Combien de cuillère de produits Herbalife ?

How many spoon of Herbalife products?

The number of Herbalife product scoops will of course depend on the product, but also your goal. Here's how you can dose Each product with the famous measuring spoon or the one you have at home!

A question of fitness objective

At first, you have to ask what is your goal?

  1. Losing weight and target weight, by eliminating the fat for example.
  2. Gain muscle and gain weight.

In the first case, it is the food change and the sport that will allow you to reach your goal. As a reminder, Herbalife does not sell fat burning or other, but proposes a real fitness and adaptation of his diet according to his Goals. Thus, in the event of wanting to lose weight, you must scholarly dosing to reach your goal according to your kcal and your consumption.

A girl who has played sports and who will dose her herbalife shaker and powder with a tablespoon.

In the second case, we can be more "generous"On the dosages without abusing! The body has only a certain absorption capacity of minerals and nutrients a day. But in this case you will not have to worry about the number of spoons and the fear of Exceed your dose of contributions.

The number of spoons to be taken is indicated at the back of each product

Each product has been perfectly configured and dosed to allow you not to deceive you! For Formula 1 for example, it's two spoons to make a shaker (reminder, you avoid mixing with milk, but rather water or vegetable milk).

On our site, we told you in every herbalife product description that you can buy online, The number of spoons for each product. As part of Goal 1, which is rather oriented towards weight loss, we recommend that you follow the indicated dosages.

Then, for the case of a weight gain, we also recommend that you follow the dosages but ... you can mix certain products together! For example, someone who wants to lose weight will take Formula 1, but someone who wants to take muscle too and at the same dosage! On the other hand, it can mix the protein powder in complement In order to bring a good dose of protein. There is the difference.

Similarly, instead of consuming 1 shaker a day, we can switch to two. Or even include shaker in new snacks and do not replace meals. For example by taking a Herbalife protein shaker before sleeping to help the muscle repair and feed his body in good nutrients!

Always respect that basic, Two small tablespoons For Formula 1 and complementary powders and everything will be fine! If necessary, you can buy the HERBALIFE measuring spoon to have the exact amount of each product by clicking here

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