Un client privilégié chez Herbalife nutrition qui montre son inscription.

Herbalife Privileged Customer - How to Sign and Benefits

Herbalife Nutrition has just created a new status: that of privileged customer. The latter enjoys 35% discount on its orders, many gifts and benefits and can order all the products it desires itself. We explain everything here with the registration process.

What is privileged customer status or VIP?

The privileged customer status is different from that of the distributor. A distributor undertakes to work with Herbalife and can therefore resell the different products, manage his margins and ship the parcels to his clients.

The very advantageous status of herbalife nutrition preferred customer is quite different: You get when you register the right to buy the products at a lower cost on the official Herbalife website with 35% discount!

It is hyper simple to set up and use!

Concretely, you:

  • Do not have a monthly fee, it's without subscription.
  • You have 35% reduction for life.
  • You no longer need to order your seller / distributor, everything is done on the site, it is you who manage. :-)
  • Get fast delivery
  • Receive gifts at registration.
  • You receive free content and training to use the products.

That benefits! The registration fee that delivers you products as a gift are ... € 31 only! With 35% discount, so to say that if you order minimum 2 times a year, you have largely profitable! Here's how to register as a privileged customer.

How to register as a privileged customer?

It's very simple to become herbalife privileged customer and get maximum reduction, as well as order the different products. We explain everything in this video!

You must have an email address, name, first name, physical address and social security number. As well as sponsorship codes. You can use the following codes:

Ask us the ID sponsorship code and the first letter of the godfather by clicking here to understand if it is an interesting solution for you or not. We will be able to discuss together the Herbalife license and its interest in you.

It will be enough to click here to register (right) and connect to Herbalife

So, you will be able to order your products as evening as we will show you on this video

If you want to join Herbalife Nutrition, which you regularly consume the products, the privileged client status is certainly an excellent investment to save money.

This offer of commercial opportunity Herbalife Nutrition is proposed by independent herbalife members Nutrition Hubre Frank, Za Les Terrasses de la Saar 4 57400 Sarrebourg 07 56 80 01 33. The commercial opportunity is administered by Herbalife International France S.A. 3 Street Alexandre Volta BP 81020 67451, Mundolsheim Cedex France. The goods sold are nutritional products and personal care. Transactions are carried out by participants as constituents.  

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