Herbalife est il mauvais et dangereux pour la santé ?

Why Herbalife is bad for health and dangerous?

From time to time people decide to spit on Herbalife saying that the products are bad for health and even dangerous. That you will risk your well being with "scammers"Herbalife who sell miracle powder that can give diseases. When you are a successful society, many people who will try to invent a life to another because they have them, stranded in the them. This is why it can be heard that Herbalife is either saying bad (while it's neither more or less than a diet who encourages you to play sports).

Why is it logic that Herbalife is healthy?

I will give you ultra logical evidence that show that Herbalife products and its approach is healthy. Take the time to read them and think because they are obvious, but often we tend to love the "Old theories of the plot". Never forget that on the internet and often, we hear about people who moan!

Here is why Herbalife is healthy and works:

  • Herbalife products are authorized in hundreds of countries. This means that they can be marketed by anyone has the operating license (as our Herbalife shop on the Internet). Thus, the products are so "harmless" that all countries have authorized the marketing of all the products, and that a grandmother would have the right to commercialize if it took the Herbalife license.
  • The products have been elaborated with the help of Lou Ignarro, which is none other than a Nobel Prize for Medicine. Which product in the world could have a Nobel Prize in Medicine, which is at heart the health of people? Of course, it makes emulators on the side of the competition that will then make false testimonials and false sites.
  • What will you encourage himself to do Herbalife? To take you in hand and Play sports, go running, to muscle and lose fat. Is it bad for health rather than staying in his couch watching movies and eating chips? Of course not !
  • And herbalife goes Replace your sweet breakfasts with much too sweet cereals of big brands like Kellogs With this horrible bowl of milk, by Formula 1 which brings all the necessary vitamins and nutrients without giving too much sugars or carbohydrates.
  • And Herbalife dietary supplements will allow you to make detox for Eliminate the toxins from your body and allow you to have a good hydration rate in your body. If you do not drink enough water and are not enough hydrated, you run a danger.

Thus, Herbalife will encourage you to play sports with other people in addition to sociating you, bringing you a better diet and hydration with products validated by a Nobel Prize for Medicine and is allowed in hundreds of countries.

Do you see how "conspiracies", competition and bad languages ​​are really next to the plate? They spit on logical foundation, VAlidés by scientists for hundreds of years as good for our mind and our body.

And Herbalife on top of that, helps to live hundreds of thousands of VDI sellers throughout the world for years! It brings an independent way of life to which wants to leave your work to live a free life!

Why others say that Herbalife is bad?

Then you will hear individuals who will tell you that Herbalife is bad. You will be able to fall on different people's profiles that I will enumerate and you will be able to detect for kilometers!

  • People who say that Herbalife is bad, make you a speech and suddenly offers you a competing solution is saying better. It takes everything to make a world and there is a lot of ... qIU tries everything for everything to fly customers to others.
  • Those who tried herbalife regimes and who did not have a good coach, it happens, you have to choose your Herbalife coach (our team is at your disposal).
  • Those who tried Herbalife products but arrested after 7 days saying that it does not work. These people do not persevere. In reality, All schemes workBut they do not walk because people do not follow them to the letter and do not take the shot.
  • Those who have never consumed Herbalife products, But their life is so nil that they will spend their time saying it's dangerous for health because they have read it on a blog held by Jenesaisqui (anyone can write anything on a blog )
  • Those who have tried to sell Herbalife products and who believed that customers arrived magically to them. It's the funniest, people start in selling and believe that we need nothing and do. So, they give up after a month. Fortunately on our side, we help you with our team if you launch with us!

In short, as you can see, the list is long, but consisting mainly of frustrated people who do not want to change anything in their lives. And the list is long, we could add competitors, the plotters, those who find that soy is bad for health, etc.

If Herbalife is allowed to be consumed and sold in hundreds of countries, it means that Sanitary and scientific authorities validated the products. If a Nobel medical price itself participates in the development and composition of the products, then one can be sure to be in the right path. And who said what to do sport was bad for your health? :-)

You can order all Herbalife products on our online store at an unbeatable rate!

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