Thé herbalife : les boissons instantanées aux goûts originaux

Herbalife tea: instant drinks with original tastes

Herbalife tea is proposed in a form of instant drink. Rather than having a tea bag to do soak In your cup, you then have the tea powder that will mix hyper easily in contact with hot water. In this way, Herbalife allows you to easily consume green and black tea to improve the elimination of toxins.

What are the different tea from Herbalife Nutrition?

There are 4 different tastes for Herbalife teas, and these are available in pots from 50 to 100g depending on the flavors. All aim to accompany you with a drink moisturizing, Gourmande and which will allow you to reach your fitness goal.

Thus, Herbalife offers the following range of teas:

  • Taste original To feel green and black tea.
  • Lemon For a note a little more lemon.
  • Raspberry For lovers of red fruits.
  • Peach For a more greedy side.

Then they divide into pots of 100 and 50 grams. These delicious perfumes reveal their flavor by mixing with water, preferably hot. In powder form, tea mixes quickly and easily in a simple spoon shot!

Woman drinking herbalife nutrition tea during her sports session

What is the composition of Herbalife teas and their effects?

Each tea contains vegetable extracts and brings you 6 calorie by consumption, not enough to enable but to bring essential nutrients! You will find :

  • From green tea extract for theine and the detox side.
  • Black tea for caffeine.
  • Of the maltodextrin In order to give a sweet taste but not too much.
  • Hibiscus to improve the draining effect of tea, remove toxins.
  • Guarana to boost and be much more efficient.
  • Caffeine for you to be effective and Alert and burn fat.

Thus, Herbalife products will allow you, through this tea, to gain energy, be more concentrated and bring a detox effect to your body. Believe me, it will allow you to have a Easy drink to set up Who will become a good excuse to moisturize you and take care of yourself! You can Order Herbalife tea in the different tastes on our online store.

Why drink Herbalife tea and what alternatives?

Rather than drinking water, drinking tea makes it possible to bring new nutrients and enjoy the advantages of different plant extracts. If you drink only water, which is certainly very good, you make the advantage of having a drink that brings you more essential elements for your fitness and contributes to the increase in your results.

Thus, drinking tea makes it possible to accelerate your fitness process and also, to allow those who do not like drinking water, to have an interesting drink that will motivate them to drink more and therefore to have a better hydration.

There are other alternatives in Herbalife products:

  • Aloe drink Whether you mix with water will significantly improve your hydration.
  • You can drink teas purchased in large area, but they will not be as effective as those of Herbalife. Similarly, they are less practical because in purchase and ask for a time of infusion, while Herbalife Nutrition tea is a Instant drink!
  • You can take the Guarana tablet that will have an old detox and booster, but for all, they are capsules to swallow, it will not improve your hydration!

You have every reason to take tea every day for you will improve your performance. Whether to stop fatigue, eliminate or simply moisturize, there are only advantages.

When to take Herbalife tea and what recipes?

Some like mixing Herbalife tea. Personally, I find that there is no need for special recipe, I like the basic taste of tea. You can then give free short to your imagination:

  • Add a washer of lemon or a fruit you like to bring additional vitamins.
  • Out of the question of mixing it with Formula 1 or something else, it's not done for!
  • If you like English, you can add a cloud of milk. However, the milk is totally banished in your fitness program.

You are free to arrange your tea as you wish to match your tastes and desires.

Now, When to take Herbalife tea? There are two ways to do. You can take it during a meal, that is to say during breakfast or after lunch. We do not recommend to consume it at night to sleep better! Otherwise, you can take it as a gourmet drink, alone. For example during a snack at 10am, or to taste at 16h. We strongly advise you to take it in the morning or at the beginning of the afternoon to benefit from the boost brought by the theine! Click here to order herbalife online tea on our shop and make you deliver at home!

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