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What is Herbalife

Jun 04, 19
What is Herbalife

Who is Herbalife Nutrition? How it works ? Does it work ?  Here are a lot of questions asked on social networks or on the biggest search engines on the Internet.

The purpose of this article is to answer as best as possible and finally to truly know what Herbalife Nutritrion is.

Where does Herbalife come from?

The company was founded in 1980 in Los Angeles by a young entrepreneur by the name of Mark Hughes. He quickly felt the arrival of the overweight  and poor nutrition and wanted to offer a nutritional solution suitable for everyone, healthy, and based on breakfast and hydration.

Huge success for Mark Hughes project, the brand develops over decades in more than 90 countries, has a turnover of more than 4.4 billion dollars, more than 300 scientists, more than 4 million consumers to date worldwide, more than 8000 employees. In short, an incredible success from the start. The  France headquarters is located in Strasbourg.
Impossible to buy products in store or in pharmacies, the company's DNA is to offer the possibility of distributing the products yourself in order to ensure follow-up and a lasting relationship between the consumer and the reseller.

The approach and its nutritional solution

The brand focuses on its consumers on a healthy and active lifestyle, with a balanced diet, and physical activity. We often hear about 80% Nutrition and 20% active.

It is therefore on these 80% Nutrition that the brand will intervene with a daily balance thanks to a healthy breakfast  which brings everything the body needs on waking in the right balance in terms of calories, which makes it easier to control its weight up or down, while regaining energy, limiting snacking, going away better well-being.

Why does herbalife exist? What is his goal ?

The brand will provide solutions for three major needs:

  • The well-being, to keep fit and eat better.
  • Weight control, to lose weight or gain mass.
  • The "active", who play sports intensively or occasionally as leisure.

So the goal of Herbalife is to always offer a nutritious and supportive solution that will allow you to reach your goals by feeling good about yourself!

What is the range of herbalife products?

There is a range based on breakfast and hydration to provide what is needed by the body as well as a sports range called "h24" to provide nutritional support to athletes. This range is anti-doping  (AFNOR standard), and supports the French Volleyball team on a daily basis, which consumes it around training and competition to improve its performance. In total more than 200 athletes are supported with this range.

More than 72 million dollars are invested each year in Research and Development in order to obtain products of very high nutritional quality and at the cutting edge of innovation. In France, the Doctor Jacques Manic  provides a relay to support the brand in nutrition training for distributors.


The distributor difference

This nutritional solution is provided by distributors who themselves are consumers and who will be able to provide personalized support and experience in order to help their customers achieve their goal. Their role is also to bring a community in order to live an enriched consumer experience and to maintain a lasting relationship with their customers.

Compensation of Herbalife nutrition distributors

Here are the possible savings in time as a distributor at Herbalife:

  • The profits on sales: from 25 to 50%, which make it possible to earn money and generate additional income alongside work and studies. No sales target is imposed on distributors.
  • The commissions  : from 7 to 25%, distributors can in turn start distributors that they will be trained in this activity. The company returns a commission based on the performance of members of a distributor.
  • The Royalties bonuses  : 5% that members will reach thanks to their members who have reached a certain level of performance.
  • The BONUS  : 2 to 7% that members will receive via the biggest leaders of their team.

The remuneration  therefore saves a few hundred euros or several thousand euros per month, with work of course.

To get in touch with us to start as distributors and generate income,you can contact HERE. To buy Herbalife Nutrition products, you can go to the store HERE or contact us HERE if you have any questions.



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