Comment devenir distributeur Herbalife et réussir à vraiment en vivre ?

How to become herbalife distributor and succeed in really living?

Herbalife is one of the main brands and ambassadors of health in the world and food supplements. As MLM (network marketing), it strives to promote the passage to a healthier and more fulfilling way of life. In addition to healthy eating habits and regular exercise, Herbalife also encourages people to maximize opportunities to achieve and maintain a body in shape thanks to the nutritional support of their products, such as vitamins, food supplements, protein drinks and The snacks, as well as hair care products and skin.

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This offer of commercial opportunity Herbalife Nutrition is proposed by independent members Herbalife Nutrition whose name and address is available in the header of the site The commercial opportunity is administered by Herbalife International France S.A. 3 Street Alexandre Volta BP 81020 67451, Mundolsheim Cedex France. The goods sold are nutritional products and personal care. Transactions are carried out by participants as constituents.

Become a successful herbalife distributor

The effectiveness of Herbalife products, associated with its campaign for a healthier way of life, has become a lever for them to develop the company, which has gone from a simple chain of health products to a global franchise allowing anyone of enthusiasts to become VDI (independent seller) and therefore leave his job or work potentially and live this new activity.

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Ask us the ID sponsorship code and the first letter of the godfather by clicking here to understand if it is an interesting solution for you or not. We will be able to discuss together the Herbalife license and its interest in you.

Today, Herbalife products are distributed in more than 90 countries, making it one of the most viable business networking opportunities in the world. Staying in line with the standard and the global scope established by Herbalife, Herbal-Nutrition is aimed at people from different countries that will help distribute Herbalife products to customers in their area. With several years of experience with Herbalife to his credit, has become the essential name for those who want to try Herbalife's business.


A business job is not for everyone, and many of those who do not want to be content with being salaried are usually those who start in business and create their own business, Whatever its size. One of the things that make our team is an ideal business partner is that registration is hyper simple and that you have excellent accompaniment. Simply Go to this registration page, fill out your details and wait for the confirmation that your registration is successful.

Distributors of all levels of experience are allowed to use and market Herbalife. When you register, you can select the affiliation of your team and your distributor rank. By choosing our as explained on the previous link, you will have an exceptional accompaniment, allowing you to go much faster than all the other teams!

The list includes the distributor, the supervisor, the global team, the global expansion team, the Millionaires Team (or Millionaire TEAM), the President's team, the President's Club and, finally, the Club du founder. The categories depend on your success in the business and your ability to develop your team.

Why as a team?

Being a member of the Herbal-Nutrition network has many advantages.

We are proud of the number of years we have put to become the main independent source for all that concerns Herbalife. But so that we can continue to progress well, we intend to Share the expertise acquired with his memberss, whether they are already members or beginners.

Herbalife, as a supplier of products distributed by Herbal Nutrition members, is committed to creating quality and efficient products, which in turn give its customers the extraordinary results they can testify. Positive reviews are also one of the things we are proud of, because many of its customers have had superb experiments with Herbalife products, as well as with the excellent service provided byOur online store.

Here, additional free trainings offered to our members through educational videos on Herbalife. But that's not the only way we go from the internet. The Herbalife Facebook app is also one of the last additions adapted by us, so that it is easier for members to present products in social media.

Herbalife method to finance its products by selling Formula 1, tea and aloe

These benefits are just some of the few whose partners can benefit when they are part of our team.

Succeed in becoming a herbalife distributor and winning her new salary

Although being part of is a real advantage for all distributors, there are ways for members to ensure additional success. Here are some ideas that distributors can do to successfully sell Herbalife products.

Mastering Marketing Plan and Volume Point Progression

A marketing plan is essential for any business because it is what will lead entrepreneurs for successful implementation and good management of their business. It is important that they know what their target audience is and what is the best approach to use when they invite them to Try the products sold. Herbalife provides its distributors with a specific marketing plan that they can use to present the goods to their customers or even potential recruits.

Be a living testimony by showing your results

If members must be convincing, they must become living proof of the efficacy of herbalife products. It would be a good idea that distributors themselves use the same products they sell because it would be easier for them to teach customers to do it themselves and persuade them of the efficiency of the goods that is undeniable. . When target customers will see that the items sold are actually useful, it would not be so difficult to explain the benefits.

Share a unique story with your photos from before after

Herbalife products are known for their ability to help users turn the page by achieving health goals and giving them a new perspective on themselves. Distributors who have experienced the same thing should be able to tell their story to potential customers. It is not necessary for it to be always dramatic, but it must be real. Unique stories can also be integrated into the marketing plan so that the approach is personalized and that customers can identify with.

Ask for reviews, testimony and feedback

Assuming customers are satisfied with herbalife products they use, distributors can ask their customers if they can talk to their friends the benefits of the goods. With regard to networking, a recommendation can greatly help encourage more people to try the products. . In addition, the extension of a network does not only mean that there will be more customers for the distributor, it can also be recruited as a new member and give it the possibility of selling Herbalife a means of earn a living.

Sell ​​online to be even more efficient

In addition to the retail website that accompanies membership, distributors can also use social media sites to disseminate herbalife information to a larger number of people. Social networks are also an ideal place to meet new people and interact with existing customers. By continuously communicating with customers, distributors can benefit from a vast and substantial network with which they can do business.

As with any other business, a Herbalife distributor via can be disconcerting at the beginning being a new activity, but once members master the products and build a consistent network, all the rest will follow. Over time, they will see that the best advantage is not only to benefit from a healthier lifestylebut also to influence others to live the same beneficial changes, while gaining additional income or even a salary at Herbalife.

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