Qu'est ce que myherbalife et comment s'inscrire ?

What myherbalife and how to register?

My Herbalife is the site for members of Herbalife Nutrition to place orders for their clients, but also manage orders, teams and see their evolution and sale Member which brings them under their royalties.

How to get a license and myherbalife Register?

As long as you do not have license Herbalife Nutrition, it is impossible for you to order and enjoy your discount on your products! We explain below how to register at Herbalife. You must use the myherbalife site.

  1. Log in to myherbalife.com
  2. Click on the right side "join herbalife".
  3. Fill in the form.
  4. Ask us the ID sponsorship code and the first letter of the godfather by clicking here to understand if it is an interesting solution for you or not.
  5. Accept the elements.
  6. You receive your pack discovery and access your future and can order your products and sell

In rejoingnant our team, you will get special support with an active team and video training that will help you achieve your goals. It is clearly there to enable you to get your financial independence and not a mere wage supplement. In our team, we rush and we work hard!

Registration form for a team of Herbalife Nutrition

What can you do myherbalife once connected?

Myherbalife will be the reference site to manage your business online and in real life. You will be able to order all products with your discount and have it shipped directly to the customer. You do not need to take you to ship the package is that Herbalife will in 2-4 days and you can follow the delivery via DPD by tracking number. This is sort of dropshipping, A business with a lot of advantages when you do not need to have stock!

You will have access to the formula 1, aloe vera, tea, but also to Herbalife events meetings and meeting, training and content to help.

Moreover, the site is a true dashboard that allows you to discover your business and monitor the activity of your members. VAT contributions as independent seller and others will easily and automatically on the site myherbalife. And if you have questions, our team is available if you are in our team!

There are many Herbalife Nutrition opinion in France, for example on doctissimoThat there has been potentially scandal or danger. We would like to say that Herbalife is a society respectful and concerned about the quality of its products. Many speak without ever having tested a Herbalife product and yet give their opinion when they do not even know the prices, vitaminsHardware or taste of the product!

In rejoingnant My Herbalife France, Belgium, Canada, Quebec or any other country, you will be in my opinion part in a great experience too personal though professional, we leave the possibility of the contact by email if you are interested (e).

Once registered with Herbalife, you'll blow the myherbalife interface login with management my account. Then you can order products for your own consumption or sell depending on your license.

If you have any questions, contact us (this site is an online shop for Herbalife nutrition, managed by an independent member)

Herbalife method to finance its products by selling Formula 1, tea and aloe


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