Quels sont les goûts des produits herbalife ?

What are the tastes of Herbalife products?

Losing weight ? Yes ! Take the mass? Yes ! Having a good figure for the summer? Yes ! Do it by drinking and eating things unclean taste? Certainly not ! We want everyone to feel good in our bodies but continuing to eat the things you love and by pleasing our taste buds. You probably have any taste Herbalife Nutrition products? Here is reassuring when you your purchase on our shop !

Is it natural or artificial?

If you are sporting, concerned about your well-being or just curious, you have already tested a dietary supplement in very artificial taste and who had nothing sexy. Rest assured, we! But that was before…

At Herbalife Nutrition more 70 million are invested each year in research and development to develop high quality products at the forefront of innovation and inevitably the study of taste is also analyzed to satisfy consumers. The brand thus does not use artificial sweetener to give flavor to its famous breakfast Formula 1 promotion on our store. The taste is very natural finish. Same for the sports range H24, which has nothing to compare to a product for the use of sport and sold in supermarkets!

What food sources in the products?

The sources are of course natural:

  • the soy for protein intake
  • the fructose from the fruit intake for healthy sugars.
  • oats for the intake of carbohydrates that provide energy throughout the day.
  • Aloe vera treated hand for drinking hydration aloe vera.
  • The protein "whey" protein intake for the sports range H24, which is a source of very high quality to feed the muscle.

Herbalife Nutrition causes what is in the product are identical to the nutritional values ​​shown on the label.

Regarding aloe vera, yellowish substance called it withdraws aloin between the transparent flesh and skin of the leaf, to have no laxative effect.

The beverage Herbal which contains tea is treated with water and not with alcohol to keep intact its flavor and quality.

Rest assured, the taste is really good, we consume every day ourselves these products and we are always excited when we prepare our breakfast on waking
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