Comment perdre du poids rapidement et facilement ?

How to lose weight fast and easily?

Today, the information shared on the way of losing weight have reached such a level that it is even extremely difficult for those interested in finding quality data when they start the process of loss of some sizes or eliminating these superfluous kilos their body.

How to eliminate belly and body fats?

Herbalife does not wind drugs or products to lose weight but a way to eat better.

We want to share with you a few data on weight loss or elimination of fats that You will be useful for dissipating your doubts or question certainly shared myths in the sector to be true.

Think that most people are looking for grease Because it is this layer that covers certain parts of the body that hides the shape of the body as it is. When you use drastic or aggressive methods for the body, you sacrifice some of your muscle mass and The result is that the whole body is weakened.

Maintaining a balanced nutritional plan is essential to get the body you want and to be healthy, but it's not as simple as it seems. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

Basic principles for healthy diet

We can say that diet Adequate must be complete, that is, it must include both proteins and carbohydrates and carbohydrates in order to provide the body with the nutrients needed for its operation.

In addition, among the principles of a healthy diet, we can not leave the fact that it must be a balanced diet, Since we have to eat everything in a variety of way and that, as the saying says, "All that is excess is bad".

Some key facts to lose weight or eliminate fat

Food is not synonymous with famine

To summarize in a few words, when we want lose body fat, we want eat less than what one burns, that is to say, maintain a caloric deficit thanks to a Carefully elaborate feeding plan.

That's why you have to pay attention when we start the diet or that we are doing very aggressive plans, the only thing we get is of endanger muscle with fat on which we work and even undergo a rebound effect.

Attention to cardiovascular activity

If your dieting is healthy, balanced and consistent with the needs of your body, the cardio will be An activity that will complete the burning of fat very well using the calories of your body. The problem is that if you get carried away by thephysical activity, Your progress will be compromised.

When you make intense cardio and excessive, the muscles disappear with fat and metabolism becomes catabolic, with aFeeling of flaccidity, exhaustion and fatigue.

We suggest you Limit your cardiovascular activity At three sessions of 30 minutes a week. If you work with a personal trainer, please consult it to make the necessary adjustments for your particular case.

Lifting weights does not mean that you will lose weight

The only thing you can be sure when you lift weight is that you Develop your muscles. It is therefore not true that there is a relationship between the weight and the weightloss, Although this is a perfect complement to allow you to eliminate a considerable amount of calories.

We recommend opting for routines on the bars for better results, Because this way the body uses more muscles.

Realism facing times that change

Your weight loss objectives must be realistic because, in these cases, the attitude and the ability to deal with the challenges at the level mental are fundamental. Think of results every three months or at times of time so that you can engage and do not disappoint you every week because you do not see any changes.

Control the excess carbohydrate

This is a tip that is repeated with insistence and that can even be easily followed by the current market with solutions like theOnline purchase of herbalife products.

However, do not forget that if you deprive yourself of carbohydrates For a long time, you will notice that you lose muscle mass and that you will have a feeling of Loss of energy in your daily life. Handle your contributions according to the nutritional needs of every moment of your life.

Hunger is a normal thing

As human beings, we are exposed to hunger, so do not be shocked when it happens, even if you follow a dieting. The way to act in this case is not to restrict your meals, but to learn how to select the foods that will help you get the results you want.

An essential advice is always trying toAccelerate your metabolism by what you eat.

Sleep well

Food has An impact on the quality of sleep, so it is sometimes more difficult to sleep if we are hungry. Anyway, it's essential to sleep 8 hours a day so that the body complies with the processes related to theElimination of fats during this period.

Avoid hunger between meals thanks to these tips

Having a constantly hungry is one of the reasons why more and more people give up their diet or their nutritional plan. If you are part of these people who can not go to plan, because you really have trouble, but you want to make changes in your body, here are some tips for avoid hunger between meals. They will be very helpful to find your silhouette and improve your health.

What should I eat to avoid hunger between meals?

Fresh fruits

The amount of nutrients and healthy sugars contained in the Fruits makes it a perfect snack. It is advisable to eat them only in the morning. Try to eat apples, strawberries, raspberries and pineapples.


Just like the fruits are the perfect complement of a good Alimentation. You can eat them at any time. You do not have to worry about measuring portions, but you have to pay particular attention to the potato. Ideally, you should eat green vegetables with leaves.


