Become a preferred customer Herbalife official nutrition

Up to 35% discount on your orders
Get products at the best price, new, delivered and shipped by Herbalife with fast delivery.
Order without any intermediary
You order on the official Herbalife website and no longer need to go through a seller.
Win advantages by recommending Herbalife
Do you already recommend Herbalife to your friends? Propose them to become a preferred customer Herbalife Nutrition and get benefits
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Why should you become a preferred customer Herbalife?

Herbalife Nutrition offers a new status, that of privileged customer allowing for avoi until35% discount on products and avoid having an intermediary.
If you order More than 2 times a year Herbalife products, profitability is hyper interesting for you. There is no intermediary or distributor to buy your products. By taking the status of privileged customer, you can order on the official Herbalife website without going through a coach.

This status does not engage you, you do not have a minimum order to pass.

This Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity offer is offered by independent Herbalife Nutrition Huber Frank, Za The Terrasses de la Saar 4 57400 Sarrebourg 07 56 80 01 33. The commercial opportunity is administered by Herbalife International France SA 3 Street Alexandre Volta BP 81020 67451, Mundolsheim Cedex France. The goods sold are nutritional products and personal care. Transactions are performed by participants as constituents.
Preferred customer
from 15 to 35% discount on your orders
Hyper profitable from 2 orders a year.
No purchase obligation
Very advantageous welcome pack
Without privileged customer
Obligation to go through an intermediary.
You do not know all the products.
Intermediary = price increase.
You never order on the official website.
You can not win advantage points

How to register as a customer?

Hyper simple, get great prices and all products without going through an interdarian.

How to place an order on the Herbalife website?

Here's how you will be able to enjoy your reduction and order the products.


All questions about Herbalife's privileged customer program
What is the privileged customer program?
The preferred customer program is intended to help distributors in supporting their customers by providing them with a number of benefits. The preferred customer program has been specially designed for customers who consume and adhere to Herbalife Nutrition products but who do not wish to develop the distribution of products.
What are the advantages ?
Three levels of discount: bronze, silver and gold (15%, 25% and 5% discount). Recommend people, get points. Free shipping of the welcome pack and from 40 points minimum order. Exclusive promotions. Orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, dedicated website and digital content with the monthly newsletter.
What are the different levels of reduction?
There are bronze levels (15% discount), Silver (25%) and Gold (35%). Each order brings you points. 100 points allows you to have the Silver level and 500 points the Gold level. Concretely, if you regularly buy Formula 1 and tea or aloe, you will quickly hyper the status of Silver and then Gold. The Breakfast Pack allows directly to have 100 points and thus to go to 25% discount.
What are the registration gifts?
You receive 15% core discount, + a measuring spoon and the choice between a shaker, a gourd or a tablet box.
Can I sell Herbalife products by becoming a privileged client?
No, only distributors can. By cons you can earn points by sponsoring friends, which will bring you reductions by becoming a privileged customer. You can at any time become herbalife distributor.