Comment boire et mélanger son shaker de protéine et son formula 1 ?

How to drink and mix his protein shaker and formula 1?

There are better milks or liquids that make it possible to make good shakers with the Herbalife protein or famous Formula 1. Here are some tips from the milks you can use to mix and drink a delicious Herbalife shaker without making lumps!

The importance of having a good shaker

Many people use a basic shaker with a simple grid up to broadcast the Formula 1 or the protein in their shaker. Yet there is a simpler method that really allows to have a fluid drink without finding pieces or compact pieces.

Herbalife shakers offer the famous metal balls we place inside. The great interest is that this metallic ball Go move inside the shaker and ricocher inside the walls to more easily mix nutrients with the liquid. It's really day and night between versions with a grid and the version with the metal ball.

You can Order these Herbalife Shakers by clicking here. A better broadcast will allow a better assimilation and better comfort during consumption.

The different milks and compatible liquids

We will talk here with plays or skim milk. Indeed, we will simply avoid the half-skid milk or whole milk because very dense, not allowing a good miscibility of the powder in the shaker and of course a little too rich in fats.

You can quite make his shaker with water. However, it will be noted that the gourmet appearance is much less present than with the following different milks:

  • Skimmed milk which is the only non-plant milk recommended to mix his shake.
  • Soy milk which will allow extra intake of soy protein.
  • Oat milk, spelled milk and rice milk who have a more neutral and less thick taste.
  • Almond milk, which has a much sweeteer taste.

We will try to take products no added sugar And why not, enriched with calcium or vitamins. No need to go to buy milk directly at Bjorg or Sojasun. Almost the same quality can be found at half the price of these two major brands in the brand of the store or at Alpro.

By using these different milks, you will be able to enjoy a very interesting absorption of nutrients without disgusting And by varying the pleasures! Our favorite is soy milk after sport and oat milk with the sleeve.

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