This is one of the best foods for avoid hunger between meals. It is perfect for its practical aspect and the amount of fibers that hecontains. Oats, full wheat and rice are your best choice.


In this group, we will find mainly foods like chicken, blue fish and ham. They are snack perfect To provide an energy supplement to our body after exercise.


This is the perfect snack. A handful of almonds, nuts, raisins, dates or sunflower seeds will allow you to get out of a jam when you are really hungry.

Avoid hunger between meals is really easy with these examples we have proposed. Just include them in your daily diet and moderate portions when you take them.


Foods you can eat every day to reduce your belly

From Tips for losing weight the most insistors of experts, there is no doubt that attention paid to the way you choose the food that you Eat everyday life is one of the most relevant. Especially if we think about the amount of stimuli to which we Are exhibited in today's world and which leads us in most cases to make hasty decisions that are not suitable for the organization.

Now, in this case, we will focus on the grease accumulating in the belly. Think about how you notice, over the years, some of your loved ones are starting to develop a a belly more and more pronounced.

A good diet to reduce belly fat

The truth is that there are today many quality alternatives among which to choose in order toEliminate grease accumulated in the belly. Think, for example, Herbalife pricewhich are easily accessible to all and a diet that is completed by the products listed below.

Do not neglect these kinds of advice for a stomach more tonic because they will also have an impact on your health.

Foods to eat every day and reduce fat


In general, we can say that all kinds of apples will be effective for Eliminate belly fat. This is due to the amount of fiber it provides, which causes a feeling of prolonged satiety in theStomach and prevents excessive consumption during main meals.

It is also a food that contains from the pectin and antioxidants, a combination fight fat in the whole body.


It is a fruit with a high composition in Minerals and vitamins which is already recognized for its qualities of disease prevention. Due to the acid nature that characterizes it, besides the lycopene, It constitutes a very good alternative for break down the belly fat.

The previous point is made possible by its fat conversion action into useful energy forOrganization is why if you regularly consume in your diet, you will find results in a short time.


Its composition in allicine is high, a chemical that is responsible forElimination of "bad cholesterol" LDL. It is also a compound that inhibits fat accumulation.

It is suggested to consume about two cloves of garlic by day, in the morning, in order to feel the positive effects of this food in terms of grease reduction in theorganization.


It's a nutskin to be rich in tryptophan and fiber, which is perfect for Reduce cholesterol levels in the body and Who also guarantees a feeling of satiety in a short time that will help you regulate the amount of food you eat.

Its high content in proteins allows People more easily develop a lean muscle mass, improve stool and digestion. However, do not forget that eating excess will give your diet a additional amount of calories.


It's a perfect food to take care of the eyes, skin and helps lose weight fast. With its contribution, your body acquires large quantities of fibers that will allow you to feel satisfied in a short time.

It is estimated that one cucumber contains about 45 Kcal, So in general terms, a food to reduce belly fat that Brings few calories for you in relation to the amount of water and fiber it brings to your body.


In all its presentations, there is a cereal beneficial to the body. It is characterized by its low-calorie, improves cellular metabolism and provides the body with purifying effects for better functioning.

On the other hand, oats is useful insofar as it helps to reduce blood cholesterol, helping the cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation.

Green beans

They have an important contribution in minerals, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and fiber. For reduce fat in the abdomen, they are excellent for satiety that makes their ingestion without this means to you extra calories.

Foods to avoid if we have a water retention

Today there is no doubt that the Water retention or the'edema is a problem more common in people's lives. Among the reasons for this, according to research experts, included a unbalanced diet, a low intake daily water and sedentary lifestyles.

In this regard, it should be noted that there are many cases where people claim that thefat accumulation that suffering is due to the characteristics of their body, when in fact the reason why this happens is that their body is not capable of performing suitable liquid purification.

When is water retention problem?

First, you should know that the fluid retention is uNo type ofaccumulation of water in body tissues, which, because of its characteristics, causes a loss of balance between the areas through which the fluids flow in the body and those responsible for their regulation.

When you are not able to remove this water, you tend to accumulate in certain areas of your body. Among the factors that make a situation like this possible include

  • A diet rich in sodium.
  • Circulation Problems sedentary.
  • imbalances hormone-like.
  • Lack of'exercise.

