Herbalife quand on est enceinte, une bonne idée ?

Herbalife when we are pregnant, a good idea?

Can you consume products and shaker Herbalife while you are pregnant? Herbalife offers dietary supplements, and we need to seek a doctor's advice to find out if the products do not conflict with a processing or mode of food that you have while waiting for your baby or child .

What advises the Herbalife brand if you are pregnant?

Herbalife milk shakes are safe, but they are not recommended during pregnancy.

We wanted to talk about it because we noticed that a few famous moms (including Jacqueline Jossa and Laura Carter) recently spoke about Herbalife on Instagram.

It seems that the star of Estenders, Jac's, has teamed with the mark only as part of his fitness path after the birth of his baby, but we noted an article in which Laura mentioned that she had decided to use milk-shakes during pregnancy, eating a healthy lunch and dinner, but by exchanging his breakfast against a milk shake.

The opinions of physicians and experts on Herbalife

If Herbalife products range from vitamin supplements to sports drinks for sports, society is probably better known for its shakes and bars dieting (wrongly because the products do not lose weight, it is to make fitness and consideration of your diet that will allow you to lose weight).

These products are not recommended for pregnant women, told us the English public health service in 2014 because it does not advise to follow a weight loss program during pregnancy. What makes sense!

The nutritionist, Dr. Rana Conway, says "the only way to ensure all the benefits you and your baby need is to follow a balanced diet".

Shakes and other supplements may contain the recommended amount of vitamins and essential minerals, But food contains much more, she says.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that ellagic acid, found in berries, protects against cancer, and green vegetables such as spinach and curly cabbage contain a substance called lutein that is important for the Eye health.

These are just some of the many beneficial phytonutrients that are found in real foods, and others are still being discovered.

The representative of Herbalife, George Fischer, explained (again, a few years ago now) that the company advises to discuss with your midwife and your doctor dealing with any nutritional supplementation taken during pregnancy.

An optimal nutrition during pregnancy is important to maintain your health and minimize problems during pregnancy, he added.

Although Herbalife products can be consumed safely By most adults, some Herbalife products carry a warning indicating that they are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. The products mentioned with the warning generally contain caffeine.

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