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Instant tea drink

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Low-calorie drink and refreshingtea , made from green tea and black tea.

Available in 4 delicious scents, it is a great way to bring water to the body, for only about 6 calories per serving.

Herbalife herb concentrate is a refreshing, highly digestible and low-calorie drink based on black tea and green tea, which has thermogenic and antioxidant properties. Cardomomo as digestive natural, Hibiscus known to improve the appearance of the skin and the removal of excess fluid. Wild Mallow as a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps to activate your metabolism by increasing the body's energy and helping to reduce excess fat. It helps to calm the appetite between meals and shape the body.

All the benefits of drinking Herbalife tea

  • Contains about 6kcal per serving.
  • A cup of instant drink made from tea and plant extracts contains 85mg of caffeine, to help you stay awake and improve your concentration.
  • Extraction of our green tea is aqueous in order to preserve all its components.
  • Comes in four delicious scents: classic, Lemon, Peach and Raspberry.
  • To taste hot or cold according to your desires.
  • Delicious citrus flavor.
  • Refreshing, delicious, instant.
  • Stimulating Action, promotes fat burning (thermogenic).
  • Antioxidant action.
Unique blend of orange pekoe tea (traditional black tea) and green tea, with extracts of mauve flower, hibiscus flowers and cardamom seeds. Refreshing and invigorating.

Tips for use

Mix half a teaspoon (1.7 g) with 200 - 250 ml of hot or cold water. Enjoy this product as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy and active lifestyle. Drink one or two glasses a day. Each serving contains 85 mg of caffeine. Store with the lid closed in a cool, dry place. Consumer Warranty: satisfied within 30 days or refunded by Your Independent Herbalife distributor. This exclusive product can only be obtained from Herbalife independent distributors.
  • Use the measure from measuring spoon 1.2 ml rinse and add it to the water in a cup.
  • It can be taken daily, between meals, at breakfast or after meals.
  • It can be mixed with water or flavored teas and even add a little lemon.
  • It is not recommended to add sugar, because of its additional caloric intake.
Because of its high energy content, it is not recommended for people suffering from hypertension or heart problems.
Herbalife tea is a quality tea for slimming

What are the effects of Herbalife tea ?

Herbalife tea is the perfect ally to boost the metabolism. In this way the body can naturally burn more fat ! It helps as part of effective weight loss.
A cup allows you to spend several hundred calories, you can consume it throughout the day without moderation.
Put a teaspoon in a large bottle and enjoy throughout the day to promote weight loss, avoid strokes of fatigue and limit coffee consumption.
The plants contained in the tea ensure a detox immediate effect for the body and a draining effect to remove toxins. So you will feel good in your body.
Tea, of course, has a stimulating effect. I recommend that you do not take it with sugar. It will do waste disposal in your body. It is not a burner or a product for losing weight, but rather a stimulant for improving your fitness. By improving the drainage of toxin from your body, you will improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals that you will consume.
It is enough to take this tea extract in a small spoon and let it brew a little. They're not tea bags. It has been proven that tea is beneficial on basic metabolism and its benefits on organs such as the liver. It is made from natural ingredients of green tea extract and is an excellent boost for de-stocking toxins and drinking a tasty tea. You can quite drink it before, after or during physical activity. Tea Herbalife is of course understood Vegan and its caloric intake is low. It has nothing to do with fat burner products or a slimming recipes, it is an ally to add into your diet such a herbal teas for your fitness and all the benefits associated with the active ingredients of tea that stimulates your body and your vitality !

What are the ingredients and composition of the instant drink based on Herbalife tea ?

Here is the composition of Herbalife tea that leaves on Holy ingredients to drain toxins.

  • Excerpts from green tea to improve your concentration.
  • Excerpts from tea black for you brings a caffeine intake.
  • Fructose and maltodextrin, to bring you a sweet touch in the mouth.
  • Of hibiscus, plant that allows a detox and draining effect for the organism.
  • From caffeine natural and guarana to improve energy throughout the day.
This mixture of different plants makes it a very effective product.

Side effects of Herbalife tea

The drink contains caffeine and should therefore be consumed in moderation if you are sensitive to it or if you have heart problems. Otherwise, the drink does not provide any side effects.Are there any recipes for tea ?
You can mix your tea in a cup with a plug from the aloe vera drink to give a more fruity and sweet taste, and fresher with ice cubes.

Do you know the drink themix ?

Mix your tea with multi-fiber drink, protein drink mix and aloe vera drink. You will then have at your disposal an ultra draining and superb drink to sculpt your body, which will make you eliminate in addition to ensuring optimal digestion.
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Customer Reviews

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Aide à perdre

Je trouve que ce thé a un effet coupe faim. J'ai envie de virer des kilos superflus et avoir un meilleur système digestif. En faisant du sport et en buvant des doses de thé, ça aide à la combustion je trouve. Vous avez beau dire que ce n'est pas un produit pour perdre du poids et quelques kilos, moi je le trouve efficace et anti cellulite car il draine la rétention d'eau. Merci

Karine M
Je l'utilise pour l'élimination rénale

Je suis un régime pour la combustion de graisses et la perte de poids. Le thé matcha est autre thé vert sont reconnus pour favoriser l'élimination des graisses, d'éviter la cellulite et la peau d'orange. Je sais que ce produit n'est pas le but mais en tout cas j'adore le savourer et je trouve que je vais bien plus souvent aux toilettes au début. Je le mélange à d'autres produits minceurs d'autres marques et je trouve ça très bien

très bon !

Super goût livré rapidement !

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