the same time, it is quite possible to eat this at night. It will bring all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Alternatively, you can also imagine taking a Shaker En plus de butter de cacahuète à 16h si vous êtes dans un objective de prise de masse, tout en le mixant avec une bananas.

It all depends on your objective. The formula 1 can register as a friend to gain weight, in addition to your current diet, or a total replacement that will replace your meals to avoid miseating!

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When to take food supplements?

Herbalife's dietary supplements are diverse. These are not examples of vitamins like the famous formula 2, Minerals complexes And others that make it possible to feed nutrients that are not or are not present at the base.

A food supplement asks to be taken at the same time as a meal. Eat normally and take your food supplement that can be in the form of a capsule or powder! They will not disrupt your digestion and blend perfectly with all the other ingredients.

As a matter of fact, there is the herbalife range 24 which is advisable to take back forces after the sport or even during, in order to improve your results in bodybuilding.

When to take the Herbalife drinks?

You can consume Herbalife drinks such as aloe vera or tea at any time of the day. A little snack? Take a good Herbalife tea! If not during a meal, you can completely take aloe vera mixed with your water. These famous drinks are there for Improve your hydration And allow you to have positive effects at the same time. Detox, lose weight, burn fat or make the full of vitamins!

Before, during or after a sports session, during the work, on awakening, herbal drinks will accompany you in your fitness in the ultimate goal of making you feel in perfect health!

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