In fact, in most cases, it is easy to detect if you have water retention, because most of the time you gain weight and swelling occurs in a short time, especially at the ankles and legs.

A test to make it a little clearer is to press the skin for a few seconds. If, when you remove your finger, it forms a white mark that will live long, you sufferedema or fluid retention.

The first steps to begin to control the situation are reducing salt intake andincrease Food and beverages diuretics.

Foods to avoid if you suffer from water retention

Few advice mentioned so far will be useful but it will not be enough to reduce the sodium or exercise more.

We suggest below to begin to stop eating these foods if you have a Water retention.

Alcoholic beverages

Once they are consumed, in most cases we will promptly to the bathroom to expel them, we must not forget to pay attention to the fact that many components that are ingested remain in the body, such as sugar.

In addition, thealcohol causes fluid retention in the legs and stomach. A daily glass of wine will not be a problem.

The sausages

The concentration of sodium they contain, in addition to theexcess fat they contain, causes problems Water retention. Think about that when you eat, you block your arteries and increase the risk of heart attack.


The fries, as well asother similar products, are characterized by high quantities of salt in order to Improve taste. The main disadvantage of these products is that they create a strong addiction And it is difficult to take care of oneself or to consume only one part.

We recommend that you recommend replace in case Unhealthy by nuts, sunflower seeds and other similar products that your body can take care.

Refined sugar

Today, most of the products we consume are distinguished by the amount ofsweeteners and sugarthey contain. In this case, it is the same as with salt, since in addition to the dependence they cause, they constitute an obvious disadvantage for theElimination of liquids.

The Council to keep in mind in these cases is to choose food healthier for the body andnatural origin. Think for example in Stevia, honey and even cinnamon.

White flour

If your diet is characterized by the consumption of cookies, pizzas, pasta or breads, there is a greater probability of suffering from a liquid retention problem. Think that refined flour provides your body from carbohydrates that will eventually accumulate and who, in turn, will make your kidneys will not work at an adequate pace.

With a slowing down the renal function, the amount of water in your body will increase and with it the disadvantages of the liquid retention. We invite you to give preference to complete flour from now on.

Tips, recommendations and tricks for healthy weight loss

Cinnamon to sweeten your meals

When preparing a bowl with natural fruits, tea and others, we advise you to use a little bit of cinnamon as sweetener. Even for those who are used to drinking a glass of milk before falling asleep, it will be perfect for a deep sleep.

In fact, all proposals will be valid for the Cinnamon to help you satiate and control your weight. Among the reasons for which it is a quality food comes off:

  • It's a spice which imitates very well the activity of insulin L is therefore useful for stabilizing the blood sugar level.
  • It accelerates also the metabolism, so the calories are burned and the abdomen loses weight.

Rye bread

Although there are some reservations about it, as long as it comes to bread rye, the bread is a key food for any type of plan that you intend to put into practice. The most important point, however, is that it is the foods that accompany it that are decisive in this case.

  • Just like cinnamon acts on the body, this type of cereals Regulates the blood sugar level.
  • It's a food that gives us a feeling of satiety considerable, even more than other varieties of bread. If you want lose weight, the Toast of this bread is a great idea.
  • Finally, it is a more than adequate proposal for breakfasts.

Olive oil to replace dressings

Usually, after preparing a plate of grilled meat, a salad and others, the first thing you do is to complete its flavor with sauces or seasonings that therefore result in the loss of all the nutritional content flat.

  • Even if the food becomes more appetizing, the Restriction of sauce consumption will bring good results for the weightloss.
  • Focus on olive oil in your preparations to start avoidingAccumulation of fat in the abdominal region. With her, you will also take care of your heart.
  • Remember that the unsaturated fats are essential for losing weight.

A long coffee before a latte

Concerning the drinks, there exists today many options on the market.

However, if you want to complete or include a little coffee in Your life, it is suggested to get rid of coffee with milk and give priority to coffee long. This in order to avoid the level of fat that the milk gives to the drink.

  • If so, add a sweetener such as cinnamon or stevia. But the ideal would be that it is a coffee coffee.
  • add More water Your drink to make it more digestible, even if it costs you at the beginning.

Black chocolate to calm your desires

It is estimated thatan ounce of dark chocolate by day is enough to calm your desires while promoting the operation of the digestive system, in Providing to your heart nutrients and usually taking care of your body's health.



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