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Breakfast Pack (Formula 1 + Tea + Aloe Drink)

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For lack of time or appetite, breakfast is often overlooked. However, it is essential for a balanced diet.
Do not deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to start the day, try the Breakfast Pack

Benefits of this excellent plan and breakfast pack!

1. Quench your thirst with the Drink
concentrated with Aloe Vera mango
2. Bring tone with the Tea and Plant Extract Drink
3. Fill up on nutrients with Shake Formula 1

The Herbalife breakfast will allow you a considerable energy gain and a favored elimination of toxins  in your detox cure. Replace your sweet cereal with whole milk in the morning with a delicious smoothie in your Herbalife shaker! Lower your glycemic index for your breakfasts with less sugar and more protein and good nutrients.

Why am I going to gain energy with herbalife?

Eating well in the morning is essential, it is thanks to a good diet with a balanced breakfast that you will get the essential energy to get started! Whether it's  vitramine C, but also proteins or good sugars, the Herbalife nutrition breakfast is balanced  and will allow you to have all the essential nutrients for a successful day, doing a sport is to be well concentrated

You are free to mix formula 1 in a shaker with water, almond milk, soy or other. We do not recommend whole cow's milk unless you are looking for mass gain with muscle gain, to have a stronger calcium intake! You can totally eat dried fruit with a spread of peanut butter without slices of white bread, but avoid the added sugar typical of brunch with growths or other. For example, you can afford an omelet or plain yogurt to have a protein-rich breakfast as advised by nutritionists!

The aloe will allow you better hydration, the formula 1 an energy and protein contribution and the tea to boost you and make a small detox cure with green tea and black tea. You have to change your eating habits to gain energy! Goodbye little croissants with a fat coating that you shouldn't eat for breakfast! Hello to a healthy and balanced diet with good assimilation!

Can I take other complementary foods?

Yes, in order to make an even more complete breakfast, you are free to eat fresh fruit, scrambled eggs or why not goat cheese with wholemeal bread without abusing it. It all depends on your goal. The main goal is to have the fullest breakfast possible, but also to avoid snacking. Then eat to the full with a breakfast that is salty instead of sweet. It is the most important meal of the day! We therefore lower carbohydrates to obtain good elements.

For example, you can mix the herbalife formula 1 smoothie with oatmeal or muesli if you wish. If you like coffee, you can do it all, or take a small compote with no added sugar. Similarly, n you can take your shaker with water and drink vegetable milk next to it. We recommend not to consume dairy products, however, classic or croissant cereals. For example, you can replace cookies with good bread spelled  and rye. The peanut butter spread if you want to gain mass.

Be aware that grain products must be selected with care. For example, avoid sandwich bread but prefer bread with flax or chia seeds. Simply to control blood sugar and bad foods. Avoid bacon too and replace it with an egg or eggs scrambled  for example ! If you have to choose a fruit, take a banana that will give you potassium, it is the healthiest fruit in terms of sugar.

You can very well make pancakes  with formula 1 rather than taking a shaker and putting in an unsweetened jam to benefit from the slow sugars and why not a little cinnamon to give flavor! You are free as long as you manage to dose the amount of sugar in your smoothies and the amount of fat, in order to have balanced herbalife breakfasts and not too sweet in order to digest !

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Elodie Garva
Simple d'utilisation et sans lactose

Produits sans lactose, avec du soja donc j'aime beaucoup. Je commande toujours du stock en avance et je prend que ce pack.
j'en suis à -12kg en deux mois. je recommande pour perdre du poids rapidement

Matthieu D
perte de poids rapide

Perte de poids rapide pour ma part (-10kg en 42 jours de programmes) le shake fait 21 jours, j'ai tout de suite commandé deux packs pour varier les gouts. Aloé et thé pêche très bons

Laura Willerman
Prix pas chère et gouts très bons

J'utilise le thé pêche mélangé dans l'aloé véra et le shake formula 1 cookie et je suis satisfaite de ma perte de poids. je vais encore continuer quelques semaines à coup sûr surtout vu le prix pas chère et la qualité des produits

Camille Cerda
Prix pas chère

Prix pas chère et c'est génial car livraison rapide

Michelle Gerard
Nous consommons en couple

Je consomme les produits herbalife avec mon mari depuis plusieurs mois et sommes très satisfaits des résultats. Nous avons tous les deux perdus du poids et nous avons pris tous les deux ce pack avec différents gouts pour varier

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