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Code Sponsor and Herbalife Sponsorship: How to get it ID

Jun 10, 20
Code Sponsor and Herbalife Sponsorship: How to get it ID

Here are the codes you need to use. For ID, enter the ID:21y0033682

Then the first 3 letters of the surname of the sponsor: Hou

With this information, you will then be able to access the Herbalife license because the sponsorship by a member or coach is mandatory. You can then order Herbalife products at the distributor price (with the best possible reduction) on the MyHerbalife website. You will buy products at your sponsor rate without having to pay margins.

What is the Sponsor ID or Herbalife Sponsorship Code?

Herbalife is a MLM (multi-level marketing or network marketing). In order to allow other people to return and enjoy product rates, you need a godfather or godmother. In this way, you need the first 3 letters of the sponsor Hou and the ID of your Herbalife sponsor who is 21y0033682

You will have valid access and the possibility of ordering your products in the minutes that follow. Afterwards, you will have your own codes and can bring other people with the same benefits in Herbalife Nutrition.

Click here to register on the Herbalife website.
We allow you to use the sponsorship code 21Y0033682 and HOU

This offer of commercial opportunity Herbalife Nutrition is proposed by independent members Herbalife Nutrition whose name and address is available in the header of the site The commercial opportunity is administered by Herbalife International France S.A. 3 Street Alexandre Volta BP 81020 67451, Mundolsheim Cedex France. The goods sold are nutritional products and personal care. Transactions are performed by participants as constituents.

How to register and enter the Sponsor code?

Here is the whole step to register at Herbalife with these codes that open the doors of the products at the price of distributors:

  1. Log in to the Herbalife official website by clicking here
  2. Come inID:21y0033682 Then the first 3 letters of the surname of the sponsor: Hou
  3. Answer basic questions, stating that you have not been distributor before.
  4. Enter your information such as the name, first name, date of birth.
  5. Send a photo of your ID or passport card.
  6. Set the amount of the license and at the same time get your gifts.

Congratulation ! You are now Herbalife distributor and can buy the products at the best price for one year. There is strictly no commitment on your part, you order when you wish without any obligation of amount! In case of question, I invite you to click here.

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