Herbalife pour grossir et prendre du poids ou de la masse

Herbalife to grow and gain weight or mass

Herbalife products are well known for their effectiveness on weight loss, to slim quickly and have a good silhouette all year round or just before the summer. But can we take pounds and make a mass taking with these famous breakfasts? The answer is yes !

Why want to swell?

Everyone does not have the same goal and everyone does not have the same metabolism. Some lose weight more or less quickly and some are slowly weight. Their fast metabolism that consumes the calories faster than the average makes them keep a thin and slender silhouette. These people can therefore wish to take a mass taking to earn a few pounds.

How to make a mass taken?

Term often heard in bodybuilding, it is simply a matter of increasing calorie intake and make it higher than the daily caloric expenditure.

Why do not I get weight?

There are two factors to take into account when we want to take a mass taking: calorie intake and essential nutrient intake. Often people increase their caloric total over the day but do not grow. Or very frequently people complain of being able to eat everything and anything without succeeding in taking one kilos to gain in muscles.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

In your breakfast Formula 1 You will find in the right caloric equilibrium all the nutrients that your body needs to wake up. It will allow you to start the day with a full nutrient breakfast and that will promote muscle mass construction, so weight gain.

the Mix for protein beverage Essential and comes complement the contribution of Formula 1 to awakening. Mix 2 spoons of Formula 1 and 2 of this protein beverage to have extra calorie and protein intake, which will double the speed of weight gain.

The importance of protein collations

3 meals (morning, noon evening) are not enough to take a weight gain. Snacks must be added between meals throughout the day to continue to increase calorie and protein intake. We recommend our Protein case bars which exist in 3 flavors to make healthy snacks and which will allow you to reach your goal.

The importance of recovery

When you finish your sports session Muscle fibers are deteriorated because of the effort and a recovery drink is mandatory to rebuild muscle mass and continue weight gain.

You have the REBUILD STREGH which contains all the contributions necessary for the recovery and build muscles after the sports session. Chocolate flavor, very soft in the mouth, very digestible, it is perfect to take in shaker after your session at the gym, your crossfit session, or simply after a muscle building session or HIIT.

In conclusion, a mass in the mass takes place in this way:

  • Breakfast: Formula 1 + Mix for protein beverage
  • Morning snack: encase protein bar
  • Noon: balanced meal
  • Next snack if no sport: protein bark bar
  • Snack so sport: Rebuild Strength at the end of the session
  • Evening: balanced meal

So, who is ready to gain weight with Herbalife?

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